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T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit
Buying an unlocked, compatible phone or tablet? This Complete SIM Kit allows you to choose a plan and connect to T-Mobile’s Nationwide 4G LTE network.Punch out the ready-to-use Nano SIM, slip it into your phone or tablet, and you’re ready to go.Use any T-Mobile or compatible GSM unlocked phone or tabletWith T-Mobile: No annual contracts, overages or credit checks. California Proposition 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive HarmComplete SIM Kit allows you to choose a plan and connect to T-Mobile's Nationwide 4G LTE networkPunch out the ready-to-use Nano SIM and the kit includes a Nano SIM card with Micro and Standard SIM adaptersUse any T-Mobile or comptible GSM unlocked phone or tabletWith T-Mobile: No annual contracts, overages or credit checks
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38 Reddit comments about T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit:

u/Beaver420 · 78 pointsr/h3h3productions

You can buy blank SIM cards. Then using social engineering you would call the cell provider and convince them to activate the sim card for your targets number. Once activated you put the sim in your phone and now you have access to any calls/texts they receive.

u/Photography7 · 6 pointsr/tmobile

So I was able to get a 20% off code and signed up through the website and have a tracking code. I have a few questions on how to properly sign up for T-Mobile:

  1. When I go on the promotion status site to check it, it says Tampa, FL for the location, but I'm in Dallas, TX. Will this be okay? It did take my phone number when I signed up and my email, and I printed out the confirmation page with tracking ID. Also, how long will it take for me to see the 20% discount for life on my bill?

  2. I'm switching over from Verizon and have an iPhone 6s Plus, and will be porting my number over. I want to go about this properly and need a SIM card. Can I purchase this Amazon prepaid SIM card and activate it on the T-Mobile One Postpaid account with my 20% off discount?: If not, where can I purchase a correct SIM card?

  3. How do I activate the SIM card once I get it and transfer my number? Do I need to call in or can it be done online?

  4. Can I also sign up for the "17SWITCHER" $150 gift card promo and stack the coupon? If so, do I just go on the T-Mobile Promotions site and enter that before or after I sign up? How long does it take to receive the card via mail?

    Thank you in advance!
u/gabrielr7637 · 5 pointsr/tmobile

You can also get one from amazon for $9.99 instead of the $25 if that doesn’t end up working, probably can find some way cheaper on eBay, just make sure they are not expired.

u/IrisJob · 5 pointsr/financialindependence

Does anyone have a phone without a data plan?

I'm looking to get a US number just to slap on my CV - so I might take calls on it but not really use it. Trying to find the best prepaid plan (is there a subreddit for that?)

I'm looking at stuff like this atm:

u/pinkbutterfly1 · 3 pointsr/tmobile

Yes, but you might have to call 611 to do it as the option is removed from the website most of the time.

The same as BestBuy is also available on Amazon w/prime shipping:

u/50atomic · 2 pointsr/tmobile

> Does it set you up with a monthly plan with 5gb data for real?

Maybe, but the plan is real.

> Do you have to get one of these every month, or does it just set it up like a normal plan?

Multiple payment options:

Or you can buy it here:

Or activate a new line online yourself here:

> Also, can it work with a Samsung Galaxy s4? Or will I need to switch phones?

Not very well, I would recommend a better network compatible phone.

> I also read you can stream video without using data, does this apply to this plan?

Unofficially, yes with Binge On but this can change at any time given it's a prepaid plan

u/Ted1337 · 2 pointsr/tmobile

You already have an activate account, number, and the $30 plan. You just need to perform a SIM swap. You can go to a T-Mobile store to do this (but the SIM will cost $20) or you can get a $4.99 SIM starter kit from Best Buy or Amazon ( or, call into customer service, and perform a SIM swap. Do NOT buy a new SIM from the T-Mobile website; these are not meant for replacements, and will come pre-activated. While they can be deactivated and reused, it's a hassle and easier to just get a new SIM put on your account at a T-Mobile store, or get a blank, inactive SIM from Amazon or Best Buy.

u/trytuyiu · 2 pointsr/tmobile

Prepaid sim is the only way to try it out. Looks like you can get the some airtime and the sim card for under $20. (you can probably re-use the sim if you like the service.)

Make sure you have a phone with Band 12 (700Mhz).

u/mubin_bzs_06 · 2 pointsr/tmobile

You can go to a store and ask, sometimes they don't charge for sim replacement. This one will also work. And the link you posted, that will work too.

u/kangarang · 2 pointsr/Axon7

Np! This is the one I used (sorry, 10 bucks). It literally took me 1 minute to get Verizon working

u/anothercookie90 · 1 pointr/tmobile

have you tried T-Mobile in your area? know what the coverage is like etc? test drive for free

If you have an unlocked phone you could also use a SIM card to use the speedtest app and root metrics for free

BestBuy and amazon have SIM cards for $4.99 bestbuy pick up in store, amazon with prime shipping.

u/iceardor · 1 pointr/nexus5x

If you're coming from a Nexus 5 and you use Google for your contact list, there really isn't much to lose getting a new card. $15 from T-Mobile website or in-store (they occasionally have deals, like free with new phone purchase from T-Mobile, 99cents, or free with no strings attached). If they don't have a sale right now, you could buy a $5 T-mobile univeral-size SIM kit from Amazon [1].

Mine took a week to arrive from (99¢ sale for pre-paid with SIM99 coupon code), so I decided to cut my Nexus 5's micro SIM card down with a kitchen knife and cutting board and it worked. Look up pictures on the internet of nano sims that have similar shaped gold contacts as yours, then cut to size, making sure to get the dog-eared corner correctly placed. You will need to remove almost all the non-gold plastic, bevel out the bottom, and cut some of the gold. Keep cutting until it fits. The circuit in the card is much smaller than the footprint of the gold contacts. I had little to lose, since my contacts were backed up with Google. If I destroyed the SIM card, I could either buy a $15 kit in-store or wait a few extra days for the 99¢ card to arrive.

You could buy a cutter for $15, but why,? Will you ever have a micro sim again when everything these days is nano sim?


u/VGinNYC · 1 pointr/NoContract

You have to activate the plan online via; you can't go to a T-Mobile store to sign up for the plan. Just buy the T-Mobile SIM and sign up via web site. FYI Here are the links for the SIM card, $5 at [Best Buy]( and Amazon

u/AlcoholicToddler · 1 pointr/tmobile

The android I was using broke. Can't I just bring in this ( to the tmobile store along with my previous regular sized sim card and tmobile account info so I can get shit transferred?

u/The_Knowing · 1 pointr/tmobile

You can buy this

u/qqn8 · 1 pointr/Android

Choose the $30 month plan with 100 minutes/unlimited sms and mms/5g 4G(it says 4G but I believe it includes LTE too on this plan). 10/c minute after you use up all 100 minutes.

Since it's prepaid it's $30 flat.

u/exposetheheretics · 1 pointr/tmobile

I bought this 3-1 prepaid sim off amazon.

but am i understanding correctly that i still need to pay for service (pay as you go $3/month)? I only need 30 seconds to take the call and never again.

i'm on step six here for my adapter

this guy sounds like he did what i want to do only paid five for the card.

i'd ask over there but it takes a month to get a response in that inactive sub.

u/--yy · 1 pointr/tmobile

Thanks. Are you sure, that this will allow me to get back on my $30 plan ?? I ask as this plan is difficult to get into once you are in another plan. The way I did it last time was get a $30 sim with plan included starter pack from walmart.

I see this and this on amazon, the second having the same plan as I want, but more expensive that it should be. If what you're saying is right, I should be able to just get the first one.

u/dsatrbs · 1 pointr/tmobile

You could, but why not just spend the 4.99 on a new SIM.

u/ps_20090 · 1 pointr/Frugal

This is empty SIM, need to put plan beforehand before coming to US.
Try to read reviews.

u/stanleywinthrop · 1 pointr/tmobile

One alternative is this:

T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit

I've activated several of these on my postpaid account and never had a problem. 10 is better than 25.

u/ecs0013 · 1 pointr/ATT

Yeah, the cheapest way used to be to pick up the kit at Walmart or Best Buy or wherever, but most places seem to have stopped carrying SIM cards and prepaid phones. Because of that, you'll probably need to go to a corporate store, order online, or through Amazon (

Once you do that, you can pre-pay (using credit/debit or a prepaid card, which are still available just about anywhere) for service. Personally, I've encouraged those who want to test to get the $30 plan (100 minutes, 5GB data, unlimited texts) as it has all the other benefits like BingeOn and Music Freedom (unofficially) and will really let you test out capabilities. Keep in mind that that plan can only be picked when you set up your account and if you transfer away, you'll lose it. You can actually order that from here:

You'd need to pay for a month of service on that plan, but it's about the lowest full-featured one out there.

You could get a SIM and activate the $3/month voice/text option: This will still show you signal strength and you can buy a data pass for a day ($5) or week ($10), so that might get you all the information you'd need.

I did some network testing myself and went with one of the other plans initially on a starter kit that came with about $30, called and had them switch a few days into testing, am now on the $3 plan, and then just added some data here and there if I need to test. Otherwise, it's basically a $3/month dumbphone line that will work until the funds deplete sometime later in the year.

u/mc_88 · 1 pointr/tmobile

T-Mobile Prepaid Complete SIM Starter Kit

Works for postpaid too

u/brikis98 · 1 pointr/NoContract
u/GrapesofWrath2019 · 1 pointr/minimalism

Phone I have Sony Xperia XZ Premium . Just noticed it's on sale for $550. 4K screen 64 gigs, stereo speakers. Battery lasts for days.. I like it. I think it has the same processor as the S8. You can add a second sim for world travel or stick in a SD card.

The S8/s8 plus is nice as well, I have a friend with one. I just wanted 4K screen for 4K vr'ing with my phone and went with the sony for that reason.

The T-Mobile $3 plan link

Sim kit link

Got the sim kit from Amazon, you call up T-mobile, put some money on the account and you're good to go.

I just call text and turned off data, on my third month with the phone and i'm paying about $7 a month on average. I use wifi at home, and we have free wifi at work (luckily). With an SD card you can load up music on the phone for offline listening and google lets you download maps for offline GPS navagation.

u/Forty_Too · 1 pointr/tmobile

Yes - I can’t find a way to share a Prime Now link but here:

Here’s the same on Amazon itself but obviously no two hour delivery:

u/PM_Me_Your_Clones · 1 pointr/technology

You can buy sim kits, just make sure you get the right one for the phone you have. I always buy my phones outright from 3rd parties and then either get the sim from Amazon or the carrier (or just use my last sim, though obviously not applicable in your case). Then phone call to the new provider or pop into a store to get it activated and use it.

I don't know if the still offer this plan, but I'm on a T-Mobile pay as you go for like $30/month (unlimited data and texting but only 100 minutes/month, works for me because I don't talk on the phone that much) and vs. my wife's $100+/month AT&T bill I can buy a new phone once a year and still spend less.


Note - you'll need to make sure your new phone works on your new network, 2G stuff uses the same frequencies but for the higher bandwidth stuff I believe that T-Mobile and AT&T are different. It's gotten better in the past few years though, so I could be mistaken.

u/maximumhamburgers · 0 pointsr/tmobile

You're not missing out on much without T-Mobile Tuesdays... that being said, you can get a prepaid SIM from Amazon for like $8, and then you can go from there without having to throw down $20 that T-Mobile tries to charge.