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Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Bracket (4-Inch x 8-Inch)
4-Inch x 8-Inch
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8 Reddit comments about Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Bracket (4-Inch x 8-Inch):

u/latarian · 3 pointsr/TorontoJustice

I have a couple custom made bikes (single speed not fixed gear) I'd say approximately $500 different parts etc.

I use this

It's heavy as fuck, but I ride with a messenger bag so it's not too bad. I lock my back wheel and my frame to the CENTER of the bike post. Someone showed that you can actually pop off the round part with a 2X4 there was an article about it a few years ago, since then they made some changes to the bike posts, but there are still a few around that can be gotten this way.

If I'm leaving my bike over night I lock another chain around my front wheel to the U-lock.

My bike is really nice, but it doesn't look like much. Keep that in mind when you purchase a bike. often a 1200 dollar bike looks like it's worth 1200 dollars. My bike's seat has a few rips in it, and there's some scratches on the paint job etc.

I use it for transportation so I really only care about it's functionality.

If you want your bike to not get stolen, invest in a good lock. Dont whine about how heavy it is, because it probably will save your bike.

That is my advice.

u/alc6379 · 3 pointsr/chicago

Speaking of limited means, people will steal a bike that's only worth $100. $100 can be a lot to someone with limited means. If they lose their bike and have trouble getting into work, they're out even more.

That sounds obvious, but I'm getting somewhere with it. The argument of "they should protect their stuff better" falls flat when you start talking about people of limited means. A "decent" lock runs about $35-40. That's a lock you're going to be able to break quickly if you have an angle grinder, or even just a long enough pry bar. To get really good (note: not impenetrable) security, you're looking at about $100. And that lock doesn't even include a cable like the $40 one did, so you're spending even more to make sure you don't get a wheel stolen.

So suddenly the person on the $100 used bike has to spend somewhere between an additional $40-100 to have a hope that their means of transportation won't get stolen. That puts an even greater burden on people with limited means.

u/Kazyole · 3 pointsr/bicycling

How big of a lock would you need?

I'm a fan of the Kryptonite New York series personally. They're super heavy duty...I can't imagine cutting through one...There's a 4x8 and a 4x10.25

I use the 4x8 to lock my frame and back wheel, and one of these bad boys to lock my front wheel to the frame.

It's overkill...I know...but I'm in New York.

Amazon is actually very reasonably priced on all of those by the way...if you're looking to order online.

u/pentium4borg · 3 pointsr/bicycling

My lock is 400% of my bike's value, but that's because my bike was $15 at a garage sale years ago.

I bought an expensive lock not to protect this bike; it's to protect me from buying another bike.

u/UnexpectedSchism · 2 pointsr/Purdue

Yup, easily removed with bolt cutters. Only the hard ulocks are considered decent and that is only if the locks on them have improved. If the lock cannot be easily bypassed with a ball point pen, then the only way to steal the bike is by sawing through a steel bar. These guys work fast when stealing bikes, they just use the bolt cutters, snip, and grab. It probably takes them about 10-20 seconds to steal each bike.

Next time get a hard u-lock and slip it between the frame, front tire, and bike rack.


They also have better keys on them, not like the crappy round ones that ball point pens can bypass.

u/unpickle · 1 pointr/bicycling

Nah, that u-lock is pretty weak. You should upgrade to something like the Kryptonite New York, and even then if a thief really wants to get that tire all it takes is an angle grinder and about 30 seconds.

u/farineziq · 1 pointr/cycling

Your story saddens me. If you live in a big city, bike stealing is a real problem. However, bike is way to fun and good for you to give up. To avoid being stolen in the future, here are my suggestions.

Have the best lock you can find. Even the most expensive lock kit is still probably cheaper than buying a new bike. Also, make sure you watch a couple youtube tutorials on how to lock your bike, just to be sure you're making the best out of it. Also, you can choose a more modest bike, or simply make it look modest. Maybe don't clean it too often, etc, be creative!

If you live in a big city, you will most likely lock it close to many other bicycles. If yours has the thoughest lock and doesn't look like the best deal they can come up with, shitty bike stealers won't choose yours.

That said, go back to the camera guys and the police. They can't all be dicks. Seriously, do it!

Personally, I lock my bike with this U-Lock around the back wheel and the body and this for the front wheel. I also keep easy to remove valuable stuff in my backpack.