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u/All_Your_Base · 1 pointr/whatstheword

I went to amazon books and searched CCNA, and selected the first entry:

Description from the page (emphasis mine):

CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide, 2nd Edition is your comprehensive review for the CCNA exams. Written by the leading authority on networking technology, this guide covers 100% of all objectives for the latest ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA Composite exams. Hands-on labs help you gain experience in critical procedures and practices, and the network simulator provides a realistic lab environment so you can practice at your own pace. Gain access to the Sybex online learning environment, featuring a robust set of study tools including: practice questions, flashcards, video instruction, and an extensive glossary of terms to help you better prepare for exam day. The pre-assessment test helps you prioritize your study time, and bonus practice exams allow you to test your understanding. Need more practice? Get 20% off a year subscription and free access to premium Cisco Labs—providing hands-on, real-world experience using Cisco Routers, Switches, and Firewalls.

There may be a better or more technical term. I simply replied with what I have always called them, and heard them called by others in the profession. Granted it's networking rather than programming, but I did a quick search on what I what used to, sorry.

u/twelfthsphinx · 3 pointsr/whatstheword


There's even a great card game about this! Anomia

u/GroundbreakingPost · 3 pointsr/whatstheword

Among other things, one could call it pandering, kowtow, submission, or worship (by descending order of summary correlation to context).

Or, conceivably, an artifice of the Halo effect (not this one, but this one).

Some might call it the person having pretty/beauty/attraction privilege, or a benefit of winning the genetic lottery.

u/dontnormally · 2 pointsr/whatstheword

A great book:

u/rhymes_with_chicken · 7 pointsr/whatstheword

micro sd to sd adapter

Or micro sd to USB adapter, you weren't terribly specific about how you plug it in to your computer.

u/Stolichnayaaa · 2 pointsr/whatstheword

I have heard the term "zen" used as a shorthand for this feeling. But that is broad.

Another term may be the neologism "flow" as described in this book:

u/Thoughtful_Mouse · 2 pointsr/whatstheword

This book is about this phenomena.

I think both intuition or instinct are used to describe the intuitive leap born of experience that can lead to the right answer without a chain of reasoned thought to connect the stimulus and the response.

u/nitrohepcat · 3 pointsr/whatstheword

Club car seating

Here's a link to an old postcard with that description

u/Adderkleet · 1 pointr/whatstheword

If you're in the US I found these by searching "Christmas box". But they're not "fake"; they're real boxes you could use.

u/timepassesslowly · 4 pointsr/whatstheword

N is for Neville, who died of ennui!!!

That's where I first learned this word, and whenever I hear it or think of it, I think of the Gashlycrumb Tinies!!