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5 Reddit comments about Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family:

u/DrunkHacker · 14 pointsr/Economics

Seems too nuanced to give a yes/no answer for all situations. Overall the research suggests that it is a good investment, particularly if you study STEM. Doubly so if you get a scholarship or can attend a good in-state school inexpensively.

A few other thoughts:

1/ If you plan on marrying, the market is highly segregated along educational lines.[1] Assuming the average college grad is smarter than the average high school grad, and that all else equal you'd prefer an intelligent spouse, then going to school is optimal even if you're indifferent to the economics.

2/ If you're the kind of person who reads reports out of the NY Fed for fun, you may not be intellectually stimulated by most jobs available without a college education.


u/azi-buki-vedi · 9 pointsr/FeMRADebates

> Have you worked in the construction industry? I've been an elevator mechanic and a finishing carpenter. The first paid 50 bucks an hour and the base yearly income for a ticketed mechanic was over $100,000.

Perhaps it's a matter of where you live then. Before moving to the UK I was in Eastern Europe. I've not worked in construction, but have friends who have. They were well paid, when they did get paid. But nowhere near as well as you describe. And the financial crisis hit them hard. I'm glad to hear things are better elsewhere.

As to your comments about expectations in a relationship, yeah I agree that none of this means you will want (or have any right to expect) a 1950s housewife. But men I know have been in this situation and it has caused marital problems. I don't think that the people posting on this sub are a representative sample of the population at large. In any case, I brought up gender roles not to defend them, but to point out how (unfortunately still persistent) expectations may affect men's decisions and options.

Also, would you comment on the Slate article I linked? I believe it is informed by this book. A relevant quote from its description, which I think reflects my own thoughts on why academic lag in boys is a problem:
>Only policies that redress the balance between men and women through greater access to education, stable employment, and opportunities for social mobility can produce a culture that encourages commitment and investment in family life.

EDIT: it's -> its (doi!)

u/zomgrasputin · 5 pointsr/lostgeneration

Looks like they just wrote a book on this topic.

Why do women get so much hate in the comments on articles like these? It seems like all the guys who got "friend-zoned" or whatever just salivate at another article talking about how GIRLS WON'T DATE US SEE THEY'RE ALL FEMINIST SCUM BAGS WHO SHOULD DIE or something.

u/Inuma · 2 pointsr/KotakuInAction

Dr. Harriet Fraad has information on this along with the book Marriage Market which can explain this better than this person. Even Pew shows better data.

u/SammyD1st · 1 pointr/Natalism

The author of this fascinating article from 2007 also has a new book out, which is also really good so far.