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BenQ ZOWIE RL2460S 24 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor | 1ms 75Hz | Black Equalizer & Color Vibrance for Competitive Edge | Dual HDMI
Head-to-Head lag-free feature for competitive gaming and capturing streaming/recording devices through HDMI-Output.24" 1920 x 1080 (1080p) Full HD Display supporting up to 75 Hz (configure through GPU settings).1ms Response Time (GTG) to eliminate ghosting and lag, providing you the optimal console gaming experience. Power consumption (On mode)‎ - 45WExclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology to enhance color representation and visual clarity, giving you the advantage on the battlefield.Optimized display presets for RTS, FPS, and Fighting Game modes, along with Smart Scaling/Display Mode to create custom screen sizes, giving users a complete customized viewing experience.Flicker free technology with a special bezel frame to minimize visual distractions and reduce eye strain, increasing your comfort for intensive gaming sessions.Compatible with Console and PC platforms with full height and tilt adjustment, Dual HDMI ports, VESA compatibility, and built-in speakers.Manufacturer Limited Warranty: 3 Years
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10 Reddit comments about BenQ ZOWIE RL2460S 24 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor | 1ms 75Hz | Black Equalizer & Color Vibrance for Competitive Edge | Dual HDMI:

u/SabreAZ · 3 pointsr/mvci

Lets back up the train here. The best gaming monitors around have 10ms of display/input lag. A VERY COMMON misconception is people confuse the advertised response time with display lag. Response time has absolutely NOTHING to do with input lag. But having a very low response time is nice to have, to help prevent ghosting images. Can't really go wrong with the BenQ Zowie brand of monitors, as they are designed to

This is the basic model that any fighting game player will be fine using, as it is the standard:

The step up model, and preferred model if you want h2h (Head to head, 2 monitor setup), you want this:

This monitor has an HDMI out port, so you can easily connect two monitors for H2H setup, without the need of an HDMI signal splitter(which some can add lag if you do not do proper research). If you buy the cheaper, first option, you would need the HDMI splitter to make a H2H setup. Cost wise, it's better to go with the 2nd option. They are the exact same monitor, only difference is pretty much that HDMI out port, Which is really useful.

High refresh monitors are not necessary for fighters as they are all locked at 60fps.

u/BrotherBodhi · 2 pointsr/Monitors

If you get the BenQ Zowie Head to Head Monitor then yes. You can run your Xbox into this monitor using HDMI, and then the monitor will output a clone to a second screen using another HDMI cord.

The second screen will be an exact clone of the image on the monitor. So if you're just looking to get the Xbox One image to show up on two screens then this will work for you. If you were trying to have different images on each monitor or something then that's impossible.

EDIT: there is no lag between the first screen and the second. The BenQ monitor was designed for people who play fighting games like Injustice, Street Fighter, etc. so both opponents could have their own screen while playing from the same source. It has been tested on several different websites and they all show zero lag between the two screens.

I can't really think of another reason you would want to have two screens though other than playing a fighting game. What are you wanting this set up for?

EDIT 2: you can also use this monitor if you want to record gameplay. Instead of running the clone source into a second screen you can just run it straight into a capture device. It's pretty fucking awesome.

u/Deja-Intended · 2 pointsr/OpTicGaming

Alright, cool. Make sure you get their 60Hz model so you don't overpay for a refresh rate you can't even use.

This is the monitor that's been used by MLG/CWL for the past couple of years:

u/rybl · 2 pointsr/CompetitiveHalo

I have been researching this for myself and it seems like this is your best option for $200-$300:

BenQ ZOWIE 24" Console eSports Gaming LED 1080p HD Monitor

If you don't care about the HDMI pass through or vertiacl adjustment, you could grab the cheaper version.

u/misterzadir · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

This is the one I have.

I have 2 of them actually. I couldn't be happier with the screen quality. The on-screen menu setup and navigation is maybe the easiest I've ever seen. Usually hate fumbling through monitor menus because the buttons you use don't make sense but this series is remarkably easy. Also adjustable height for the stands is amazing as I can actually have the monitor up high enough to meet me at eye level (as it should).

u/UngaChaka · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

This is the original link:

Can anyone confirm that they use the RL2460 at Evo and Canada cup?

u/JoeyBagO-Donuts · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

One of the affordable monitors that is accepted for competitive play is below. I just got one this week and it is awesome.

I think you should try to google a few ways to rest/relax your eyes while staring at a screen for a long time. I have to do things like this as I am on a computer almost all day as an engineer.

The other thing that this brings to mind is blinking when you shoot a scoped rifle. I'm not sure if it will help, but you could try googling how to avoid doing this.

You might also want to try using different scopes. One with more range might be easier to see.

Hope you get it figured out bud. If you have resolution, do update this or make another post because I'm sure others have the same issues.

u/Eothawne · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I might buy this one then, the reviews look good for it.
I don't know if my HP thing is any good or not though, it doesn't have it listed. Probably because it's not a gaming monitor.

u/ExoticWhal3 · 1 pointr/Monitors

Thanks for your help man, I'll keep looking around and see if I can find that or a similar one! Someone else who commented said that this BenQ monitor is also great and at a good price, but I will see what I can do!