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u/neurospex · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

Okay, here is a post where I explained what to look for and why:

I hope that helps! I also didn't like the blue, but it was the best I could find on that site. I can poke around on Amazon as well and will get back to you if I see anything. The most popular wheel on this subreddit right now are the 92a 55mm Ricta Clouds, but they seem to be very expensive in Europe.

These are my favorite wheels in 56mm:

The 56mm makes up a bit for the hardness, but they are slightly harsh for some of the newer skaters.

They do make some slightly softer ones:

This is the best I could find for Ricta Clouds from the sites you mentioned:

u/PeaceLoveUnity7 · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

I can't see the website you linked right now because I'm at work and we don't have filters. I'm not familiar with the Currency rate, but if i recall correctly it's almost double the USD right? So 100 pounds sounds like a 200$ american board. You probably don't need to spend that much. But I don't know the currency rate.

I don't know if you guys can order from Zumiez You must have something similar in Europe if not. But check out that link and build one of the $99.99. You really should go for the $119.99 But I know how appealing saving money is to you. And a representative did tell me that some of their $39.99 boards are actually pretty comparable to the 49.99 ones.

Most skaters will say not to buy from a Corporation like Zumiez and say to support your local shop, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Seriously, they best advice someone gave you was to just go to your local shop, tell the guy you want a decent quality board but are looking for savings. They'll show you what you can get for the prices your looking for. But most likely that means spending AT LEAST $100 USD, and probably more. Also, if your looking for savings you should stop looking online where you're going to have to pay shipping. Just go check out your local shop.

Anybody have input on these complete setups for him? I know their good board companies... But for so cheap there must be some catch... Is it the Trucks/wheels/ETC?

u/losersalwayswin · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

helmets designed for skateboarding and action sports don't have that weird thick layer of hard foam. That shit is hot and uncomfy. When I was a kid, I had one, because was the department store standard.

I have the pro-tec classic helmet (which admittedly I don't use, but I bought one just to have one, I'm 28 and started skating at 11, no brakes) it's snug light. It cups the head well and doesn't feel like it'll fall off without if its unbuckled. Take a look at the interiors of each helmet and tell me which one you think looks like a better fit. Pink helmet vs Protec Helmet

I am almost sure that pink helmet will sit on top of your head and provide no protection
40$-55$ for a helmet may seem like a bit much, but it's worth it in the long run. Just don't leave it at the park. Also, if you can, go to one of those mega sporting goods stores, and try on some helmets. To know your size and get an idea for how they feel.... then just buy it online for cheaper

u/janiepuff · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

I like this set a lot. They're comfortable and still offer a good amount of room. (Also not bad on the wallet)

Sorry wish I knew more about helmets, I think I bought mine from a sports store. I'll leave that topic up to the other newskaters :)

u/DarkkVoidd · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

It’s preference I wear 10.5 and I use a 8.25” board. It depends on what you wanna skate for street and technical skating use 7.5-8, for bowl only use 8.5-9, and for both use 8-8.75. For something good on Amazon I’d say your best bet for all around skating is:Powell Peralta has good cheap skate boards or this Flight deck known to be almost indestructible

u/Absumone · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

Look for Blind, Element, Enjoi, Alien Workshop ... completes. The decks are fine and the trucks/wheels/bearings are good to start with, but I would recommend replacing trucks, wheels and especially bearings as soon as possible.

I would definitely recommend this one:

u/sgtpnkks · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

keep in mind the amazon price is from TGM skateboards.. which is a shop in michigan

so they are paying the equivalent of around $36 US here is a pair indy 139s on amazon from TGM for $35 with free shipping in the US now keep in mind the UK amazon listing is not free shipping it's £12... this brings the price above $52US and then chances are they may need to pay import tax after that

so for OP... since the amazon item would be shipping from a US based seller in Michigan it would be a good idea to find out if there will be any additional taxes added to the £38.87

u/Dank_Duck · 3 pointsr/NewSkaters

here's a quick list I put together for a solid custom setup.

Deck: Enjoi 8.0 (you could swap this for another deck of any quality brand.

Trucks: independent stage 11's. (note this is in a set of one, so you'll have to buy two trucks)

Wheels: Spitfire formula four's

bearings: bones reds

grip tape: mob grip

Hardware: 7/8". (personally I go to a hardware store and get them a bit cheaper)

Definitely do your research and decide what would be best for you though.

u/thaatz · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

i ride a penny skateboard around and they use 59mm 78a wheels. You could get bigger wheels if you wanted, but with so many people copying penny, wheels in this size are pretty easily obtained, and about $10 cheaper than typical longboard wheels ($25 as opposed to $35)

and if you dont have bearings, you can get the stereo vinyl cruiser wheels. those come with bearings

u/Neil_Smokethegrass_T · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

I bought this board on amazon and it's been great for me. My one issue is that the wheels are suited more for park than for street.

But I get the appeal of building a board, I wish I would have done that.

u/gtj · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

I'm 42. I bought these last year. Best money I've ever spent. Pretty discrete, too.

u/BK1287 · 3 pointsr/NewSkaters

Because it seems like it's been mentioned quite a few times in this thread, here is a link to a set of adult knee, elbow and wrist pads that will only set you back $22:

This was a must for me learning how to skate transition and these have been great so far.

u/youfuckingslaves · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

Ricta Clouds 78A

Lucky Bearings


Trucks and deck is based on how wide you want I personally prefer 9+ inch decks give me how wide you want it and I will send you the rest. Also please give me your weight as well for proper bushings.

u/CLICK_CLACK_CLICK · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

You have a few options. Just know that if you're going hard and practicing everyday, your shoes probably won't last longer than a month. If you get high end($80-90) skate shoes, they still won't last longer than a couple of months. So my suggestion is that you get some Shoe-goo. This can make your shoes last potentially forever. Just apply it to the areas of your shoes that get damaged. And you can always put on more goo as soon as you wear out the goo protection. I currently wear Etnies Marana XT's, but I'd also recommend Van's Ultrarange. It's a high premium for shoes you're going to shred but it is totally worth it, especially if you shoe goo them.

u/ryansliv · 5 pointsr/NewSkaters

You don’t necessarily need a skate tool, you could use a socket wrench to take the wheel off. But having a tool will be very handy. I’m not sure what brand is the best, I have one similar to this one and it gets the job done

u/TheAceMan · 3 pointsr/NewSkaters

One of these Powell Peralta competes will be perfect:

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

u/Isaacdoge · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

Is this it perhaps? ( ) If not, can you send me a link of where you bought yours? Thanks!

u/Asdq07 · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

Skate One Mini-Logo C-Cut 53mm 90a Hybrid Wheels
what about these? 53 mm so i won't need risers and the hardness is 90a? I hope the shipping costs won't be to much

u/halefire94 · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

That's what I read- can I effectively power slide on these types of wheels?

(These are not my exact wheels- just similar to the type I have on my board)

u/Zaphod2112 · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

Just to add another option: Order some Shoe Goo off amazon, pull some old and busted shoes out of your closet and make them into skate shoes! I found an old pair of pumas and two pairs of destroyed Chuck Taylor's that are working great for me

u/NannerPanda · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

I found these on Amazon. Their duro is 99a according to the Q&A. Do you know what size I should get? Does it matter much? The cruiser wheels on the board right now are 60 mm (measured with a ruler). I was thinking either 54mm or 52mm.

u/CynDoS · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

Everyone here seems to love Ricta Clouds, I ordered a pair because of that for cruising too.

I went with the 86A 55mm so I don't have to buy a riser pad (hopefully, no problem with 54mm so far) they are quiet expensive though.

You might want even softer wheels though, and bigger ones, take a look at these

You would probably need a 1/4" riser pad for those, they are around $5

u/saltydogshrimp1 · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

This is what you want. I actually made my own and it wasn't hard at all. This guide is what I used.

u/FixYourOwnComputer · 2 pointsr/NewSkaters

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or Boots, Clear, 3.7-Ounce Tube

u/Gabbo- · 1 pointr/NewSkaters

Shitty quality pic but there you go:
Deck: Primitive Rodriguez Dimensions 8.0
Trucks: Thunder Polished Hi 147 Truck
Wheels: Spitfire Bighead 54mm 99a
Misc: Minilogo Bearings, MOB Black Griptape, Enuff Multicolor Bolts

The pic was taken the first day I used it (like a month ago) so there were no scratches yet

u/demonsforryu · 5 pointsr/NewSkaters

Don't buy a walmart board. They will frustrate you and possibly cause you to hurt yourself. They don't roll or turn worth a shit.

Most shops carry completes for just about $70 or so. CCS has darkstar completes for cheap. You can also try the CCS mobile glitch (search on reddit for details), but I'm not sure if it still works.

Shit, amazon has an enjoi complete for just over $75 including shipping.