Reddit Reddit reviews Little Valentine (Soft Tip Waffle Darts 200-Dart Refill Pack for Nerf N-Strike Elite

We found 8 Reddit comments about Little Valentine (Soft Tip Waffle Darts 200-Dart Refill Pack for Nerf N-Strike Elite. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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Little Valentine (Soft Tip Waffle Darts 200-Dart Refill Pack for Nerf N-Strike Elite
Refill Pack includes 200 Little Valentine soft tip darts(7.2*1.3cm)Darts work with any N-Strike Elite blaster (sold separately)Also work with most original N-Strike blasters (sold separately)Tip: The tip structure is different from other darts, but it can work and it is soft and safety for childStandard Packaging Includes 200 Little Valentine soft tip darts
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8 Reddit comments about Little Valentine (Soft Tip Waffle Darts 200-Dart Refill Pack for Nerf N-Strike Elite:

u/w0lfbiker · 5 pointsr/Nerf

By no means. Nerf Elite darts are pretty horrible. The official Accustrikes are solid, but way too expensive. So LighTake and others sell knockoffs, often referred to as "[Accufakes.] ("

Also superior to elite darts are waffleheads.

u/ilbandguy · 5 pointsr/Nerf

Little Valentine(Soft Tip) 200-Dart Refill Pack for Nerf N-strike Elite

u/ThunderKrunk · 4 pointsr/Nerf

Nerf Rival Nemesis

Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery

Headshot Ammo (I tend to like the half blue/half white ones)

Nerf Zombiestrike Hammershot

Gavinfuzzy 8-shot cylinder

Blasterparts Metal Kit

Narrowbase LLC Hammershot holster

Little Valentine Waffle tip darts


This is just to get started. We don't want to overwhelm the new guy. This is what most of us would consider a competitive "starter" kit. Most of use will use a different holster, but no one will argue that the Narrowbase holster is bad. "Double X" waffle tip darts are the current go-to ammo for the competitive "superstock" nerfer. The tips are about 0.3 grams heavier than standard darts, so they will fall quicker but be much more consistent shot to shot. The Nerf Rival series is just about as nerf as you can go before you are full on paintballing. The headshot ammo is the closest you will get to nerf brand "high impact rounds" (HIRs). It comes at a much lower price, and (in my opinion) it is actually better or at least more consistent in weight compared to nerf brand HIR. No need to buy extra nerf magazines, because the Nemesis holds 100 HIRs. It just hit the United States market last week, but we have been eyeing them for months now (Canada got theirs early).

u/puncstrad · 3 pointsr/Nerf

What darts are you using? X-tips/waffles, Koosh, and other darts with tips that are the same diameter as the foam rod behind them won't work in tight barrels like K&S brass and Artifact barrels. I had the same problem for a while when I used cut-down little valentine waffles in my brassed Sharpfire. I switched to ACC soft tips and its been firing consistently and accurately since.

u/chezpuf · 3 pointsr/Nerf

IMO these darts work just as well if not better:

u/rampage998 · 3 pointsr/Nerf

I'm thinking of getting these which have almost the same head design:

u/Colorblind22 · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Like the guy said, these. They shoot more accurately than the official darts, and they're cheaper.

u/dangman4ever · 0 pointsr/Nerf

As a first Nerf gun/kit, no it's not a good choice at all. The front barrel extension is relatively flimsy and doesn't offer any attachment points for front grips. The stock is also flimsy and rather crap. Finally, a 6 round magazine is pretty damn small once you use it enough times. The whole Recon MK2 set is simply not worth the money If you want the whole modular attachments/accessories aspects of Nerf and plan on doing Nerf mods in the future, just spend the extra $8 for the Nerf Retaliator:

The Retaliator shoots a little harder/faster than the Recon MK2, has double the magazine size, and a stock that's relatively stable by Nerf standards. Not to mention that the barrel extension and front-grip allows for a relatively easy modification down the line into a pump-grip allowing for faster/easier firing. In addition, there's a massive amount of resources out there in regards to how to mod the Retaliator into a fearsome blaster.

However, if you don't really care for the all of the Nerf attachments/accessories and want strong out of the box performance, then you should check out the following blasters:

Dart Zone Magum Superdrum:

Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Snipe:

Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Reaper:

All three blasters shoot significantly harder than the Nerf Retaliator out of the box. The latter two can use Nerf magazines if you buy some extra ones in the future. And yes all three can fire Nerf darts and standard darts designed for Nerf blasters.

I would only recommend the Recon MK2 (by itself from the link that Mister Madness posted) if you're willing to spend quite a lot of money on it to get it both look great and work well. Because when you do that, the Recon MK2 becomes a far better looking blaster then the Retaliator:

Also, if you want to improve blaster accuracy by a bit, you should get this 200 Dart pack of Little Valentine darts: