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REMA TT 02 Tour Patch Kit, Large
Includes 6 Round, 1 oval PatchCFC free cement
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u/Anon318188 · 9 pointsr/cycling

Any multi tool from CRANKBROTHERS or Topeak will be good. For the love of GOD don't buy a cheap multi tool for your friend. Cheap tools are made poorly with low quality metals that will end up stripping your friends components. I don't care how well that POS WOTOW tool is reviewed, the positive reviews never used it. The WOTOW tool stripped more than one of my bolts before I bought an Alien II. Your friend will want to buy some high quality tools for his home use later though. $15 would only buy a few quality home tools.


If your friend uses tubes you could get a REMA patch kit for him. If your friend is tubeless you could get him a plug kit. I've never had a tubeless tire so I've no idea what plug kits are good/bad.


u/CarbonUnit8472 · 5 pointsr/cycling

I have this one and really like it. It lets me transfer all the goods from one bike to another easily.

What I have in mine:

  • CO2 canisters ex
  • CO2 inflater ex
  • Patch kit ex
  • Tire levers ex
  • Allen key tool ex
  • Tweezers (I use these to get things like thorns out of my tire)
  • Spare chain link ex (just be sure you get the correct one)
u/felt_rider · 5 pointsr/bicycling

On the x-posted thread someone was asking about gear load out... so thought I'd put it here as well..

In the saddle under the seat:

  1. 20 dollar bill (to use as cash, not to fix a puncture :))
  2. A crank brothers 19-piece multi-tool

  3. A spare tube (700x25c)
  4. Rema Tip Top Touring (TT 02) patch kit
  5. Pedro's tire levers x 2
  6. Home Made Medical Kit (antibiotic ointment, bandages, alcoholic wipes, gauze pads, a knife, ibuprofen/pain killer)
  7. Zip ties (x4) for any kinda MacGuyver repairs :)

    In the snack bag on the top tube:

  8. 2 Snack bars (Kind/Clif usually)
  9. Some salt pills (if it's too hot and I'm sweating like nuts I'll take 1 per hour)
  10. My wallet
  11. My keys

    On my person:

  12. Just the bike gear that I'm wearing
  13. a RoadID incase of emergencies or a crash

    As for clothes at work, I have a locker so stock up once a week on them.. and also keep toiletries at work. HTH!
u/pizza_mojado · 4 pointsr/fixit

I've had great results in the past using this bicycle tube repair kit.

it should be able to handle tears on flat surfaces no problem, not sure about tears along seams.

u/Tippytom · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Exactly and only use Rema Tip Top patches. when I was a NYC messenger Rema's were a godsend. I've installed them in a horrendous downpour they held

u/lostarchitect · 1 pointr/NYCbike

Or, for half the price, carry one of these tiny kits and fix many flats yourself, in five minutes:

u/Kooterade8 · 1 pointr/bicycling

I cannot recommend the Rocket Ratchet enough for all-around, single tool efficiency. It's gotten to the point where I don't actually use the tools in my toolbox even when I'm at home. I just use the ratchet and it's way better. Any multi-tool with a chain-breaker will work, I've just had a really good time with that one.

After that a set of Pedro's. For my money, they're the best levers around. Great durability, can spoke-lock from both sides, and I've never ripped a tube with them, even on bullshit 23 tires.

After that basic patch kits, they'll use them all the time until they throw their hands in the air five years from now and scream "FINE I'LL GO TUBELESS."

Those are kind of the basics, and will allow them to work 90% of the stuff on their bike. The other 10% becomes more expensive and more specialized.

EDIT: oh, and a spoke wrench is the other cheap and highly useful item to have around.

u/Myshoppingaccount · 1 pointr/EDC

Weird. Are you using the glue+ patch ones? The glue less patches don't work too well.

I know that an anecdote doesn't really mean anything, but my patches have never given me problems. I have one tube that has 4 or 5 patches on it and it works fine. As long as it is a hole or small tear, and not on the valve, I slap another patch on and keep riding.

Is the exact kit I use. Check a bike shop near you, I got mine for $3. If you are nice to them, they might even show you how to do it yourself. Aside from that, maybe hit up YouTube or reddit or the rest of the Internet for tips.

Happy patching!