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SUNLITE Display Stand
Down tube / under BB mountHolds rear wheel off ground for easy gear adjustment
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4 Reddit comments about SUNLITE Display Stand:

u/xlaxplaya · 3 pointsr/NYCbike

This thing is amazing.

I just stand mine up on a moving blanket when it's dirty. Makes it easier to clean too. I have to wash the blanket periodically.

u/Tosi · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I will certainly know where to get feedback on my amateur photography from now on... Plus it's not a kickstand, it's a bike stand! I thought I got away with a clean, affordable performance setup for enjoyable riding and the lock and bag add some versatility.

u/squirtle6 · 1 pointr/bicycling

I think I'm going to get this. It's small and simple and seems like it'll do the trick just fine.