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u/PartyHawk · 4 pointsr/sugargliders

The cage it's self is oookay? It's kind of a small price jump from that one to the Critter Nation cage which is pretty much the best cage you can get besides making a crazy huge custom one so to me I'd just save a bit more and get the creme of the crop cage.

The wheel in the listing you've provided is dangerous for glider tails, most owners prefer the "stealth wheel". I have a stealth wheel and my gliders LOVE it, they are constantly playing on it. When I looked up the kind I had it was no longer available and it seems they've made a new version which is the one I've linked, I can't speak for it's quality as I don't have that model but it looks like the same and better plus less bulky then mine. I'm totally going to get one now that I know they exist haha

I don't know what the food they've shown is but if anyone tells you you can get by feeding gliders with only pellet food and no fresh fruits or meal worms they're trying to sell you something!

Good luck on your glider journey!

u/TerrierGlider · 2 pointsr/sugargliders

I upgraded to the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Two Story

I like the horizontal bars, its size, the flat floor, large doors, and that you can expand it. I can only recommend it if you are willing to work on it, as it can be hard to put together and dangerous otherwise.

If the pieces were perfect, it would not be hard to put together. But some of the connections were bent and needed to be straitened, had a bad weld that made a gap, so had to be creative and a second set of hands to get it into place. It is just a one time headache and your set might be better.

For sugar gliders, you will want to not add the middle floor section, not adding it exposes holes, and then there is holes for where you can add the adjustable shelves.

The dangerous part is the holes have sharp edges, so they need to be filed smooth. Also, the punched out bit is still in the holes on most of them. They can be removed with needle nose pliers. If this is not done, I would worry about a curious sugar glider loosing a finger or whole hand...


The one I had before was the HQ Flight Cage

It is a little smaller, but still a descent size, it has bars on the bottom and slide out floor under it, so with a bit of newspaper (or what ever you prefer) it was easy to clean it, the smaller doors can be an advantage if you have have trouble keeping the gliders inside when you open it.

I had it for three years, the main reason I replaced it is I did not like the vertical bars, even though I never had an issue, I worried about it hurting their feet, as they always slid down on the bars a bit and with the bars on the bottom, they did not have much flat ground to stand on. I also wanting something a bit larger.

Other wise, it was a great cage. It was easy to put together and the only adjustment I had to make was to zip tie shut the little bird doors on the top of it.


I looked into both cages, before getting them, to make sure they were not coated with anything toxic to sugar gliders, which is the main issue with cheap bird cages.

u/peeka_boo · 1 pointr/sugargliders

Is your cage set up so the bedding would be on the floor, or are there bars with a pull out tray underneath? Sugar gliders have nice little feet for grabbing so the bar floor is nice and I use Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding in the tray.

The only other feature that is a "must have" is a sleep area. Sleep pouches are the most popular, but I use what was originally a frozen strawberry container, cut a hole for them to get in and out (make sure the edges are dull and won't cut them if you do this), cozied it up with nesting material, and hung it from the cage ceiling so it can sway a bit like they like. One of my gliders had a habit of getting caught in various sleep pouches no matter the material or how diligent I was with trimming their nails so I switched for her safety.

I also have a hanging ferret tunnel and this small animal house and those are their two favorite hangouts. I've also heard of sugar gliders having a lot of fun with ball pits so I plan on trying one of those out soon.

u/Ariantia · 1 pointr/sugargliders

Not sure where you're based but it's one of these types:

You should be able to find the same style by searching "pop up mosquito net" if it's not in your area 🙂, I think I got my first one on ebay and my second on Amazon (my dog chewed my first one when I was out one day lol). They have them in different sizes so you can pick what works best for your space, I've got a double size. Definitely recommend putting a sheet or something on the bottom when you're in it to catch any mess as it makes cleaning up afterwards much easier!

u/phiremi · 2 pointsr/sugargliders

We do! They absolutely love it!

We also have a bigger plastic ball (I think it held a little toy inside a chocolate shell originally and I cleaned/recycled the plastic container). It's big enough that they'll wrap all the way around it to get it opened. It's adorable!

Then there's the super fun game of "fight the snacky mouse". It's a cat toy that tips over and spills treats out. That one is supervised only though since they like sticking their lil arms in it to fish out the treats lol

u/Malador1337 · 1 pointr/sugargliders

I found this on amazon, Polar Fleece Print Leafy Leafy Fabric By The Yard
And I saw some camo fabric that's pretty nice on ebay.

This is my male, and I have two girls.
I took this picture shortly after I trimmed his nails.
He is always happy and excited after his nails feel better.

u/MistakenSanity · 2 pointsr/sugargliders

This one is from Critter Nation. The bigger one of the 2 on that page. It is a great cage and I love the huge doors. I can open them fully while I clean the cage and the gliders don't even jump out.

u/kronickhigh · 2 pointsr/sugargliders

My vet has told me it is also super important to feed a wide variety of food. This is my list that I use to find good foods

and this is a modified hpw recipe
Ratio 2.05:1 Calcium 21.47 mg Phos 10.46 mg

Protein 0.59 g Sugar 2.94 g Iron 0.05 mg

Fat 0.23 g Fiber 0.06 g

1 cup Juice (Gerber Yogurt Juice *Green Juice plus extra 1/8 tsp Calcium)

1 cup Honey

3 Large Eggs - cooked

6 oz Yogurt - Plain or Low Fat Vanilla

2 TBS Bee Pollen Granules

1/2 cup Wombaroo High Protein Supplement

1 tsp NOW brand Calcium Carbonate Powder (1200 mg / tsp)

Add Water about 1 cup - using just enough to make the full batch equal 5 cups total.

Once it's made stick it in the freezer, it scoops out like ice cream.

here's a place you can get the wombaroo powder

the 1 kilo box lasts about 1.5 years for two gliders. Keep it in the freezer

I got them this cage

and this wheel

and they love life. They also holy flying hell love meal worms.

u/Fried_Green_Potatoes · 1 pointr/sugargliders

I'd say 3 maybe 4 can fit comfortably.

I've done some research and it looks like the Double Critter nation cage without the stand included gives it a height of 48inches, 36"L x 24"W.

This cage has the same height of 48inches but is 24"L x 24"W and suggests three sugar gliders.

This is my relatively new cage and the dimensions are 68"H x 36"L x 50"W. My colony of five loves it but the bar spacing was too big so I had to cover the entire thing with wire and zip ties.

This was my previous cage. Suggested for 5-6 sugar gliders. I didn't like it because it wasn't tall enough for them to glide around.

Hope this helps!

u/callmetenno · 3 pointsr/sugargliders

This cage is more expensive ($250 before tax + shipping), but it is probably the best cage on the market for gliders. Out of the box its perfect. Horizontal bars, lots of space. shelves. LARGE doors. Its even modular, you can add more sections on.

u/Sun_Queen · 3 pointsr/sugargliders

that is way to expensive for how small it looks (though I didnt see dimensions listed which is a huge red flag) also my gliders have NEVER had a problem with vertical bars in the 4 years I have had them.

If horizontal bars are a must for you there are much nicer cages with bars also the tunnels are pointless an
d there are much better ways to add environmental enrichment.

all of these cages are nice: <<the double critter nation is a good size and has horizontal bars

Also, knowing how shady pocket pets is I would never ever recommend supporting them.

u/CrossSlash · 3 pointsr/sugargliders

I've gotten extremely good results using color changing bulbs in a couple lamps. During the day, they can function just fine as the light in any old lamp. At night, you can color the light and adjust the brightness. I find that a modest blue light makes it feel like night time while still affording enough light to see the gliders. The other pro is that it can easily be adjusted so you can find a light balance that's just right.

u/Crunkopher · 7 pointsr/sugargliders

I made a dedicated glider room for my little guys. I hand drew the art myself but want to acknowledge whomever the artist is from this product: Took about 1.5 weeks. They love it!

u/pirateninjamonkey · 2 pointsr/sugargliders

I recommend It is cheap right now and awesome.

u/TheDahn · 1 pointr/sugargliders

You can buy an add-on to make it a Triple Critter Nation! It stands six feet tall. This doesn't answer your question, but it's good to know expansion options if you really want to make a spacious home.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Add-On Unit Small Animal Cage (Model 163) Includes 1 Leak-Proof Pan, 1 Shelf, 1 Ramp w/Ramp Cover. Compatible w/Critter Nation Models 161 & 162

u/Anardrius · 0 pointsr/sugargliders

Buy nice or buy twice! My girlfriend and I have one of these cages and it has served us quite well.

u/careybarey06 · 1 pointr/sugargliders

This is the one I have. I like it because you can expand the bottom all the way, or just leave it kind of folded on the bottom to size to your room. It has screen all the way around so they can climb everywhere. Plus it's easy to pop it up and take it down (although the down took me a few tries to get it right). The only downside is that it doesn't have any loops to hang things in it from, so I had to use scissors to cut hole in the extra fabric on the seems to hang things. I would look other places other than Amazon, as they want a bit more for it than I would (or did) pay.

u/embry11 · 1 pointr/sugargliders

It's a mosquito tent! Here is the link to the one I have.
OTraki Pop up Mosquito Net for...

u/dubcgliders · 2 pointsr/sugargliders

Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate with Bag for Pets, Small, Blue

I looked around a lot and choose this one because of it’s water bottle holder.