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u/PriceZombie · 2 pointsr/PriceZombie

The search won't know which items are important in the search query. There is a slider in the search results that lets you narrow down or expand the results. If you narrow it down, then things like order of words and placement of words in the results start to matter. When you expand it, it will loosen the requirements to match.

This looks like the item you wanted. It wasn't in my database, which explains why you couldn't find it in the results. Unlike stores like TigerDirect, Newegg, etc, Amazon doesn't provide a complete list of all products. So the only way I know about an item is if someone searches for it, or uses the browser extension and PZ can't locate it. PZ then asks Amazon for the item and adds it. So the more useage the site gets, the more complete the database becomes.

Currently just over 3.5 million Amazon products btw.

u/JoatMasterofNun · 1 pointr/PriceZombie

Still trying to convince the modgroup it would be acceptable.

Question, if I want to check something, can I just pm PZ?