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u/1609344 · 2 pointsr/Garmin

I use the older Garmin soft strap one which I have had for years. I use conductive gel on the pads which I think helps a lot with avoiding spikes and dropouts.

u/MrOmegaPhi · 1 pointr/tDCS

You will be limited to with your anode and cathode placement. Many of the tDCS users are praising different placements across the head that are not in range of the headband for various different purposes. So yeah a head band will work, however if you are interested in different "montages" or "placements", your better off with the baseball cap or rubber tubing. Here you go, I just order one for myself -

That's a little overkill though if you are only using one cathode and one anode and no "montages", so medical resuable sticky pads, may be an option, or saline "glue" to press the tinfoil conductors to your skin or hair.

u/Linclin · 1 pointr/tDCS

I am assuming you are not using a TENS device for TDCS which it isn't meant for. There are TENS pads that are just carbon rubber that you apply paste on. Go to and search for electrode gel or tac gel. Tac gel is an adhesive. I am guessing it will rip the gel layer off of regular pads eventually (?). I think it is meant to be used with carbon rubber pads. Electrode gel coats and rehydrates gel pads making them last longer.

I used to use my TENS unit for stuff quite often. I use the gel electrodes linked below. About every third use I smear a very light coating of electrode gel (not tac gel) over them. They last quite a while and the gel keeps the pads moderately sticky. If you over saturate the electrode it falls apart. You can also buy a bandage and hold them on that way. It requires very little force to keep contact. TENS is quite forgiving so you won't get burned nearly as easily as TDCS. Because of this you can be more sloppy with your electrodes without getting burned.

Gel electrode I used for TENS

Electrode paste

carbon rubber electrode example

tac gel example