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u/tactile23 · 2 pointsr/GoPlus

Ordered two different bands from Amazon, let you know in a day or two :) I'll update later. Both claim to be Mi 1 compatible and good for the Go-tcha.

Finally got my band from Amazon. Got a real cheap one, so if it wasn't good I wouldn't have wasted much. Here's the one I got, Yes, it's cheap looking, but no worse than the band that comes with the Go-tcha. The Go-tcha fits in well. It's kinda wierd. Either it sits fully in the space provided, but there's a slight flap of the plastic which covers part of the face of the Go-tcha, or you can push the Go-tcha out of the housing a bit and have that same flappy bit of the band wrap around the middle of the Go-tcha. The latter makes the Go-tcha stand very proud of the band and it'll be easy to scratch. I like it partially covered, it protects the face a little and you can position it so that you can still see what it's doing and press the red dot. Up to now I had been walking around with the Go-tcha in my pocket, but that's not ideal, you can inadvertently turn off some of the auto-capture functions when you are picking it out of your pocket if you touch the screen too long. I've worn the band on two hunting trips now, and it fits well and is comfy. I'm happy with it. There are lots of similar bands on Amazon, some are going to be shipped to you from China, so watch the delivery times. But I'd say you may be fine ordering many of them.

I also got a second cheap one from China, this one: It was $4.50 with free shipping. It's pretty much exactly like the standard Go-tcha band, but comes in different colours and fits the Go-tcha to a T. The Go-tcha stands out, above the band face, just like it does on the normal band. So it's more exposed than the band above. I like the one above, so that may be the one I use more, gives a little more protection to the cheap face of the Go-tcha. I don't normally wear a watch, so I can bang that thing if I wear it on my wrist.

u/Kaisonic · 5 pointsr/GoPlus

This stretches around the gotcha and holds it perfectly. I have large wrists and it fits great, albeit on the last hole. Been using it for months!

hellosy Replacement Band for Misfit Shine Only -10pcs Sport Wristband Replacement/Wrist Strap Fitness Band/ Wireless Activity Bracelet with Clasp

u/Givemeallthecabbages · 3 pointsr/GoPlus

I got some bands for the Misfit Shine based on a review on Reddit. They're great, and connect to the GoPlus with its clip on. I have one band around my steering wheel, and can move it around as I like. They're comfy, too.

u/hattz · 1 pointr/GoPlus

this is super awesome for people multiboxing, means all gochas will work with all phones.

to respond to original post. get a few or a pack of 'Replacement Band for Xiaomi Mi Bracelet' same form factor

u/ZKXX · 5 pointsr/GoPlus

These ones are working great for me

I've used one so far and so has my boyfriend, they're lasting longer than the ones that the Plus came with.

u/TheDoveshack · 1 pointr/GoPlus

I bought from here about two weeks ago and it works great. Price went up a bit though.

u/Astec123 · 1 pointr/GoPlus

I picked mine up sold by Amazon.

So I'd always be confident in their returns and customer service (especially warranty support). When it comes to CodeJunkies direct I'd always be a bit hesitant for the messing about that you potentially could face when Amazon is a known quantity. Also after the cost of postage for me it worked out cheaper.

u/Russraka2 · 1 pointr/GoPlus

20pcs Mix Colors 8mm Adjustable Blank Silicone Bracelet StrapSlide Wristbands/Bracelets for 8mm Slide Letters,Jewelry Making Charms

u/handsbricks · 1 pointr/GoPlus

I purchased a magnetic silicone holder on Amazon. It's a little case that fits the gotcha fairly snugly, with a little strap that magnetically hooks up to the back of the case, creating something you can just put on a belt loop or attach to anything magnetic.

u/KiraXY · 3 pointsr/GoPlus

If you want it to only spin or only catch, you have to change the settings in the in-game menu. The settings on the gotcha itself only toggle the auto function. So if you "turn off" catching on the gotcha, that's only turning off the autocatch and now you'll have to click on it manually every time, does that make sense? Other than that, no. Also, people (including me) have serious issues with it right now probably due to the update (seems to be android problem), but that will hopefully be fixed soon... You can also buy a different band if you don't like the fruity one it came with.

u/tomscorer · 3 pointsr/GoPlus

So could you provide a link where you bought it?
Found it on Amazon.

Now another question: Doesn't it bother the GO Plus with the +0,6V extra Voltage?

u/Jonilink · 2 pointsr/GoPlus

These used to be come in a 5 pack I've been using them for over a year and I have one attached to my bike THIS is the band you want.

Check this out at
Seeme Colorful Waterproof Replacement Band for Xiaomi Wireless Wristband Bracelet (No Activity Tracker) (Blue)

u/Pureheaven · 1 pointr/GoPlus
I used one of these and leave it plugged in all the time. Not to inconvenient but it works.

u/rcmiddle · 5 pointsr/GoPlus

It's something you put your phone in and it swings your phone to make it think it's walking. I ran it for 6 1/2 hours last night and got 112km. Glued some weight to the back to counter balance the phone.

Orzero Steps Counter Accessories Compatible for Pokemon Go Cellphone Pedometer, (USB Cable) (Easy Installation) (Mute Version) (Support 2 Phones) Quick Steps Earning Device- Black

u/Abbazaba84 · 1 pointr/GoPlus

It is a thing you can buy now:

Has anyone tried it? Does anyone know how long one charge lasts?

u/EdithKeelerMustDie · 1 pointr/GoPlus

Top brand CR2032 can make a big difference in battery life. Previously, I was using cheap off-brands, and they died within a week. Now I'm using Panasonic, and they last almost a month.

u/vspede81 · 5 pointsr/GoPlus

After trying 4 different bands I found 1 that works. All the others sucked and wouldn't fit.

Seeme Colorful Waterproof Replacement Band for Xiaomi Wireless Wristband Bracelet (No Activity Tracker) (Blue)

u/earthspirit1147 · 8 pointsr/GoPlus

We have ordered 5 go-tcha's from amazon with no issues at all. Made by Datel, the same ones you can get at gamestop. I have never heard of anyone getting banned for one. If you order on Amazon, just pay attention to the seller's name. Nintendo sells the go-plus, Datel sells the Go-tcha.