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The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard
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7 Reddit comments about The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard:

u/kingconani · 4 pointsr/Lovecraft

Absolutely. If you're interested in the friendship between them, the collected letters between them have been published in a two-volume set by Hippocampus Press. They're 55 bucks together, but you can sometimes get them for less on eBay, etc.

Some of Howard's best stories are set in the Lovecraft Mythos. Check out stories like "Worms of the Earth" and "The Black Stone." I'd suggest The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard if you're like to read more, though most are available-ish in the public domain:

u/Sindriss · 3 pointsr/Lovecraft

I am a huge Robert E. Howard fan. If you do decide to pick up any of his books make sure to get the Del Rey editions. They are the only complete and unedited collections of his stories.

For the other Authors I listed I cannot speak of their other works but the stories listed are all worth a read.

u/PulpCrazy · 3 pointsr/Cimmeria

In honor of Pulp Crazy's Three Year Anniversary, I'm going to be discussing a story by my favorite pulp writer, "Delenda Est" by Robert E. Howard. This is a tale of historical fiction with supernatural elements, focusing on Genseric, the King of the Vandals as he sails from Carthage to Rome around 455 A.D.

Read "Delenda Est" in:

The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard -

Swords of the North -

Genseric -

The Swords of Robert E. Howard Forum:

The Robert E. Howard Foundation:

u/Zeuvembie · 2 pointsr/Lovecraft

That is a good collection; along with Chaosium's Nameless Cults. I'd recommend the Del Rey edition of The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard for cost and accessibility, though.

Good stories to read are "The Thing on the Roof," "The Children of the Night," "Worms of the Earth," and "Dig Me No Grave."

u/smokin_shinobi · 2 pointsr/creepy

So hard, I just want to point you at some Conan. And it's been a long time since I read but, Howard has an Anthology of just his Horror stuff, and it's got a pretty good smattering of his work. Some Solomon Kane and Bran Mak Morn.

It's this one here. Sorry, I know it's not a single story but I haven't had my coffee yet and I wanted to suggest something other than the Tower of the Elephant. Hope it helps a little.

u/DrunkenFist · 2 pointsr/halloween

More good ones, particularly Dracula and Poe. Lovecraft is not for everyone, but it's worth tyring his work out. If you can get into it, it's some very good stuff.
Rober E. Howard, creator of Conan the barbarian, was also pretty adept at writing horror. There is even a recent collection of some of his best horror stories available.

u/fingolfin_was_nuts · 1 pointr/Cthulhu

Check out The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard. A great collection, you might particularly enjoy: The Black Stone, The Thing on the Roof, Worms of the Earth, and Pigeons from Hell. There are plenty of stories that deal with these fallen/lesser human types, which you may find less enjoyable, but they make for a change, anyway. And, as a bonus, there's one Conan story thrown in for fun.