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u/xakh · 2 pointsr/Pareidolia

Just saying, the Clip Zip and e200 both also run RockBox very well, from my experience with the E200, Clip+, and Zip. The E200 is the best supported by the community, followed by the +, and finally the Zip. The displays are better on both I've listed, a decent bit more readable quickly than the + for quick glances. Also, while possibly not as important for you, Doom (Or FreeDoom, both are preloaded by default) plays phenomenally well on the E200, alright on the Zip, and awfully on the +. Yes, I've tried on all three, and the + is an interesting exercise in frustration, given its 64x128 px 25% yellow 75% blue LCD.

u/yousefk · 1 pointr/Pareidolia

This is more compact and IMO the best wall charger brick. It has a 2.4A and 1.0A port while OP's only has a 2.1A and 1.0A.

u/TardisKing · 12 pointsr/Pareidolia

No no - I wasn't mocking you. I learned today that a stampler is a real thing. You might have meant stapler, but I googled stampler, and found this:


So I'd say just go with it. Hahaha.

u/VLDT · 6 pointsr/Pareidolia

Skills. I don't know if seeds or live starts would be a better option.

u/NewLlama · 2 pointsr/Pareidolia

In case anyone is wondering what this thing actually does I got it with this wine corkscrew. You spin the koala part around the top of the wine bottle and it slices the foil off so you can get to the cork.

u/Balzac_Onyerchin · 1 pointr/Pareidolia

I have this set and I can't imagine going back. The tools are the same as Seki Edge/Greenbell, if you want to purchase individually.

u/buckrucker · 2 pointsr/Pareidolia

It's a battery charger for iPhones and other USB gadgets. Handy for when you need to charge something and don't have an outlet nearby.

u/Shishanought · 5 pointsr/Pareidolia

If it's the same we have, then this

u/theampersand · 1 pointr/Pareidolia

Incorrect. I have one built into my kitchen island. They're made by a company called Legrand

u/HeartOfTheForest · 2 pointsr/Pareidolia

They usually come stuck together as one unit with 2 sockets - like this one on amazon

Sometimes you can get single outlets in one device box, but this looks like a double based on the location of the plate screw.