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u/bobadafett · 1 pointr/IowaCity

Alright, so I know this is a bit old but I thought "hey this is the only think I know a bit about, might as well input my two cents"

I'm sure I will get a few people disagreeing with me, but it's the internet.. lets live dangerously.

So, I use to be an electrician and I can tell you right now.. it's a 50/50 chance you will get someone who knows or cares what they are dong with low voltage / network cable. The biggest problem is they run it too close to romex and you get interference and general degradation of signal also.. when they do terminate plates and ends they untwist about 5 inches of cable which completely defeats the purpose of UTP.

My suggestion, call a company likes OR if you feel comfortable drilling holes and running your own cable read on below.

So Ethernet is a type of network, not an actual worries, everyone calls it Ethernet.. but what you are looking for is CAT5e Un-shielded Twisted Pair or UTP CMP (yes there is a shielded, more on that later)

There are so many types of UTP, why do I recommend this particular one?

u/Jesmeld · 2 pointsr/IowaCity

I live in an apartment in Coralville(right off I-80 and 1st) and use an amplified digital antenna I bought off Amazon. It works great for me. I get about 20 stations, and oddly enough, when a storm is moving through I get about 30. NBC is the most picky so I don't always get it, but I just use Hulu for that. Anyway, the link is below, it was worth the cost and is extremely easy to install/setup. They do offer different versions as well. Also, I have mine mounted on my north facing window if that helps!

u/chupathingee · 1 pointr/IowaCity

There's a possibility the external enclosure is broken but the drive is fine (I've seen this quite a few times). Take it out of the enclosure and try to access the drive directly. If you have a desktop just plug it in as an additional hard drive.

If you only have a desktop you'll need a SATA (assuming this drive isn't ancient - left is IDE right is SATA adapter to USB. If it's a smaller (2.5" drive) you can probably get away with something like this If it's a larger 3.5" drive you'll want something with a separate power source, like this I personally would err on the side of getting the external power adapter myself, to rule out "not enough power" as a reason the drive doesn't work.

edit: I would actually spring for something like this Only $23 but has a lot of good reviews, I've heard good things about it specifically in the past as well. The last thing you want to do is cheap out on the adapter and think your drive is dead when your adapter is really just crap.

If the drive itself works but the computer doesn't recognize the partitions, try using linux to DD the files over and then mount the partition manually. DM me if you get here and I can either give you some pointers (if you're comfortable with linux CLI) or we may be able to work something out.

If the drive doesn't spin up when you apply power you are dealing with a situation in which you can either accept defeat or pay a LOT of money to have the files recovered professionally.

u/PeabodyJFranklin · 2 pointsr/IowaCity

For PC shops, I know of Neo, and Ender Computers. Ender has a location in North Liberty, and a couple in CR. If you're heading up to CR, there's also Barbs. I think the rest of them have closed up though.

Do you not want to wait for it? Are you needing PCIe, PCI? It sounds like USB won't work for you.

N300 PCIe (only a few bucks more than the N150) $18.99

N150 PCI (~$10 cheaper than the N300 PCI) $13.74

Those could be in your hands wednesday with a free Amazon Prime trial.

u/roryswife · 1 pointr/IowaCity

I'm in Coralville and we get decent to excellent reception with this mounted on our roof:

It was pretty easy to mount because we had a previous satellite dish on our roof and we just used the old hardware.

PBS comes in the best, Fox, CW, ABC and NBC good, CBS is iffy but does come in most of the time.

u/Tularemia · 12 pointsr/IowaCity

Regarding winter, make sure you go out and buy a nice thick warm coat, as well as hat and gloves. Get an ice scraper with a brush for your windshield. Make sure you have a snow shovel even if you're just renting an apartment, as it's not uncommon to have to dig your car out once the snow plows block your vehicle in.

Do you have any more specific questions about the area?

u/nsummy · 1 pointr/IowaCity

If anyone finds this interesting, they should check out this book:

Its mindblowing the shit Iowa City used to have. A big fountain on Dubuque Street. A trolley system. There were also some cool buildings that just disappeared.

u/karmakamelien · 1 pointr/IowaCity

I bought this one with WIFI built in. My friend bought a modem and router separately.

u/RibMusic · 2 pointsr/IowaCity

You might consider buying a tile keychain fob. Your phone can find your keys and your keys can find your phone. It has saved me a few times.

u/mikefitzvw · 1 pointr/IowaCity

No guarantees, but this is a Shimano 8-speed 11-32 cassette so it seems to me like it should work.

u/NoOneLikesFruitcake · 3 pointsr/IowaCity

Their modem costs money, buy your own. Even a non-refurbished modem will pay off within two years. Grab a router too, but I won't even suggest one because your needs for size of the house, wireless bands available (B, G, N, AC....) are worth looking into. You just have to have them come and type in the mac address for setup, though you should be able to call it in.

They are all contractors too as /u/foufcfk mentioned. Perpetually understaffed, and underpaid.

Also, tech was probably just being a tool. Whatever line is coming in you can move yourself. Just grab a crimping set for coaxial cable and leave this all behind in your head.

u/jayrady · 7 pointsr/IowaCity

Be the change you want to see in the world.

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

u/3800GMV6 · 2 pointsr/IowaCity

Will need this too

Hole Saw Kit, Tacklife 16 Pieces 3/4’’-5’’ Full Set in Case with Mandrels, Hex Key and Install Plate for Soft Wood, PVC Board and Plastic Plate Drilling, Hardened High Carbon Steel - PHS01C

u/iacobus42 · 2 pointsr/IowaCity

Have you considered getting a Stanley Cup?

u/majorpoundage · 1 pointr/IowaCity

Ever thought about stocking airline vomit bags in the back seat?