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u/Danbla · 1 pointr/war

Dr. Mara Karlin spoke to cadets (here) and faculty at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point about the challenges of building military forces in fragile states. Dr. Karlin is a nonresident senior fellow in the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institute, and is Associate Professor of the Practice of Strategic Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, where she also serves as acting director of the school’s Strategic Studies Program and as executive director of the Merrill Center for Strategic Studies. Dr. Karlin has served in national security roles for five US secretaries of defense, advising on policies spanning strategic planning, defense budgeting, future wars and the evolving security environment, and regional affairs involving the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

She principally focused on three past partnerships between the U.S. Military and post-war or at-war fragile states in the cases of Lebanon in the 1980s, Greece, and South Vietnam while also touching on lessons learned from failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

You can read excerpts from the book on Task & Purpose (here) and Amazon (here) as well as Dr. Joseph Collins' (NDU) review for PRISM here.

She also contributed to a recent Brookings report on a city-based strategy for rebuilding Libya.

For more on this subject, I'd also suggest checking out Sean McFate's 2013 book on Building Better Armies: An Insider’s Account of Liberia (PDF).

u/billyjoedupree · 4 pointsr/war

Both were experiments in a sense. The targeted cities received little of the strategic bombings that other Japanese cities received to see the full extent of the bombs of "pristine cities".

As to the bombs, I believe that the gun type bomb was thought to be simple and reliable that no test was necessary. With the small amount of fissible material available, they considered it wasteful to test that design.

As I recall the gun type weapon literally smashes the atoms together. It fires a projectile into the target at the other end of a 105mm howitzer barrel. If it didn't work, atomic weapons themselves wouldn't work.

It's been a long time since I read it but I think the book was called Racing for the Bomb. It is definitely worth a read.

Racing for the Bomb: General Leslie R. Groves, the Manhattan Project's Indispensable Man

u/hobbez31 · 3 pointsr/war

Awesome link - I'm looking for the same thing.

I wish they had a kindle edition, but it appears the whole interview could be found in the book: "Nuremberg Diary" by G. M. Gilbert

I bet you've seen this, but I found this thread for the info relating to the quote:

And Lastly, something that might be worth checking out for ya- the original spot I found this quote was 15 minutes into Dan Carlin's podcast:

u/KebabRemover1389 · 2 pointsr/war

These 3 books I recommend: Jasenovac - Auschwitz of the Balkans by Gideon Greif, The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican by Vladimir Dedijer, Jasenovac and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia by Barry M. Lituchy and 44 Months in Jasenovac by Egon Berger.

Although I think that you could just Google "Jasenovac concentration camp" and "Sisak children's concentration camp"(the only concentration camp during WW2 dedicated specifically for children) and read some articles about that. I also think that even Wikipedia pages for these two are sufficient enough and you don't have to spend money on books.

u/Ehchar · 2 pointsr/war

To allow companies access to cheap labor and resources. Low taxes & tariffs, minimal regulation typical neoliberal stuff. Access to financial markets bank loans, investments etc. Also to establish a network of military infrastructure to enable future conquest and prevent competing countries to do the same.

Some recommended reading:

You can find PDFs of both, I just linked the amazon page because they're both good books and quite cheap.

u/lost_in_life_34 · 1 pointr/war

If you want to make the CSM happy, read this and know it inside and out.