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u/ProfessorMystery · 3 pointsr/MINI

I've had my S for about eight months or so now, and obviously this early in the lifespan of the car I don't have a lot of long-term information on cost of ownership, but I'll offer what I can:

The oil changes are more expensive than a standard car. They're about on par with a luxury or performance car. For instance, my parents own a Merc and after comparing notes with my Dad, it's pretty similar. The plus side is that your new car will come with four free oil changes from the dealership, so that helps for a while. Also, the standard Cooper is pretty easy to change the oil on if you have a decent oil pump like a Topsider. (The S's engine is a bit more cramped and harder to do) You don't even have to get under the car to do it! You can practice at the halfway interval between dealer-supplied changes at first and then just transition over to doing all of them when those run out.

The non-S is also cheaper on tires than the S. At ~15k miles my front tires were getting some noticeable wear on them. I rotated them so I imagine I'll probably need to change the tires somewhere around 30-40k miles depending on how I drive. The S comes standard with run-flats since there's no place in the car for a donut. The standard Cooper has a spare bolted to the bottom rear of the car so you can more safely run standard (cheaper) tires without worrying about being stranded after a blowout. The non-S will also be a little easier on tires since it has less power.

You'll be able to save money with the standard Cooper instead of the S for sure. Of course, by getting the non-S you're going to be missing a LOT of power. My advice would be to NOT test drive an S if you're not set on getting one. Just...don't let yourself know what you're missing.

u/mr_mooses · 2 pointsr/MINI

vent mounts are garbage across the board. and yeah, you won't find one that fits the circular style mini vents. cd player ones are good position, but i find it interferes with my shifting, autos might be ok.

I like the scorshe magic mount (amazon) for my phone holders. i have 4 or 5 of them now, oldest being 2.5 years on my dash above the right center vent on my r53, daily driven outside parking new england weather and regularly autocross and track. never had the phone fall off.

there are 2 cupholders for the mini, 1 is the "mug holder" that is metal high on the passenger center column and works well. one of the only cars that fits a full size nalgene actually. here's an amazon link, but they're cheaper at other stores like or Also try and find one used in the marketplace. or fbook marketplace for a mini group.

the other cupholder is all plastic and mounts low on the column. here's an amazon link, but they're cheaper elsewhere

There's 2 armrest options as well, i like the metal one with the flip instead of slide lid, but the slide lid or "ultimate arm rest" i think it's called might offer an additional cupholder.

u/sheer_deer · 1 pointr/MINI

A second option, and what I did with my mini is to buy the aux-in cable and mount that. My 04 R53 had a 30 pin when I got it but wouldn’t work with adapters so I just took the radio out, unplugged that 30 pin cable from the back, plugged in an aux in, and wired it to my glove box. Now I have a tiny bluetooth adapter that lives in my glovebox.

It is super easy to get to the back of the radio. Took <1hr and like 10 screws. You can mount it anywhere but I like the look of not having cables visible.

I bought this one but there are definitely cheaper ones out there.

u/EWYCOP · 2 pointsr/MINI

I will always recommend a magnetic mount. They're like $13, super sturdy, and wonderfully easy to just throw your phone onto. I use Scosche, personally. It's a goddamned game changer.

Your phone will always have a better nav with Google maps than a car manufacturer can pull off.

Your car should have Bluetooth tho.

u/S-Aint · 2 pointsr/MINI

Here's the tool you'll need and here's the plugs I used for my 2008 R56. It's super easy to do! Hopefully that will fix your issue.

u/geofox784 · 3 pointsr/MINI

I’ve been working on my display and wiring setup for a while now and I’m finally happy with it so I thought I would share it with r/mini. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. This is one of my first posts so if I messed up, that’s why.



Aluminum GPS Mount:

AUX in:

Phone/ipod holder:

Charging cable:

gold plated AUX cable:



Lights: I don’t remember exactly, but if someone want the link then I can look more. They were like $25 total.

u/CardMechanic · 2 pointsr/MINI

There are some Bluetooth options that connect to where you would normally have a CD changer, in back near the amp.

I had one, but returned it in favor of hitting my stereo and replacing everything. Seems like I found it on Amazon.

u/mellovibes75 · 7 pointsr/MINI

Check the oil, often. Minis are very finicky about oil levels and they consume a bit of oil too.

I personally found the stock dipstick to be a piece of shit, hard to read and hard to put back in, so I got the Cravenspeed dipstick and it is a champ. A bit pricey but very easy to read exactly what the oil level is.

Also, don't go by the OEM recommendation for oil change intervals as they are wayyy too long. 5,000 miles or so should be a good distance.

u/Count_2_0 · 2 pointsr/MINI

I am 6' 3" and sit tall, so I ended up getting a mini with no sunroof for the extra headroom (more than in my Volkswagen Tiguan!). Leg room is great! Both for length and width (knee spacing).

If you don't want to lean forward at stop lights, which is something I had to do about half the time in my Tiguan too, you can get something like this: LightinSight

I got one for my mini, and it works great for me.

u/clawesome · 2 pointsr/MINI

Yeah, digging into the dash of a MINI would be a major pain to do anything worth while. I like to keep mine as stock as possible.

Right now I don't have the iPad mounted anywhere, I've just been doing testing with the stock Y-Cable that came with my Countryman. The cable is like 12 inches, so can't really move the iPad anywhere at the moment, just been putting it on passenger seat while testing. I don't think I'm going to make any permanent mounting for it, since I'll hardly be using the iPad in the car, except for maybe the occasional road trip. If I had a smaller iOS device, I'd consider making a mount in the driver side sun visor. Would make it accessible and keep it hidden. I think the only smaller compatible device running iOS 7 would be an iPhone 4 or 4s.

On my r56 I had before my r60, I used this Kinivo Bluetooth receiver. Fairly inexpensive and worked well. It comes with adhesive and I mounted it behind my steering wheel so it was out of sight. It doesn't auto play, so you have to hit play every time you start the car which is pretty much the only thing I disliked about it.

u/pdxiowa · 2 pointsr/MINI

You can get a bluetooth receiver with an aux cord - I'd recommend just getting one that will plug into an available USB so that you don't need to repeatedly charge it. Once your phone is paired, it will automatically pair with your phone every time you turn the car on.

Something like this Kinivo ($35) or this MPOW ($24) would fulfill that purpose.

u/Gulzra · 1 pointr/MINI

I don't know of any instruction sets online, but I found this video with a quick search:

You're best bet would be to buy the Bentley Manual which has step by step instructions and some pics.

u/Tu13es · 1 pointr/MINI

I have one of these and have been really happy with it for a few years. The unit plugs into the aux jack and cigarette adapter, I plug a lightning cable into the USB port to charge my phone in to charge and audio goes over bluetooth. There are better/newer ones now (there's a good guide here).

u/buckbuckboost · 1 pointr/MINI

Do you have the aux volume and phone volume turned all the way up? That reduces the volume difference between the radio and aux quite a bit on my 2013 Cooper S with the base stereo.

I have that and the sound quality is pretty good, I think. Also my stereo stays on the aux input and never goes back to FM on its own. Do you not have the base stereo?

u/mini6284 · 2 pointsr/MINI

I feel your pain with the 2009 nav unit, you are right that installing another din will leave it blank along with limited options for all the other stuff that is displayed, error messages, trip computer etc. after a lot of research, found it is easier to leave it in.

I don't have one, but for stearing wheel controls everyone seems to like (this)[]

on my newer r56 without nav, I gave up on steering wheel controls use the phone mounted to the cd slot via (magnet)[] and a cheaper bluetooth aux with microphone. call quality seems to be better, and as it is a lot quicker for most tasks than the brake / idrive controls, even the steering wheel can't change aps and songs as quick with phone mounted right on the cd player slot.

u/yurinforit · 1 pointr/MINI


Thats awesome and cheap. Have you tried this? i think ill give it a go....

u/mccak · 2 pointsr/MINI

Changing spark plugs is very easy. All you need is 4 spark plugs, a torque wrench and a 12 point socket. It should take you 10 mins to change all 4. If you go to a shop they will probably charge you >$100.

Here is a tutorial.

u/Hyperbole13 · 2 pointsr/MINI

I bought this ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000B Bluetooth Adapter to stream music as mine lacked Bluetooth streaming. You can stream Spotify or iTunes and works really great.

u/MiniMatt85 · 5 pointsr/MINI

I got for my R56. It has been working great for over a year now. I can use my steering wheel controls and it shows the song info on the lcd display.

u/stickboybike · 2 pointsr/MINI

I got this for my ‘16 R60. Works great for BT music and calls-

Bovee WMA3000B Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Audio Adaptor for BMW iPod integration

u/_Gizmo_ · 1 pointr/MINI


And don't forget your Spark Plug Socket

21 ft/lb or 28NM is the torque spec, as well.

u/fprintf · 1 pointr/MINI

I used to always buy the Bentley manual for my VWs. I have been looking at the Mini manual for a few years and am just now coming up on some repairs that might require some torque specs and other useful info from a manual. Is it worth buying this? The Amazon reviews only give it 4 stars, saying they aren't as good as they used to be. non affiliate link

u/frettsurfer38 · 2 pointsr/MINI

Another thing you could do is to pick up a bluetooth OBD II plugin and download Torque on your phone (android only I think). You can check the fault code there and it will give you the exact code and some other great information that would serve you well before you buy the car.

All in all, its about a $35 investment, plus you can use it elsewhere.

u/billyk47 · 1 pointr/MINI

OMNI Lighters

On amazon for $10. They have “FIRE MISSILES” too lol.

u/Thesparkleturd · 2 pointsr/MINI

Oh, after a quick google search maybe not? However, don't let this detract you. What I do is I use an old android phone I got from the lost and found box at work with a scoche magnetic phone mount like this and keep my personal phone in my pocket.
You can get a nice android trac-phone from the hateful big blue store (or maybe $10 on craigslist). I know this just added some cost and complexity, but when I was doing my personal search for a boost gauge I was looking at $200+ units which I'd have to splice into vacuum lines and plumb through the dash. For a single gauge. I cannot recommend torque enough just because it gives you 30-40 (or 200?) gauges and themes and multiple dashes. And then gives you OBDII code reading on the fly.

u/speedlover69 · 1 pointr/MINI

Have you considered a bluetooth device? I also used Mini's y-cable - blows.

I really like the Himbox, as it always remembers my phone, instantly turns on when I start my car, and just works.

u/DriftwoodBadger · 2 pointsr/MINI

The most popular is the Cravenspeed replacement dipstick. They're kind of expensive though, about $75. I think I got mine off of eBay for like $50, but it's still kind of a lot for a dipstick. It's advertised for the Hardtops, but I believe the Countrymans have the same engine, so it should work fine.

They make a Gen1 version as well, they're slightly different, so make sure you don't buy a Gen1 dipstick by accident.

u/TheToxicDuck · 1 pointr/MINI

This is what I use in my 2012 and it works really well.

u/ShockinglyMilgram · 1 pointr/MINI

Edit: yeah I forgot I ended up getting this which worked for my 2015 r61

u/Sh1fterNA · 1 pointr/MINI

This may not be the cheapest option, but currently on my r53 I am running an aux kit from the back of my radio into the glove box and then I purchased a 5 foot aux cord so every one in the car can take a turn playing music.
Adaptor -
Aux cord -

u/PicherTaker · 1 pointr/MINI

I have this one in my R53 manual and its just okay. I always bump it going to 5th gear.

u/pkillian · 0 pointsr/MINI

Either your amp connections or you need a ground loop noise isolator if these issues are only occurring when you're playing music through the aux input.

u/Urtho · 1 pointr/MINI

We have a 2015 Countryman S as well. I picked this up after seeing some recommendations for it. A couple of those posts said they got track information, but we do not. My wife and I both use Android phones, so maybe an iOS device would send through the track information correctly. You end up with two Bluetooth connections but steering wheel controls work.

u/Chrisagu28 · 1 pointr/MINI

Thanks guys for the recommendations. :)

Problem I am having is the r53 didn't have a iPod interface like the r56. Just aux in. That's why I looked at the grom interface that plugs into the back of the head unit. Here is what it is. [GROM ](Grom Audio BMWSB3

Or I have to use on the aux/USB powered Bluetooth pieces but no control thru the steering wheel.

u/Phombus · 2 pointsr/MINI

I had a gen 2 mini with only the 30pin radio cable. This allowed my iphone to connect via bluetooth and then could access the music via ipod controls in the radio...

u/ShinyNerfHerder · 1 pointr/MINI

It all depends on if you have the Media package otherwise you can only use bluetooth for phone only.

Do you have a usb port in the glovebox?

That being said, you can just buy an adapter that plugs both into aux and usb.

This is the one I have and it works perfectly.

u/t0w3rm0nk3y · 1 pointr/MINI

This is what I am using.

Bovee Bluetooth Car Kit for BMW and Mini Coopers - Android and iPhone Music Interface Adaptor for in car iPod Integration (WMA3000B USB / AUX connector)

I used the cable setup below (2x’s), but it doesn’t provide any control and I had issues with the audio jack breaking.

Edit: orientation of previous cable listed from above to below.

u/millertyme007 · 1 pointr/MINI

Air Power America 5060 Topsider Multi-Purpose Fluid Removing System


u/rocketmonkee · 1 pointr/MINI

I bought this one back in May, and I haven't had any problems with it. I use it with the Torque Pro app, and it's able to pull all kinds of real-time data from the reader. It's not as fancy as some of the more expensive models so it might give you a generic code every now and then, but for the money it's not bad at all.

I don't know if there will be any adverse effects with the manic tune.

u/bad__fish · 3 pointsr/MINI

Don’t get an adapter that transmits to FM radio, the quality usually sucks.

I use this, it treats the Bluetooth adapter as an iPod which allows you to use your steering wheel and radio controls with it

u/Vanderbleek · 1 pointr/MINI

I use the aux cable/BT adapter method (adapter is

No steering wheel controls for calling/seeking with that method unfortunately. Volume still works obv.

The little "disk" has the seek/pause buttons, so I've just got it mounted on the dash near the wheel. Not quite as nice, but was much cheaper than a headunit (and allowed me to keep the OEM radio).

u/leafinthepond · 2 pointsr/MINI

I have a 2005 MINI and installed this aux cord a few years ago. I plugged it into the correctly shaped spot in the back of the radio and it worked no problem. You press the mode button twice, and it switches to aux. It was a little tough to plug in; at first I thought it wasn't working, but it was just that I hadn't pushed it in all the way.

If you have done all that, then there is probably something else wrong and you might want to take it in.

u/2legit2kwit01 · 2 pointsr/MINI

There are several known problems with the N14 engine (the engine in your MINI), some of which include:

Overconsumption of oil- MINI claims up to 1qt/750 miles

Timing chain tensioner failing - there is currently a recall/lawsuit for this. It is related to the oil consumption issue.

Thermostat failure - replaced by a newly engineered unit that are said to be better

Water pump failure - same as above

Auxiliary water pump failure - usually on earlier N14s

Coolant take failure - on earlier N14s and is caused by the heat generated by the turbo and the proximity of the coolant tank

Hood scoop insert melting - same as above

Down pipe CAT failure - possibly due to oil consumption issue

Turbo oil line failure - can be replaced by the better Detroit tuned version.

Carbon buildup on intake valves - this is due to a poor BMW design. Can cause abnormal engine wear and lack of power if not maintained.

Door actuator failure - caused by water getting inside on the passenger foot well.

I personally had an N14 JCW for only 1 year and experienced most of these issues. The semi good news is your car has most likely experienced these problems, as the N14 gremlins start to show up around 50-70k. Did you get service records?

In addition to keeping an eye on your fluids weekly, I would also check with MINI to see if there are any outstanding recalls for your vehicle. As long as the repairs have been made, and you do your part to make sure they don't happen again, it should be a relatively good relationship!

Lastly, I highly encourage you to purchase the Cravenspeed oil dipstick. It is $75 shipped on Amazon and takes the guesswork out of reading your oil levels, which can be quite difficult to read. Also, check out the forums like motoring alliance and North American Motoring, they have a lot of info about your MINI. Lastly, check out notable vendors for awesome upgrades/mods for your MINI. Welcome to the family!

MINI Cooper S Dipstick Upgrade (Hardtop 2007-2014)

u/Mehknic · 1 pointr/MINI

Do you have USB and AUX right next to each other (the "iPod" option)? If so, you can get one of these:

If you have an Android phone, it connects for media audio and lets you use the steering wheel controls. If you have an iPhone, it does track info on the screen as well. The only downside is having to swap inputs from Radio -> iPod every time you turn the car on.

If you get one, and the sound quality is bad, this forum thread helped me get it fixed:

Alternatively, you can replace the radio with a double or single-DIN unit, but it's difficult, expensive, and you lose some computer functionality.