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u/AdamBertocci · 3 pointsr/write

My newest short story is free on Kindle today (and indeed through Monday) — Kiss Me, I'm Iris

It's a YA romantic comedy about fitting in, standing out and everything in between. (With a St. Patrick's Day twist, of course.) From an author who's been praised by Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, The New Republic, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Back Stage, Broadway World, E!, Maxim, IGN, Film Threat and more.

A confession.

I love high school stories. I pride myself on writing in a lot of different genres and media, but really, if I had to pick one, I could probably settle down in high school and just rehash my awkward years ad nauseum.

I like stories about young people. I like the way their brains spin at furious rates, I like how they take everything so seriously or not seriously at all, I like how they're all cooped up in one institution and have to just live with each other for hours and years on end.

I've written teenage girls before—but usually for movies, and usually for movies that didn't get made. So in a strange way this is the first time most people have seen the result of my strange little tours around their heads.

Anyway, this is a fun one, a cute one, about a girl who, bless her angry little heart, just won't wear green on St. Patrick's Day. OR WILL SHE?! (More goes on than that, obviously, just, this is the hook.)

Anyhoo here's a bigger look at my cover should it amuse you:

So get downloadin', Kindle folks! And if you dig it, leave a review or whatever one does in these situations.

u/denne · 2 pointsr/write

For the next couple of days, my second novel is free on the Amazon Kindle store via Kindle Select. Synopsis below. For anyone who's a reader of action-thriller novels and would like to grab it, it's on the house with my compliments.

Pump on the Amazon Kindle Store


In the not-too-distant future, after a catastrophic and world-wide economic collapse, the United States is a broken shell of its former self.
But on the island of Manhattan, a comfortable standard of living still exists that only the world’s richest can afford. Sheltered from the chaos and anarchy of the outside world, New York City has become a privately-run sanctuary operated by a mysterious and powerful company named Maddox Corporation.

As one of the world’s last remaining and fully functioning cities, Manhattan requires ongoing human resources for its daily operations, and to provide the luxurious services that wealthy clients still demand. To recruit workers for the island, Maddox runs a lottery program, which offers its winners the chance to escape what is now a brutal and desperate existence in the real world, and instead begin a privileged life in the safety and comfort of a city that most will only ever dream about again.

But, of course, there is a catch. There is always a catch.

EDIT: Based on a number of people interested in reading my novel but not having a Kindle, I've made it available as a PDF to grab from here. I won't leave the file up indefinitely, so grab it when you can. Thanks for the interest!
Pump (PDF)

u/adanlerma · 1 pointr/write

Last Day FREE ;-) Everyday Inspirations, Photo-Poems Vol 3

Thank you everyone for a great response. Is currently # 1 in Amazon's listing of free books for Travel Photography.

All images are from in and around Burlington Vermont.

u/JefferyRussell · 1 pointr/write

Story by Robert McKee. This will show you The Matrix.

Story Grid by Shawn Coyne. This book will take your novel from vague concept to power-outline.

Also excellent is /r/Mistborn's lecture series, available for free on the Youtubes. It's aimed at fantasy and sci-fi writing but has plenty of relevance for any other genre.

I've had two successful self-pubbed novels with a third one coming soon and these are the resources that took me from scrub to author.

u/edityourstuff · 1 pointr/write

Holy crap, it's a free book! A Small and Perfect Work of Art (, a collection of tragicomic short stories from Radial Works, is free on Amazon until April 30th. Here's a description:

> An amateur cryptozoologist tracks a two-tailed flying squirrel through the Pacific Northwest. An alienated hacker returns home to Birmingham to visit his dying mother. A failed science fiction writer moves to a new medium in an attempt to create a lasting work of art. In these and other stories, John Shutt explores the sometimes comic, sometimes tragic travails of people on the edges of society and sanity.

> This short story collection includes A Note from a Man in a Tree, A Small and Perfect Work of Art, Zay Shun, Goodbye Zyxxnra, What Price Bananas?, The Contents of Harold Fredrickson's Pockets on the Day He Died, The Zen Master, A Brief Eulogy for Sammy Banyan, and Knuckle.

I know! It sounds amazing! You should go download it right now! Also, follow me on Twitter @jdshutt, I guess.

u/xCredence · 1 pointr/write

After some revision my short story The Courier's Game is free again!

Brian Anghel lives in a city where knowledge comes at a price. He's a Courier, working for one of the big three corporations in Atlanta. He tries to ignore the consequences of his actions in the name of the greater good. But when a smaller corporation reaches out to him his past is painfully revealed.

The Courier's game is a short story at approximately 6000 words.

u/jemloq · 1 pointr/write

That library looks like the anti-panic room.

Also, I have to plug Dave McKean's Cages, he did all the sandman covers. They both did MirrorMask, too, along with the Henson company.

u/Gryndyl · 1 pointr/write

Another recent non-traditional is S by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst. It takes the form of an old library book that was passed back and forth between two people making notes in the margins as they attempt to unravel the mystery of the author's identity. Comes complete with various prop items stuck between the pages of the book-postcards, photos, news clippings, etc.

u/regalrecaller · 1 pointr/write

This is my writing bible, for whatever its worth...

u/ASiCat · 2 pointsr/write

Hmmmm okay, let's try the Curiosity Quills Press indie catalogue on for size:

  • The Stein & Candle Detective Agency, Vol. 1 by Michael Panush - a "zombie noir" urban fantasy detective series set in the 50's.

  • Shadow of a Dead Star by Michael Shean - a dystopian cyberpunk detective story set in a near-future Seattle.

  • The Zona by Nathan L. Yocum - a post-apocalyptic action-adventure set in a brutal, theocratic Arizona.

  • The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse by Nina Post - humorous urban fantasy involving fallen angels, demons, talking ferrets, and depraved condo bureaucracy.

  • The Department of Magic by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. - urban fantasy action-adventure involving two recruits of the selfsame mystical department of the US Federal Government.

  • The God Particle by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. - clever technothriller about the unfathomable consequences of the Higgs Boson-powered time displacement technology.

  • Family Cursemas by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. - holiday-themed murder-mystery with two disparate families trapped together by a snowstorm, with a killer among them.

  • Worlds Burn Through by Vicki Keire - urban fantasy novella dealing with parallel worlds, shape-shifting enemies, and dark secrets hidden in the past.

  • Shadowed Ground by Vicki Keire - sequel to Worlds Burn Through, continuing the story of the Chronicles of Nowhere series.

u/brettcottrell · 2 pointsr/write

THE NY BOOK REVIEW SAYS...quit calling.



The Valley of Fire, by Brett Cottrell.

When a rogue angel starts a polygamist cult in Utah, all Hell breaks loose.