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u/eldorel · 1 pointr/Artemis

To setup vlans, you would need a managed or at least a "smart" switch that supports port based vlan. (otherwise your AP needs to support the VLAN, or you need to configure the clients with vlan settings, which you do NOT want to deal with...)

That GS105 5pt is OK, but the 8pt version (GS108) is more reliable and has less issues with heat. (and will last longer).

We use GS108T smart switches for a few small areas at work.
They're pretty reliable and they also support LAG/LACP port bonding. (so multiple gigabit ports going to the server or between switches, that act as a single cable with more available bandwidth. )

That's getting to be overkill for what you're doing, but they're only $50. The extra $20 might be worth the flexibility.

u/sparks88 · 1 pointr/Artemis

Has anyone told you that you are a badass lately? Because they really should. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain this stuff.

Does the switch need to be managed? My first thought was this, but I wasn't sure if that meant I can't setup a VLAN on it.

u/manondorf · 1 pointr/Artemis

It's on sale currently for $177 over at Amazon. Seems the price has increased lately.

Edit: This one (not the "pro" model) is going for $149 at newegg.