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u/thehuntofdear · 5 pointsr/P90X

This wiki/blog post is helpful but here is a past comment I made as an answer:

  • A fitness mat (thicker) is nice for the plyo day (easier on the knees) but you otherwise want a thinner mat (e.g., yoga mat).

  • Resistance bands or weights. I have bands and might break down and buy weights. It is just easier and more intuitive. They are fairly expensive though...

  • Pull-up bar. I think this bar works well and it's not too hard to put together. Bonus: bands.

  • Chair for certain exercises.

  • Yoga blocks. I have not used them and you can get away without them but I can see their use. They make stretches easier (or harder) and are demonstrated in p90x.

  • Protein shake and bars. I hear the p90x products are actually very good but they're definitely expensive. I opted for Optimum Nutrition Whey Powder with a cheap blender bottle and these bars after a little research on /r/fit and google.

  • Lots of water and even more motivation! It feels like such an accomplishment after each day though. Off to go do Plyo for week 3!

    Ninja Edit: Heart rate monitor and push up bars are two very optional but very useful items that I plan to invest in soon.
u/Flan26 · 1 pointr/P90X

I use the Iron Gym as well, and I remember that there was an insert in the box to order extenders for extra wide doorways.

While looking for a link for them online, I found some extenders on Amazon, but the reviews are terrible. However, someone posted this DIY version in the reviews, and several people commented on how good it works. Makes sense:

I junked them and instead made my own extension bars that have worked out GREAT! I purchased two 1/2" by 12" steel tubes from my local hardware store (plumbing section) and slid them into each end after removing the end caps. They slide in perfectly and stop when they hit a set of screws. To tighten the fit and to make them just a little bit longer, I used electrical tape and taped three nickels to each end and slid them again again (nickel side first). Perfect! Then I just put the end caps on the the exposed threaded end of the steel tube (the end caps go OVER the steel tube) and slid the piece of foam back over the exposed steel. You would never even be able to tell that these were extended!

The bottom line is that if you door is too wide for the door gym (which again is an AWESOME product), don't stress, but also don't buy these. 1/2" steel tubing works great, can be had for under five bucks and can be as long or as short as you need them to be.

It was further expanded upon by another user:

I did exactly as he said, bought 2) 13"x 1/2" black pipes, put them in the hole, and electrically taped them together when the original bar ended and the home bought bar protruded. However, I found a much better solution to the nickels. Instead, I used 3/4" white rubber chair leg tips to go over the exposed end of the bar. Works great!!!! Don't buy the extenders! The bars, tape, and rubber tips cost only $5.34!

Go here if you feel you need to upvote the original reviews.

u/Fall3n · 1 pointr/P90X

Bodylastics Bodylastics Stackable (12 Pcs) MAX Tension Resistance Bands Sets. This Leading Exercise Band System Includes 5 of Our Best Quality Anti-Snap Exercise Tubes, Heavy Duty Components, and a Travel Bag.

May be a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. I still use bands from the first set I bought 10 years ago. I’ve bought 3 sets over the years just to add to what I already have. Never had a snap or breakage. Customer service and support is great as well.

Id also recommend, specifically the Chiseled show. Great band focused workouts.

It sounds like I’m shilling, but these bands helped me turn my life around and I’m eternally grateful for it.

Edit: I didn’t realize this was the p90x sub my bad. Love p90x as well. German potato soup is excellent.

u/Privac · 3 pointsr/P90X

Medicine balls: I used two med balls when I did P90X2 -- one for each hand. Both are the 8-pound versions of these. You could use up to 4 but that was way more money than I wanted to spend. When you use them, you're usually balancing on them anyway so the weight of the ball isn't much of an issue. I don't recall whether there were any exercises done with using them as actual weights...

Foam roller: I bought this one in 36" full round. Worked just fine.

I used X2 as a way to just become more fit in general. I lost about 15 pounds and gained some muscle for sure, but I didn't get massive -- I got bigger but it was more in a slim and fit-looking way if you know what I mean. I looked at the Body Beast stuff but couldn't stand the bro vibe.

P90X3 requires less equipment than X2 (no med balls, no foam roller), but does require a good range of dumbbells and I can recommend that program as well for all-around improvement. I am 2 days away from starting the third block of X3. It's challenging but fun. Shorter workouts does NOT mean easier in this case. Very few breaks and they are miniscule. A friend of mine did P90X and is now in love with X3 because of the massive time savings it provided.

Good luck!

u/killswitchendave · 3 pointsr/P90X

I've done both. I started p90x in 2010 to lose weight to join the military. I started doing 4 push ups. 0 pull ups around 210 lbs. Followed the diet and workouts religiously. Got down to 170. Could bust out 50 push ups and 10 pull ups no problem. Loved p90x. Changed my life. Fast forward a few years. In the Marines, still in great shape although I added some belly fat (can still run 3 miles in around 20:00 minutes and do 20 pull ups) and got p90x3. Dropped from 200 lbs to 180. Much easier diet routine to follow and 30 minute workouts are fast and really effective. I got in even better shape. If I wanted more, I combined two workouts. Did an upper routine then lower, or weightlifting and cardio. (Doing 2 workouts is still only an hour) Tony talks a lot, sometimes I'd do 5 burpees in between sets. There is a lot you can do. Only complaint is no dedicated arm day. I felt like I got in better overall shape, but my arms were looking a little smaller than I liked. Today I dabble in it all, X,X3, traditional weightlifting, crossfit type stuff. Keeps me in great shape. Wouldn't be where I am fitness-wise without both programs. Now on to what you asked... I'd go X3. Easier to commit to 30 minutes and equally effective. Also, you can make needed adjustments for pull ups. If you have a pull up bar you can use resistance bands to assist you. You can use just bands as an alternative. Or you can use a pull up bar and a chair. (They advertise pull up assist device that is unnecessary. Regular bands will work for half the price). Bands I bought are off Amazon here...

Hope this helped. PM any questions.

u/cy19 · 2 pointsr/P90X

I think I'm understanding the question and I'm in the same boat. I workout in my unfinished basement and have no access to doors there. So what I did was get 2 of these hooks (you can get nicer colors than red if you want).

I got a pull-up bar that looks like this but was under $20 at Walmart. I put the hooks so they hook under the horizontal bar that you don't use to pull-up on (the part that's supposed to go behind your doorframe), on the inside as far apart as they go. Then you can easily take the bar down when you're not using it. It works great but I'm not sure if it will be cosmetically pleasing to you, having 2 hooks there when you're not using it, it's not an issue in my basement for me.

I hope that helps, if it sounds even remotely like what you're looking for I can take a picture when I get home if my explanation fell short.

u/kevmo77 · 2 pointsr/P90X

Price of ultimate plan: $370

P90X base plan: $140

Pull Up Bar: $30

Push Up Bars: $10

Chin Up Assist $35. This is a handy tool but a chair will suffice.

The recovery drink, while not a total waste of money, can be replaced with much cheaper supplements. I do stuff like protein powder and a frozen banana in a blender. Equivalent cost $40.

The real issue with ultimate package is the bands. You're going to want real weights. I went to a second hand sports equipment store and got a set of free weights at $.50 a pound. A nice full set will be in the $150 range.

Total: Around $400.

So for around $30 more, you can buy a much better set up than what's offered in the ultimate package. If you stick with it, you're going to replace the bands anyway.

u/Monkey_Fists · 1 pointr/P90X

I can't speak to having a knee injury, but I can recommend med balls. I got a set of these at Dick's Sporting Goods. They are often Buy One Get 2nd for 50% off, but 25% each is comparable. The grips on them are excellent. I got 4 thru 12lbs, but they don't make the 4lb ones anymore. They smelled at first, but were fine after wiping down with soapy water.

If from Amazon, these are the ones Tony Horton has in his own home gym. I'd say that's a pretty good endorsement.

u/lookalive07 · 3 pointsr/P90X

If you get those, you limit yourself to a certain weight and you also don't, since you can adjust them, but it takes time.

If you're serious about it, you may want to consider investing in something like these:

Because you can change them super quickly in between workouts. It'd probably be really helpful during incinerator, where you're moving from curls to triceps back to back.

Or just do a mix of bands and dumbells. Nothing wrong with that.

u/dinosore · 1 pointr/P90X

When I started, I wasn't able to do pull-ups and even negatives were too hard. I used to use resistance bands with the door attachment but wasn't really happy with the results I was getting. I use this pull up assist with my pull up bar and I'm much happier with it. It's not mimicking a pull up motion like the door attachment method does; it's reducing the weight you're lifting when doing the same motion as a real pull up. You can use different strength bands or reduce the tension as you get stronger.

u/fungineering_101 · 4 pointsr/P90X

I'd highly recommend
a pull-up assist. I just picked up the linked one and it's been very helpful - I can set it so that pull-ups are easy enough that I can track and make meaningful progress week-to-week (i.e. it you set it up really high, then 10 chin-ups is no sweat - easier to work from 10->11 than from 0->1).

u/yapinjapin1 · 2 pointsr/P90X

I will also recommend the Bodylastic. I did a lot of research before I purchased any bands. These are the best bands on the market (from what I could tell.) They even come with a pamphlet about how to properly use them for a few certain exercises in p90x (since they know a large majority of sales are for that reason.) Also I will mirror the warranty mentioned below. I have not personally had to use it but from the reviews on Amazon the customer service seems to be top notch.

Bodylastic also has a few more options if you want heavier resistance. I would recommend buying them from Amazon though. Usually much cheaper and if you have a Prime account, they will be delivered in 2 days!

u/smithysmitherson · 1 pointr/P90X

I had the same issue and I ended up getting this. It fits pretty much any door and easily supported my weight (230). It's also quite cheap :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/P90X

Sounds like one would work on your super wide doors. I had the same issue at my old apartment and this is what I got - solved all my problems.

I got the creative fitness pull up bar:

And then I got the extensions:

If you have a door that is wider than what that can provide you, then it must be a garage door

u/Ibioc · 2 pointsr/P90X

I use the P90x pull up assist band from Beach Body. Way better than using a chair, and lets me pound out pull up reps the entire time.

So far (I'm in recovery week of Phase 1) I've went from being able to do just 2 pull ups unassisted to being able to do 4-5.

The one you linked is 10 dollars cheaper, but doesn't have the clip to the bar. The clip is nice, as it is easy to put up and take down the assist.

u/husker_who · 5 pointsr/P90X

I had the same problem. I've used these bands instead of the pull up bar:

I like that with these you can use more than one type at the same time. And they didn't break at the end of the first month, either. I got them back in February and they're still going strong. Good luck!

u/auburnjohn · 4 pointsr/P90X

You might want to try a pull-up assist band. I bought one recently from Amazon and it's much better than using the chair assist. It feels like a more natural pull-up and works the right muscles. I can do 1-2 unassisted, but only the first rep or so. The pull-up assist band can be adjusted to provide more or less resistance depending on how much you want or need. I was skeptical, but it works great. I bought this one: It's basically exactly the same as the official P90X one, but cheaper.

u/jtiseo · 3 pointsr/P90X

I'm using Black Mountain Products. They are great and have great customer service. They also have a heavier band than the bodylastics.

u/Whoa_Bundy · 1 pointr/P90X

My highest was 900 using a Heart Rate monitor and I'm not totally out of shape. I also completed Insanity before.

50% percent protein seems kinda high? Obviously a good supplement for Protien if you can't it through regualar food is ON Whey. I think it's 25g of Protein per 120 calories (1 scoop) w/ 3g carb and 1g fat.

But I think the ideal amount is 1g/body weight which would be around 180g per day of protein. Then you split up the rest how you want which is dependent on the calorie limit you set for yourself. 1700? 1800? 2000?

u/TheFeshy · 4 pointsr/P90X

I personally preferred pull-up assistance bands, like this one. It helped a lot as I was losing weight. I didn't have that particular brand (I can't find the one I had right now), but I found that style helped me make the transition to assistance-free pull-ups better than a chair, and probably better than pull-down bands would have too.

u/vagabondjames · 1 pointr/P90X

Like many others have mentioned, I'd also recommend the resistance bands. I used them for a while and found them convenient for travel. I've since loaned them out to a friend who now uses them. I believe these are the bands I purchased.

u/TheRealBigLou · 2 pointsr/P90X

Others have suggested PowerBlocks, but to me, they were far too bulky. I instead have a set of SelectTech 552 dumbbells and love them for P90X!

They have a dial which lets you switch between 5 and 52.5lbs in 2.5lbs increments for the first 25 pounds, and 5lbs incremements after that. They are very quick to switch the weights so I never have to pause the workout to go from 45lbs to 15lbs.

u/bd35 · 2 pointsr/P90X

I'm leaning towards Power Blocks. I see two options here and I'm slightly confused.

The PowerBlock Elite seems like it can be expandable and it is more compact. Its also cheaper. Amazon link

The PowerBlock Personal Trainer doesnt look like it can expand and that it is slightly larger. ITs also slightly more expensive. Amazon link

Why/how are the two models different? The Elite seems like the better choice here right? Is one model newer than the other? I feel like I'm missing something here.

u/psychometry · 2 pointsr/P90X

If you want a complete weight set but don't have room to store it, buy some Bowflex SelectTechs. I completed p90x with these and they worked great (and quickly).

u/lurchyaddams · 2 pointsr/P90X

I've got concrete floors with a laminate tile on top. Super unfriendly for certain videos. It was almost a necessity to put down some mats. I bought these ones -

They are holding up well I've had them for a year and a half with minimal signs of wear.

u/woo545 · 2 pointsr/P90X

Don't know about your upper body strength, but you might consider getting the pull up assist bands I'm 5'8" male, 215 lbs. I can get 3 good pull ups during the challenge and use the assist bands to tweak out the other 33. You could use a chair, but I found that it mind kept moving away from me.

u/sockaddr · 2 pointsr/P90X

Not a direct answer to your question, but I was in a similar situation and ended up buying one of these: . It's a free-standing pull up bar, and it's worked great for me. Door jam pull-up bars always seem to leave marks on the door jam, but I don't have any experience with the bands.

u/kenelbow · 3 pointsr/P90X

Something like this will expand to fit in a larger than average door opening. It's what I use.

u/S1nc · 1 pointr/P90X

Something like this mat, along with good shoes should let you do some of the plyo moves without disturbing your neighbors...

u/nomnomnompizza · 6 pointsr/P90X

The picture of it with the guy is more accurate of what it is.

My girlfriend uses it and I think it works pretty good. If you are renting it should be pretty easy to repair any screw holes. Bands will work, but nothing beats the real thing.

u/Flipmode22 · 2 pointsr/P90X

If you have room in your house I would try this: and money, I realize it's a bit expensive but according to a lot of reviews it seems like it might work well for you. You could do bands, but use that as a last resort.

u/PeteyB53 · 3 pointsr/P90X

What /u/plasticboy suggested is excellent if you have room, if not you can get resistance bands and a door "attachment" such as and you'll get similar use however the resistance won't be near the same level. These work by placing them at the top of your door and closing it, and while it may be hard to see there's a little ball on the side that doesn't have a loop preventing it from slipping through your door.

Is it that the molding on your door is too wide so the bar won't fit? Mine have the same issue, if the door itself is too wide then there are extensions you can get for pullup bars.

If you go the resistance band route just be sure that you have your door closed all the way when you do it. I had a door that I thought was closed (it was like half closed) and as I was standing ~13 feet away from it the door opened and the band came back and hit me right across the chest. Needless to say, quite painful.

u/How_can-iDoit · 1 pointr/P90X

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

I have it and it works for every exercise you'll do. You can also use it for push-ups, dips, and sit-ups/crunches. No nails just assemble the bar like it says on the instructions, and set on the door's top frame/trim.
Seems weird at first but it works. In Tony's voice I highly recommend it.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

u/ferrar1 · 1 pointr/P90X

I use the pull up bar which does hang from the door frame, however you can buy pull up bars which fit in between the door frame, hence aren't hanging from the top part, I personally haven't used these kinds before, but might be worth a try to get you started.
Or you can invest in some sort of power tower, however these may take up space you don't have.
But if you are fairly unfit/don't have much of a back, then resistant bands could work to get you started, these can just be jammed into a closed door.

u/benmeyer78 · 1 pointr/P90X

I use this one. It has an attachment that you close the door on and it works fantastic. As long as your door can latch close, loose hinges won't be a problem.

u/Ozwaldo · 1 pointr/P90X

For a while I used door-frame pullup bars and was very happy with them. Then I moved to an apartment that didn't have doorframes with molding around them. So I bought this on sale for $100. It's awesome.

u/lilicucu · 7 pointsr/P90X

I'm really happy with my Bowflex. I had them since 2011, use them several times per week.


u/ghoulmaster · 1 pointr/P90X

I can't help much with 1 & 2 but I think the FAQ over at /r/fitness has some info on it

EDIT: Here is some info on macros and calories:

3) Jump right into it! some people repeat the first week so they can get accustomed to the workouts but I just kept going.

4) I workout in my dorm room for all of the workouts. I use these two products for everything:

I would have got a door hanging pullup bar but the doors at my college have no door frames so I wouldnt be able to use them!

Just stick with it! Flex your abs and arms while doing Kenpo X, do pushups every time during yoga (you will understand what I mean when you do it), do you best and forget the rest!

u/when_did_i_grow_up · 3 pointsr/P90X

A more affordable solution for those of us that work at home. I got mine a couple of weeks ago, it does the trick. I like to do as many pull ups as I can without it (0-5 depending on the type) and then do assisted pullups with the remaining time.

u/generousheart · 2 pointsr/P90X

I have this one:

and it's pretty affordable. In months of use, it has not broken under my (125) nor my husband's (180) weight. I can't vouch for your doorframes, though.

u/Dewdad · 1 pointr/P90X

powerblocks for the win! I've been doing P90X on and off for years but it is a different beast when you actually get free weights to use. I've felt more change in the last three weeks using powerblocks than I have ever felt doing P90X with bands. My GF even got the sport versions and it's helped alot. Seriously, if you are serious about consistent exercise there's nothing better than having a set of real weights to use.

u/notusingathrowaway · 1 pointr/P90X

I have this pull up bar at home and I don't attach it to a door way, you don't need to use any screws either. You just have to twist it extremely tight until its real snug. The customer image on amazon is a great example on how you install it without a door frame.

u/sd2001 · 2 pointsr/P90X

I've used bands for one purpose or another ever since 1996 and not only have I never had this happen to me, I've never heard of it. I'm sure that if you look hard enough, you'll find someone it's happened to, but the instances are few and far between - particularly if you use bands from a reputable company.

For the record, these days I like these. To my knowledge, you can't beat the price/quality ratio.

u/ActNaturally · 2 pointsr/P90X

Thanks, I remember starting out and wanting to see real results from real redditors in this subreddit.

I am not following the nutrition guide in p90x completely. You just have to be mindful of calories and up your protein to lose weight and gain muscle. I keep my calories under 1800, while staying away from overly carb loaded meals and soda. I take Optimum Nutrition whey and take a scoop and a half after each workout. The Myoplex carb control protein shakes are good too but those can be expensive.

u/willco007 · 1 pointr/P90X

FWIW, I decided to get my gear third party. I ended up with this roller which is higher quality than just a foam one.

As for medicine balls, I purchased these 10 lb ones.

Ended up at $90, I found the roller on sale & have a stability ball already so I didn't need another.

u/metalgamer · 2 pointsr/P90X

These are the ones I got. I usually use the top weights for most things. A little less for triceps. For pull-ups I double up several bands to get as much weight as possible. For pull-ups leaning is key so that your arms are at the same angle as a real pull-up. My one complaint with them is that they don't come with another handle it would be helpful to have two sets to not switch out every time.

u/Trom · 1 pointr/P90X

Just how wide are your doorframes? Would an Iron Gym suffice at all?

If not, see if there's anything outside you can grab onto/safely hang on. It's most likely going to be a hassle until you find a solid solution, but you can always press pause when the time comes for pullups and run out to find your ghetto pullup bar.

u/sprcow · 1 pointr/P90X

I have a similar quandary and was considering this freestanding equipment. One user asked about the height and another user said they think it would need about 90 inches of clearance to use, which is less than your 8.5'. Haven't tried it myself yet, though.

u/commodore84 · 1 pointr/P90X

Do you not have door frames? I have this pull up bar which is only $22. It's hard to do back exercises without a pull up bar or resistance bands. I would get it and use a chair. You'll surprise yourself with what you can do in a few weeks' time.

u/imanalias · 1 pointr/P90X

Another option would have been a pullup bar with heavy padding where it hits the door-frame. The link goes to Amazon, but they also sell this at Wal-Mart.

u/rolsskk · 1 pointr/P90X

This is what I have. It's inexpensive, versatile, and comes with everything you need and more to do band exercises in lieu of weights or a pullup bar.

u/GeoffChilders · 1 pointr/P90X

Hey, I was in a sporting goods store today and tried out these PowerBlock dumbbells. They feel sturdier than the Bowflex and less unwieldy. You might check them out if any of your local stores have them.

u/CaveGiant · 1 pointr/P90X

Do p90x3 (30 minute workouts) with resistance bands.

u/emyrs42 · 2 pointsr/P90X

Anchors for the resistance bands are cheap and available. you just close these into a door and loop the band through:

u/g_borris · 3 pointsr/P90X

Buy whey powder from amazon or any nutrition store in bulk. Mix with milk. I used it after workouts but you could drink it with meals to get more protein.

u/predvestnik · 3 pointsr/P90X

Just get these and take em wherever you go.

u/plasticboy · 4 pointsr/P90X

If you have the room for it there are free-standing pull up bars.

u/elchupinazo · 2 pointsr/P90X

I also have extremely wide doorframes, and I finally found this guy that fits all the way across my doorframe (with room to spare).

u/Pamzella · 2 pointsr/P90X

There are several, often called "door anchors," I have the beachbody one and the spri one, which is pictured here: Locally, it's $3-4, so don't buy from Amazon.

u/p0tent1al · 1 pointr/P90X

Me personally: the place I live at, the bar only fits one door: the others are too wide. Make sure to make measurements to assure that it fits.

They also have screw in pull up bars (I've seen people put wood planks on either side for extra security as far as damaging anything goes)

If all else fails, you can buy this for $80 (which is what I'm going to have to do when I get the money):

u/bryguypgh · 2 pointsr/P90X

I got this pullup frame for $100 and I was very happy with it. It's very simple and sturdy:

I am basically the same size as you, 5'11, 215, and couldn't do one pullup when I started. I also got the pullup assist band but it don't like it, it's hard to describe but the resistance feels uneven. It let me do more pullups but I don't feel like it helped me get closer to doing more without the band. YMMV.

u/imperial_rectitude · 1 pointr/P90X

Do you have the capability of ripping the DVDs to video files? I did that and they take up 7 GB of hard drive space. Can you really not spare 7 gigs? Or maybe you're on a Chromebook or something. Either way, you can pick up a cheap USB thumb drive that will hold them. You can also play with the video quality during the rip to lower the overall file size. That should cover the videos themselves.

And get a set of bands, as others suggested. This is the set I take on the road. It's inexpensive and versatile.

u/For_Eudaimonia · 1 pointr/P90X

Just so y'all know, the 50 lb power block set is also on sale for about $300. I have them. They're great, and I appreciate how little chance of mechanical error or failure there is in them.

Also, if you get more swole as time goes on, you can buy additional weight (up to 70 or 90 lbs) to fit your power block sets. Can't do that with the Bowflex.

u/AudibleKnight · 2 pointsr/P90X

If you're gonna get a pull up bar for your door frame, I recently got the Perfect Multi-gym. I chose it over the Iron Gym because it's adjustable for different sized door frames, and actually has padding so hopefully it won't leave marks on the wall/door frame.

Besides that, weights or resistance bands are required. Depending on your workout space, some optional items are: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Push up stands, Towels, Water Bottle, Notebook/Print outs for writing down how much weight/reps you do and pencil/pen.

u/kaukev · 1 pointr/P90X

I'm sure there will be some repeat answers here:

i) I noticed weight loss after 3 weeks - I wasn't "fat" per say, but I had a little tire. With weight loss will come the definition in your arms, shoulders, chest, etc. (keep in mind that there is fat covering all of these areas to one extent or another) Then...if you work hard enough and follow the diet - the abs.

ii) I, too, started with the bands on the door. Hated it. You can get this: will do the trick and it's cheap. Never had a problem marring my door frame. I bought a "tower" set up though later on for ~$75.

iii) I've never used any of the Beachbody supplements. I've heard Shakeology is incredible, but I just use Whey Protein and take a daily multivitamin.

Long story short, eat clean and by phase II you'll be impressed.

u/recordman94 · 3 pointsr/P90X

I'm using these to replace pull-ups. I have a set of weights, but I can't use something like this because my ceiling is too low (I'm doing P90X in the basement)

u/Freelancer49 · 4 pointsr/P90X

The molding on my doors is too tall also. Stupid 100 year old house was built by nooblords. Anyways your best bet is to get one of [these] (

You screw these cups into the wall and the bar twists into the cups and is held in place by tension and/or magic. Works great for me. Make sure you're under the weight limit tho, falling on your ass is a great way to break something. Broken tailbones are bad news bears. And you'll have to bring a pillow with you everywhere and everyone will be all like "why you got a pillow?" and you'll say "broke my tailbone when my pull-up bar broke" and they'll be all "lol nooblord". Never be a nooblord. Also, the bar will tend to twist while you're using it, so to avoid it losing tension or cracking your doorframe you should put a mark on the bar and reset the mark after each set. Again, avoid a broken tailbone and pillow based public embarassent.

That's my two copper anyways.