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u/pyramid_of_greatness · 1 pointr/LAlist

I am out of town, but can try to help..

Cheap soldering kits make it hard to get a good, consistent temperature on the tip, and the recovery time (time for the tip to get hot again after bringing it down by cleaning, etc) is poor. You'd want to get an adjustable one if possible. You could easily be working too hot and causing yourself problems. Lead free solder is harder to work with. I have a Hakko that I love, but something in this range would be a worthwhile investment and a fine iron.

As for the soldering, you really are just jamming the iron into the two pieces of metal you are trying to join, and then slowly feeding the solder into the junction. Use as little as you need to get a tiny, clean joint, and never a 'bubble'.

Removing solder is a horse of a different color. That is a pain in the ass. For that, you will want a lot of flux and a hot-hot iron (as hot as you can go before you start damaging things/burning down the house like you say). It's not fun to remove these components. Sometimes you get lazy and snip out the old one and try to work out the lead with a needle-nose and the iron (fluxed up hole) at the same time. Helping hands or a good vise can be crucial for this.

I'm no great master at it, but it's really one of those things you can pick up watching a few youtube videos or hearing instructions (with the right equipment) and pick up. I taught a friend the other day for a project they are working on. It really is just practice to get good, and that seems to happen quickly once you get a feel for working the solder.

u/bigberteotti · 1 pointr/LAlist

Check out Amazon and search Blu unlocked phones. You'd be suprised how cheap the smart phones are. The better of the bunch will run you $130.00

However last year's model, the R1 can be had for $99.00 or you can get the Advanced A4 for $40.00 Best thing about it, buy it and try it. It's Amazon so you can always return within 30 days if you aren't impressed.

u/piccoach · 1 pointr/LAlist

I've heard good things about this book:

Also, one thing that comes to mind looking at the photos you posted, especially for the top one: try shooting at magic hour (sunrise or sunsest) Some of your shots would be better with more dramatic light. Better skies at sunset/sunrise too.

I'll be adding an email signup list at the for future workshop and other announcements. Also will be announcing that type of thing at my blog:

u/ps6000 · 1 pointr/LAlist

You have to ask yourself, is it better to get a laserdisk player or buy the dvd.

or you know, youtube

This moving looks amazing.

u/SupaZT · 2 pointsr/LAlist

Yeah I researched this at one point but never got around to it. All I saw was Toothpaste + Baking Soda.. and sand paper.. but never a UV blocker. Prob is i'm 20 miles away haha. My car is 8 years old though and they are starting to fade.
I bookmarked these at one point but never got around to buying them


u/justmikeandshit · 4 pointsr/LAlist

I bought this nightstand from Amazon and it's been perfect for me.

u/morningmsmagpie · 1 pointr/LAlist

Have they tried having air purifiers/hepa filters in the bedroom/living room and using this to wipe the cat?

Just in case...that's what my friend's husband use and he's SUPER allergic to cats

u/Escapee334 · 1 pointr/LAlist

Looks like here is the same thing on Amazon to atleast get some more reviews of it.

u/demosthenes83 · 2 pointsr/LAlist

Brand new from Amazon that costs 150. Used it costs 94.

Why are you selling it for 190?

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/LAlist

What does "usually sells on Amazon for approximately $750" mean?

Because right now it's on sale for $550.

u/justgentile · 1 pointr/LAlist

:( We unfortunately tore them down BUT here's a link to the book we used on Amazon.

u/tmweth22 · 2 pointsr/LAlist

No worries.

My advice:

invest in

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar


TRX Training - Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor, Complete Full Body Workouts Kit for Home and on the Road


URBNFit Exercise Ball (55 CM) for Stability & Yoga - Workout Guide Incuded - Professional Quality (Pink)


A pair of 20 pound dumbbells.

My apartment doesn't have a gym either, so I just work out in my room with these. There are a ton of resources online for workout routines so Google and Reddit are your friend.

If you can't drop 150 on the straps, just buy the other 3 items. That'll get you started. And remember...