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10 Reddit comments about The Devil All the Time:

u/TheHoundsOFLove · 13 pointsr/indieheads

I just read a really good book called The Devil All The Time I finished it in 24 hours it was that good. It's about messed up people/families/small towns- it's very dark, almost a horror novel but there's nothing "supernatural" about it. It's kind of Southern Gothic- If you like Cormac Mccarthy, Flannery O'Connor, Faulker etc you'll enjoy it. I'm trying to read the guy's other stuff ASAP.

u/BeefMitts · 6 pointsr/Weakpots

It was a pretty productive weekend at our household. I did a bunch of meal prep yesterday, BBQ'd a bunch of chicken and asparagus, made a pot of chili, and tried my hand at making bread for the first time in like a decade. It turned out great, I think that could start to be a nice Sunday ritual. The friend I stayed with during my practicum last year has a couple books all about different breads, one is all about the science and why some things are done the way they are with some types of breads, and the other one is the actual recipes.

Squats went well yesterday, probably benching tonight since I didn't go this morning. Might just do cardio or take a rest day, I have an audiobook checked out for the next 3 weeks that's supposedly pretty intense (The Devil All The Time) so I could make some good headway with it.

Avengers: Endgame is this week! Much excite.

u/Waiting_for_Merlot · 5 pointsr/booksuggestions
u/themadnooch · 4 pointsr/booksuggestions

Outer Dark is really good, I would recommend that as well as Child of God. Both are some gritty dark tales in the south. If you are looking for a bit of a different McCarthy tale, check out Suttree when you get a chance - it has since become my favorite McCarthy novel or on par with Blood Meridian.

Other recommendations not McCarthy:

u/leigh_g · 4 pointsr/myfavoritemurder

Georgia wins... 19:24 minute mark "The Devil all the Time" by Donald Ray Pollock in case anyone else was wondering! 😊

The Devil All the Time

u/docwilson · 2 pointsr/booksuggestions

Donald Ray Pollock's The Devil All the Time, but beware.

u/abrupte · 2 pointsr/booksuggestions

The Devil All The Time by Donald Pollock and The Bayou Trilogy by Daniel Woodrell, both are great gritty small town stories.

u/Nerd_by_profession · 1 pointr/IAmA
  1. There's a saying in publishing: "80/20" (because 20% of the books make 80% of the money). Unless they get a lot of attention straight out of the gate, novels tend to be slow and steady earners, and even a lot of critical praise doesn't always translate into high sales. It may take years for a novel to earn out--it may never do so. However, there is still a strong belief among editors/publishers of fiction in the idea of "growing" a writer. A promising young writer's debut novel might not earn out right away, but if he/she continues to grow creatively and gain acclaim and respect that initial loss will be countered by the success of subsequent books (and, one hopes, accumulated "backlist" sales).

  2. There's no "average" advance, really. So many factors go into determining an advance payment, and while an established novelist--with a solid track record--is more likely to get a larger advance (probably because they will be offered a multi-book contract), debut novelists can net in the high six figures if multiple editors are bidding on the book. (This is called an auction.)

  3. I read a novel last year called THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME by Donald Ray Pollock. I think he previously had written a collection of short stories. It blew my mind, it was so fucking good (albeit dark). It got some great initial critical attention and I kept waiting for it to "break through" but, to my chagrin, it never quite did.
u/throwawaywriterhack · 1 pointr/books

I like McCarthy but thought it was over rated. I thought 'child of god' was better. along the same vein, I enjoyed this more:

u/lola21 · 0 pointsr/MorbidReality

The Devil All The Time by Donalld Ray Pollock.

Also, as you mentioned, I'm currently reading Tampa by Alissa Nutting and it is excellent; brave, sassy and disturbing.