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ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Straps, Suspension System
ADVENTURE IN STYLE: Atlas Straps are lightweight and compact, with the added plus of a handy storage bag to take them on the go.HAMMOCKING DONE RIGHT: Pairs perfectly with any ENO Hammock (not included). Set up and start relaxing in seconds.MASTER THE ART OF LOUNGING: Includes two straps that are each 9 feet long, allowing you to wrap them around big trees or wherever your adventure (nap) takes you.TRUSTWORTHY MATERIAL: Falling is not an option, unless it's to sleep. The Atlas straps are made from durable PolyFilament webbing and support up to 400 pounds.ENO GIVES BACK: ENO loves the outdoors and shows it by donating to organizations that preserve our wild places.
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12 Reddit comments about ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Straps, Suspension System:

u/wankerschnitzel · 8 pointsr/Hammocks

The Atlas are the replacement for the Slap-Straps. The Slaps were nylon (stretch) and the people spoke. Eno offered these Atlas as a Polyester alternative that do not suffer from the stretch problem. My opinion is that they are damn skippy, but ENO straps in general reputation took a bit of hit due to the Slaps. Atlas Straps and Python straps are both great and no-stretch. Steer clear of Eno Slap Straps unless you want to wake up on your butt, but the Atlas are all good and what they should offered in the beginning. Reveiws here . More reading here

tldr: Slap Strap stretch too much. Atlas and Python Don't. ATLAS are worth the money over Slap. Python are good too. Don't get Slap Straps

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

There's two routes you can go. The all together route, or you could do what I did. I got a 15% discount on gotyourgear on an ENO junglenest which got it down to about $73, and either buy, This which is just a tad short, but with enough sag 10ft should get all your hammock within it. I opted to sew my own tarp because I wanted a much larger one for sheltering two hammocks and keep my gear protected. Pretty good prices on silnylon. And Here are some simple [guides] ( to make one on your own. For straps people opt for a shorter polyester webbing, coupled with whoopie slings. Atlas Straps are the easy way out if you don't want to modify your hammock, personally i'm happy with using all stock on my system, tried whoopies not a fan. I'm 6'2", singlenest will fit you perfectly, make sure to have plenty of sag when hanging your hammock, it may look wrong, but that how you achieve a flat lay. So either route you go, it basically boils down to if you want more customization with your equipment, or want something premade.

u/xxirish83x · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

excellent post.... i already have an eno or else i would get this.

i would highly recommend these straps to go with that hammock

u/totaldrk62 · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

I've been using mine in the BWCA for about 4 years now. Things I've learned:

  • We go in August and it can get chilly at night. A sleeping mat is essential if you don't want a cold backside.

  • If you don't have a hex cover for your gear or a smaller rainfly for your hammock your gear may get wet. I've been caught out in storms and the original rainfly for my Hennessy wasn't quite enough ground coverage and ended up with some damp gear. I upgraded to the hex fly and have been golden. A separate tarp for gear will also work.

  • You might have to think out of the box on some sites with smaller trees. I had to hang basically over a 5 or 6 foot drop at one site with poor tree coverage. It was either hang there or basically hang way back in the forest.

  • I use Atlas Straps, climbing rings and caribeaners for my hang. I typically have my hammock set up in about 2 minutes. The Atlas straps give me a TON of length to hang, so I can hang just about everywhere up there.

    I can't really think of much else. If you don't have a bug net life is going to suck, but I think anyone using a hammock in the BWCA knows that. I'll never go back to a tent in the BWCA. Using a hammock up there is amazing.
u/dubsdcarson · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

I've got these:

They're pretty long so, I haven't had much trouble setting up anywhere.

I also always carry most of my backpacking gear in my car with me so, I usually have some paracord if I want to do things the old fashioned way

u/OldPete · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Hi, future hammock owner. This subreddit is traditionally more geared toward hammock camping, but the nylon hammocks that we're using to camp are definitely not the most comfortable ones available. For your backyard, you're going to want a south american style cotton hammock. I just recently got this:
and it's ridiculously comfortable.

One thing the campers might have to offer for you is the rigging setup. A lot of us are moving away from nylon rope/ straps toward things like this:
...which doesn't stretch.

Of course, you're not sleeping in it, so you could always just tighten your suspension system when you start to sag. Happy hanging.

u/noeatnosleep · 2 pointsr/Hammocks
u/RyanMcDanDan · 2 pointsr/GearTrade

Yeah, it seems steep but I am just going off of the receipts I have from my purchases.



Hammock - 135

Hammock Rainfly - 140

Snake skin - 20

2QZQ - Mod 4 - 92

Atlas straps - 30

Carabiners - 14 (you need 2)

Omega Ring - 20 (you need 4 of them)

Dry compression - 45


None of this includes shipping or taxes. That being said, it's a great setup and I am not disappointed with how it performs. If you pick up an under quilt then this setup is unstoppable.


EDIT 2: The hammock includes the price for the original rainfly, I still have that and don't want it.

u/ASOT550 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Yeah, I'm currently climbing indoors at a gym right now, but in the future if I ever start going outdoors more often then this could be useful too. Alright, I'm sold!

Are the straps I posted above any good? Or do you have other recommendations? These ones

u/aidanpryde18 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Nah, those Stansports are much too short. You'll have a hard time hanging your hammock because you will be forced into a narrow range of tree widths and sizes that will allow you a comfortable hang.

If you want something that you can get on Amazon, I would look at the Atlas Straps

Honestly though, if you want a good suspension that is easy to hang and gives you a lot of hanging options, I would go with a Cinch Bucle suspension. The Cinch buckles with 8" loops and tree straps are $22 plus shipping. You simply thread the loops through the end of the hammock. This is what I use after having a couple of different suspensions.

As for bug nets, none of them are really cheap. Most will be at least $50. They are worth it though. My first hammock was a Grand Trunk skeeter beater and while the top netting was nice, I was still getting bitten through the hammock underneath me. I ended up going with a Full mosquito net with a bottom opening that cinched with shock cord. It cost $65 though.

u/Suspendedskinnykid · 1 pointr/camping

hammocks are actually amazing for your back! if you want to learn more I highly suggest going to /r/hammocks. Very friendly and active subreddit. If I were to suggest a cheap, easy, foolproof set up. i'd do this. Hammock, Straps, people may say go with the kammok roo python straps, but some parks are super choosy on what can be hung on their trees. And heres a tarp that regularly gets down to $20 on