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u/Reeces_Pieces · 21 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

Most important things would probably be

1.) Hold it upside down when you clean the main chamber by swabbing with a q-tip dipped in ISO.

2.) Use a high % ISO. 91% or higher is best. 71% isn't terrible, but avoid anything lower. (I saw at Walmart they had 50%, like what the actual fuck, who wants to pay for 50% water?)

3.) Let the thing COMPLETELY DRY after cleaning. Take it apart and let it air dry for like at least 30 minutes.

4.) I highly recommend getting an external Nitecore charger and some extra batteries, but if you do use the cable I wouldn't recommend leaving it unattended. It even says in the manual to not let it charge unattended and plug it into a surge protector. You want to be there to unplug it in case something fucks up.

With the external chargers you won't have to worry about that. Leaving batteries unattended on a Nitecore charger is safe because they are loaded with safety features and come from a very reputable company. Also, you can charge up to 4 batteries at a time and still use a different battery in your Hopper.

2 battery slots; 3 LED lights display:

4 battery slots; 3 LED lights display:

2 battery slots; digital display:

4 battery slots; digital display:

5.) Don't soak the Silicone condom in ISO unless you are OK with it turning a yellow/brown color. Just swab it with a Q-tip dipped in ISO.

6.) If something isn't working right like the straight to blue issue or it isn't heating up quite as much as it used too, then look at the battery contact on your back-end. If there is black gunk on the contact, carefully swab it with a Q-tip dipped in 91% ISO. Also, make sure the threads on the back are clean. Let it dry completely before using.

7.) Never ever ever ever let air be pushed into it. Like don't blow into it.

Also, Idk if you have heard of delta3dstudios and their awesome attachments yet, but their funnel that is designed for the Grasshopper is simply amazing. Makes loading a cinch and fits the GH perfectly and it is only $7(it was $8 when I got it). They also make other accessories for the GH as well as for other vapes.

u/tubasco · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape


All I was trying to say is this case is a perfect fit for the hopper + 3 extra batteries + a stir tool + 2 tubes of herb + crafty cooling unit with attached firewood 3 mouthpiece:

That's all.

u/Namekian66 · 5 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

It doesn't seem to be sold in physical stores but you can get it from amazon pretty quick.

u/edthegoof · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

Ok didn't have tags or anything but data_eater got one just like mine at @:
and also a link to his thread:
Apparently its made by case star for holding school supplies.
Happy Vaping!

u/stinkfoot70- · 2 pointsr/GrassHopperVape
u/cremestick · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

This charger would probably be fine, maybe get the 4-bay version if you get more batteries. They charge back up to full pretty quickly though so it's not a big deal.

u/TW624 · 2 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

Couldn't find the exact set I got (wasn't on amazon) but [here] ( is an example, and [here] ( is what I have. I bought them about a year ago and can't find the exact site, if I do I'll edit it in, but the ones on amazon should do the same thing.

EDIT: [Sauce] ( I bought the 17mm. Don't be me and buy yourself a 12mm. I'm sure mine will be fine I'm just a tad ocd and I hate knowing I bought a greater-than-the-diameter set. Oh well.

edit 2: ordered the 12mm

u/kay_so · 6 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

If you're going to try this make sure to use food grade silicon tubing like this one:

u/VaporizerWizard · 5 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

Yeah, the internal one is the ring charge, this is my external (you can get cheaper ones that work as wel)

u/MountainManGuy · 3 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

Hey there you are, I was hoping you'd see my thread since I knew you had experience with other chargers. :)

I now have 4 ways of charging the hopper's batteries, and 3 of those methods involve constant current. The hopper charger is the only one that dances around all over the place.

3 other chargers I have (in no particular order)

  1. Nitecore F1 - Charges at a constant 1 amp
  2. XTAR MC1 - Charges at a constant .5 amp
  3. Olight UC - Charges at a constant .75 amp

    I'm going to contact hopper labs and see if they'll provide some insight on this. Perhaps these batteries are designed for variable charging? I'm no expert on the matter, but constant amperage/voltage seems like a more normal method of charging batteries. Every lithium battery I've ever charged has been that way.
u/puffmaster5000 · 2 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

Considering it's the last of a long list of things they promised to make, and that it was supposed to launch winter 2018 (i think), I wouldn't put any faith in it coming out soon at all. Just get a nitecore i4 and use that.

u/MumbleMurmur · 3 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

Hot is one of the more subjective words in the dictionary. What's hot to you may be warm to me. Fortunately, they make a thing called a laser thermometer that will tell you exactly how "hot" your grasshopper is. Here's one for example. Take measurements of the parts in question.

u/Lateral-Geniculate · 3 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

I ordered something similar to Tubasco ... can fit all the necessities. Not so much of a "hardshell" but does the trick

u/handbasket_rider · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

Any old case will do, but these are good, as they're opaque, and the cap is greenish :).

These are also surprisingly capacious, no doubt to sell more contact lens solution.

u/petrichor8 · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

tweezers with a needle point (like these), you can put them down into the front, and then use it to 'screw' the screen back in.

u/Crotch_Snorkel · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

I got a cheap pill holder key chain that works well, but I keep a mini swiss army on that key chain too because weed will get stuck.

u/HappyMehTime · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

I plan on lining this cigar case with some thin foam form my Ti. Airtight and will stop the button from accidentally bring pushed. Kinda fat though.