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Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | ComfortSmart Folding Cot with Mattress Pad
Sleeping pad: Thick foam offers superior supportBuilt to last: Durable Steel FrameSupports: Up to 300 lb.Max height: 6 ft. 6 inchesDimensions: 80 x 30 x 15 in.Portable: Folds to fit into most car trunks1-year limited warranty
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10 Reddit comments about Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | ComfortSmart Folding Cot with Mattress Pad:

u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/camping

Bed tents are a pain in the ass and insanely expensive. Plus it removes the best part about a pickup truck: putting shit in the bed.

I would just start out for the two of you getting a standard tent and air mattress. Maybe $100 total investment. Use that a couple times and as you learn what works and doesn't work for you, you can upgrade.

I've personally changed my car camping setup 3 times in the last couple years. I just recently changed up to a smaller 6 person "dark" cabin tent so I can sleep in, and a cot. I've always used air mattresses in the past.

If you're wondering, this is my current car camping tent. Dark tents are kinda new on the market and having both dark and instant was a very big want of mine. There's nothing worse than the sun shining in your tent at 6am waking you up after drinking whiskey til 3am.

I was using this air mattress that I like a lot, but I thought I'd change things up a bit and try this cot out so I don't have to worry about electrickery.

As far as everything else goes? I just use a standard sheets and a pillow unless temps are supposed to be cold (below 50f) then I switch to a sleeping bag rated for 29f. Grab a couple $6 folding chairs from Walmart. Fatwood to start fires. Coleman campstove, and a cast iron pan.

If my campsite has power, I will use a small room heater in the tent. If your campsite doesn't have power, at least have a inverter on hand just in case you need power for something (air mattress?).

In terms of food? There's a million things you can eat that doesn't require refrigeration/cooler so don't go crazy thinking you need a $500 yeti to camp for a weekend.

u/kanye_is_my_dad · 6 pointsr/bonnaroo

I bought two of these and plan to just put them next to each other. From my research most double cots are kind of just okay because they all have a bar going down the middle of them (like in between where you and your partner would be laying) So instead I just got two of the best single person cots I could find. These already come with a foam pad as well!!!

u/eatsleepwoof · 2 pointsr/overlanding

I've slept on backpacking pads for years, but have recently purchased this (very large!) cot:

The cot comes with a mattress, but I figured I'd double up, so I also got this one:

Slept on this setup at home just to try it out, and was incredibly comfortable. As good as (if not better than) my bed!

The second pad is realistically not needed. Perfectly comfy with just one (either) of the pads.

u/whotherooareyou · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

get two of these bad bois and push them together so you can sleep next to each other. ive had this one for about 2 years and ive never slept better at festivals. ive seen them cheaper before i’d check walmart or other places for around $50

u/Psychedelic_soup · 2 pointsr/festivals

I second the cots. We bought two coleman cots this year and it's freaking amazing. I feel like I slept in a regular bed each night. plus when you push them together and make it up, it kind of looks like a little bed in your tent. It's one of the greatest camping/fest purchases I've made. I won't go without them anymore.

Here's a link to the ones we have. The "deluxe" model is worth the extra 10 bucks or whatever since it's about 6'2" instead of 5'7"
Coleman Deluxe Cot-Amazon

u/Rygnerik · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

Personally, I prefer a cot over an air mattress.

u/Witharuler · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

My wife and I got these a few years ago and I'll never sleep on the ground again. We'll be @ weekend 1, see you there!