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u/skoodlepump · 3 pointsr/MMJ

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, what is that anyway? Sativa strains come from a taller variety of genetics, that tend to have a terpene profile that lends toward more head effects, as opposed to body effects. Indica varieties tend to have more terpenes on the relaxing side of the spectrum, and in general have more body effects. One thing people suggest is that sativa is good for "daytime use" and the indica is good for sleeping.

This is utter horseshit.

To start with cannabis sativa is the plant cultivated as medicine; the plant we smoke the flowering buds of. Cannabis indica is the breed grown for fiber, food, and now CBD. Marketers have chosen to stick the indica and sativa labels on two varieties of the same plant. For more information about cannabis medicine from a western approach, Cannabis Pharmacy is an excellent book.

I've found that most people tend to be either a sativa person or an indica person, and tend to stick with their chosen lineage regardless of what time it is. I am an indica guy 100%. Sativas rarely speak to me, and when they do it is usually to yell random stuff in my face and then run away. I have met very few sativas that I get along with. Most of the ones I've tried feel like they have ADD. Indicas though, they speak to me. They tend toward the calmer more introspective side.

I kind of think of sativa/indica as light/dark, yang/yin, male, female. Don't get me wrong, all cannabis is feminine, but the sativas sit in a different energy space that feels more ... male. Sativas can be bright like the sun, but indicas are a cool dark night with a full moon. Sky god - earth goddess. I need more yin in my life. I think that's why I gravitate to indicas. Consider your energy type. Are you high strung, nervous a lot, anxious? In that case, try some indica. Do you like to exercise regularly? Are you a Highly Organized Professional? Maybe give a sativa a try.

Hybrids are a cross of genetics expressing character of both sativa and indica in different amounts. They tend to sit heavier to one side or another. There are several good, indica leaning hybrids that I get along with quite well.

Buy Small

I made the mistake of picking up a sativa, and a sativa leaning hybrid, in 1/4oz packages. One of them blew the top of my head off and exploded my psyche, the other one feels like a scatterbrained toddler with ADD to me. I have since given them away, which is a 1/2oz I didn't need to spend the $$$$$ on. I gave the psyche-bomb away because I have no call to do that again Any Time Soon.

Pick up a few strains in 1g amounts, if you can. If one of them doesn't speak to you, give it a way. When you find one that works for you, write it down.

Any of this could work for whatever symptoms you are trying to treat. Or not. Don't focus too hard, initially, on finding the right medication. If you are looking to heal, in a real sense of the word, try not to think of it as symptoms you are trying to mitigate, but as dating. You are spending a little time with different strains to see which ones you like to hang out with. Once you find one, I am willing to bet whatever symptoms you are looking at have improved. Because once you've found a strain and a store you can work with, then you have medicine.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/MMJ

Flower is the only thing that works well for me. You maybe tried this already but here goes anyway because I am bored at work. Disclaimer: everything with cannabis is personal, what applies to me might be totally different for you. This applies to strains too. You can't generalize that "indica is good for pain/anxiet" and sativa is "good for PTSD." These are all different personalities and you are going to get along with them to varying degrees. If you find a strain you click with, remember it.

Start with a small chillum or one-hitter and load it part way. I'm assuming you had a minimal relationship with the plant before you started using it for medicine. You are going to have to experiment with any type of delivery, because they all have different profiles of onset and the all feel different. I never touch distillate and only use a full spectrum tincture when I can't smoke, because that's what works for me.

So you are going to smoke a small bit, then wait 30 minutes, then do it again. You don't have to write shit down but I own one of these and it might help you:

It's a journal for noting symptoms, strains, and dosing. It's also beautiful to look at.

You are always going to be hitting a moving target called Tolerance. In my own experience, and from talking to lots of people in lots of dispensary lines, distillate will jack your tolerance like nothing else, and if you vape it, that's the hardest hit. My tolerance is *significantly lower* if I am only using flower.

As you use cannabis, your tolerance will vary up and down, mostly up. Mine has hit a kind of equilibrium. I wish it were lower than it is but ... oh well!

I would suggest getting a tincture or capsules for daytime use, and use flower at night. This is how I started out and it worked pretty well. I'd smoke at bedtime so if I got lit up too much I could just go to sleep. Capsules make knowing your dose very easy, though it isn't hard with tincture. If you know that 10mg is a good dose for you, then you have a rough idea of how much flower will be right. If your strain is 18% TAC then you know there is 180mg in a gram of bud. To hit your target 10mg you'd want about 1/20th of a gram. That is TINY. Stick with a one-hitter for a while.

u/DeirdreSpencer · 1 pointr/MMJ

Could it be mixed into either water or a neutral oil so that you're not trying to eyeball such small amounts?

Calculate how many ideal doses there are total in the syringe and mix the whole thing into 0.5 mL of oil per dose. Store it in a dropper bottle like these and your perfect dose will be one dropper full. Bonus points for this method is that now you also have the option of administering sublingually which will be more efficient and take effect quicker.

ninja edit: you could also measure the oil with the dropper itself by just using one dropper of plain oil per dose. That way you don't have to even worry about measuring the oil to the 0.5 mL.

u/ImOnMarijuana · 2 pointsr/MMJ

I'm not qualified or experienced enough to give you advice. I didn't start smoking until it was legal here.

I do however recommend buying a book called Feeling Good or The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns. It's been translated into a bunch of languages, so it may be in your language. It was published in Norway as I understand.

It will help you with your anxiety. Used with cannabis, I find it very helpful. Even when I couldn't use cannabis, it's still very helpful.

I just wanted to pass that along since no one else is commenting yet.

u/takovpekh · 1 pointr/MMJ

I would say find a different strain before giving up completely! I've been using MMJ for a few years now to help with my PTSD symptoms, and I'm now fully off of any anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. I avoid sativa strains for exactly the reasons you described. When your body is constantly "on", you don't need to be energized lol. I'll use 10 or 20:1 high CBD strains throughout the day, and then at night I'll use indica hybrids that are more of a 2 or 1:1 CBD to THC ratio.

Something that helped me to reintroduce THC back into my life (had a really bad freakout that scared me for months) was practicing some mindfulness before smoking. Calming the brain down a little bit seems to make the high more enjoyable at the end of the day. A good book that turned me onto mindful toking was Ganja Yoga by Dee Dussault.

Since you don't have the resources quite yet to pick out strains and such, you can try hemp-derived CBD to compliment your smoking routine. I learned a lot from /r/CBD, and they've got great links to legitimate sources of it.

u/cremestick · 1 pointr/MMJ

OP have you tried taking fiber supplements, such as psyllium huskor bentonite clay? These seem to really help push things through while keeping it solid.

u/BlueBottleTrees · 3 pointsr/MMJ

Most of my mmj friends who eat it use empty gelatin capsules. You'll still have weedy RSO burps!

Empty Gelatin Capsules 0 Size -1000 Empty Capsules

Edit: you can also make paper pills by rolling the rso up into a little wad of thin paper such as a piece of rolling paper and swallowing that. Bonus fiber for your diet.

u/notoriousTED · 2 pointsr/MMJ

brought it in my carry on each time, once inside bags inside a bigger version of this and then the rest of the times i just put it in the medicinal type bottles dispensaries will sometimes put your medicine in if you buy a 1/2 oz or more.

u/AdverbAssassin · 4 pointsr/MMJ

Start slow on adding THC. There is a supplement that can counteract some of the high called citicoline:

Some people with cancer go the suppository route, since it basically eliminates the high, but for brain cancer it is best not to do that. Realize that your entire body has CB receptors, so you must saturate the body in order to get the high doses of THC and CBD to the brain. Don't discount CBG and CBN as well.

Shoot for a whole plant extract for the "entourage effect" instead of honey/BHO. THC has been shown to trigger apoptosis in brain cancer, and CBD works more as an inhibitor.

I also highly suggest you eliminate as much sugar from his diet as you can (especially refined sugars). Glucose is the primary fuel source for cancer and you can slow the progression by altering the diet.

Please note that while there are people who are cancer free from using cannabis for treatment, it doesn't work for everyone. I'm not trying to temper your hope, I just want you to look at fighting this thing with every tool you can find.