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u/StevenBuccini · 3 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Hey there! To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this specific issue although Evicted is on my reading list.

I agree with you on the educational point. The Republicans have completely overhauled how education is done in North Carolina over the past 7 years, this is a great overview. I'm not convinced that "choice" is the solution to our education woes.

My high school's district is actually drawn like you're proposing -- it pulls from both country clubs and housing projects. It was a formative experience, to be sure.

If you're interested in this topic, I'd recommend taking a look at San Francisco's school assignment process which is the solution they've taken to solve this problem. They've seen interesting externalities when implementing this, such as wealthy families opting out of the public school system altogether. (As an aside, this is what happened in my hometown when they desegregated schools in my hometown -- the wealthy families founded a private school with tuition so high that no black families could afford it).

u/ifanyinterest · 23 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Yes. Progressives, particularly progressive POC. To learn a lot more about why this is a smart strategy, check out Brown is the New White.

Another really smart strategy more Democrats need to get on board with is funding POC-lead community organizing groups. Find some here! These are the groups that put in the tough, long-term work to organize and turn out the black and brown communities that form the Democratic base. In the run-up to Doug Jones' win, Movement Vote and other groups gave $500,000 to stipend local women of color to organize at Alabama HBCUs and within their own communities. This is one of the major reasons that black voter turnout was higher than white voter turnout, why we squeaked out a victory, and why the Senate is in play now.

Donate to one of these fantastic groups today!

Or don't, your call. But at least check out the website.

u/blalien · 3 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Happy to help. I wrote this post last week to put some of my thoughts into writing. I also highly, highly recommend this book. It was the one thing that pulled me out of my anxiety slump after Kennedy retired. The same guy also runs a blog that's pretty good.

u/UnderwaterFloridaMan · 14 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Stiglitz wrote a book about inequality with suggestions. The book itself He rank #4 on Repec's most influential economists of all time.

Kruger made a speech about inequality and touched somewhat on the end with suggestions. He is also responsible for studying the effects of minimum wage increases.

I know Krugman has touched on inequality several times on his NY Times column.


>Otherwise yes, they are for inequality.

TIL Stiglitz, one of the leading economist who focuses on the problems of inequality is for it. lmao

u/IamaRead · 2 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

You should read a bit Mao, he does in fact call the same things out and argues that it is important to act in unity, but keep talking and educating people. There is lots of effective stuff in his books about leadership. That said, be aware that his advise on safeguards against power aren't working.

Besides that I'd suggest Thinking about the Fundamentals - Helvey and Rules for Revolutionaries - How Organizing can change everything.

u/Watchdogs66 · 55 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Thank you for this post. To me, 2009 was when we really started to screw up, since we falsely assumed that Obama was going to make everything better for us as a cure-all. Many of us thought that things would be fine and decided to step back and let the pros handle things. The Tea Party, IMO, would not have grown as dangerous as it is if we hadn't let our guard down. In reality, we cannot put ALL of our stock on ONE person ... it takes millions of us in order to make the change. We should have learned this lesson in 2010 and 2014, since we don't lose out to freaks like the GOP today unless we fail to do our due diligence and put in the research like they did back then.

This is what everyone should read in order to see how to win a war. It's a real eye-opener.

u/0and18 · 5 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

I think that writing off any state because of recent election returns is always defeatest. Good book from six years ago on Colorado shifting to Blue here may help give you a different perspective.

u/shortchange81 · 4 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Maybe. But she's not hiding from them, so my first inclination without reading them is to think they can't be that bad. I think she technically writes romantic suspense, which aren't often all that racy.

Here's one of her amazon listings:

u/Maverick721 · 14 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

If anyone is interested in reading more about the gerrymandering on steroid that the Republicans been using since 2010 I recommend RatFuck by David Daley

u/DontEatFishWithMe · 2 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Great idea!

You’re More Powerful Than You Think: A Citizen’s Guide to Making Change Happen

It’s more abstract, but it completely changed my understanding of politics.

u/mycondishuns · 3 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Steve Kornacki just came out with his first book, The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism. I'm about half way through it, it's fantastic and explains so much.

u/WestboundPachyderm · 169 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Same way they made the word “Liberal” a pejorative term.

This book by George Lakoff outlines just how Republicans have hijacked the political discourse in this country and explains how to undo the bunk framing and take it back to reality. Quick and fascinating read. Check it out.

u/expo1001 · 3 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

I'll have to put it on my list. I would also recommend "The Dictator's Handbook" by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita.

u/EmpressofMars · 98 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

u/drawinkstuff has brought Hidester burner email service to my attention as an option for people to fill out this survey. I've set my zip code as 08081 (Dicktown NJ) and name as Chuck Tingle, legendary Amazon gay erotica writer who amazingly parodied Trump himself.

u/guamisc · 4 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Don't Produce Responsive Government: A sober look at why our government is seemingly dysfunctional and many of the common myths and bad assumptions that people use to analyze politics.

u/innovativedmm · 5 pointsr/BlueMidterm2018

If you've never read Pat Conroy book, "The Water is Wide", I highly recommend it if you aren't familiar with the immense struggles of inequality that SC children endure.

We do the exact opposite of what we should be doing. The larger the poverty rate, the larger the classes and less qualified the teachers are.
So how do we work to attack this problem head on? Do you have a plan in mind?
SC District 5 Education Stats

u/mugrimm · 1 pointr/BlueMidterm2018
  1. lol no they don't, and they cover up all their fuck ups since they're entirely unaccountable, they're literally a roving band of insane fighters who collect fingers, desecrate corpses, and often stir up international incidents that kill far more than the initial operation was expected to save. Very little of what they do is actually time sensitive, it's literally just an executive intelligence branch and hit squad so the president doesn't have to deal with pesky oversight or consequences. This is particularly worrisome considering we literally have proof of a former president (Reagan) coordinating with literal enemies of the United states to keep americans imprisoned, giving this same class of ego-maniacal a crew of private intel and assassinations is super concerning.

  2. They're literally focused on displacing the CIA to circumvent congressional oversight.

  3. Their primary objective over and over again tends to just be straight up assassination as well as destabilization. They're literally agents of chaos.