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u/esloan88 · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

I am new to this as well but after a lot of research I ended up picking up a V686G. I love it so far. It has a speed setting that goes from 40%-100% in increments of 20%, so you can get a feel for the flight before you jump up in speed.

The camera is pretty decent quality and works fine for me. It isn't GoPro quality but plenty for a first Quad.

I really love the FPV for it. It runs at 5.8ghz so it has pretty good quality and response. It also comes with a screen that attaches to the controller so you don't have to use your phone as the screen. That also seems to allow it to have less lag than I have seen from those that use your smart phone.

It does not have altitude hold but it has been so easy to fly that I have not really needed it. As long as your are slow with the controls, it stays pretty steady.

It does have a simple Return Home feature but it basically just flies backwards towards you until it gets close enough for you to take over the controls. I don't think it is a true "return to home" as the high end Quads use because that requires a GPS and that would be hard to find on a Quad that is less than $100.

Flight time is good. I get about 8-10 minutes on a battery. I am still flying it at low speeds, so that might drop as I crank up the speed.

Batteries are easy to find and there is a nice package on Amazon for 4 batteries and a multi-charger that I picked up with the Quad. I actually got the Quad, 4 more batteries and the charger plus a package with replacement props, prop guards and other miscellaneous spare parts for $84 total. Great deal.

I highly recommend this Quad for a first time flyer. I have had no problems with it at all and it has plenty of features and power to get me started. I am going to start looking into racing drones after I get used to flying this one around. For the price, this one is pretty awesome.


And a nice video showing the Quad in action:

u/alphaPC · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

Absolute best thing you can buy for that price is a hubsan IMO. They are almost bullet proof, parts are dirt cheap, readily available and they fly amazingly.

--107c+ which is at the top of your range but is quite nice--

[--or the 107L which is on the bottom of your range, no camera--] (

Both fly Awesome and you can buy batteries and multichargers for them to have nearly endless fly time, for extremely cheap. I have drones ranging from a chroma 4k (1200$) to the 107L (50 $). Of all the drones, i think the Hubsans gives the most enjoyment for the money, they fly great and are super durable. Its a totally care free and chill experience, knowing they are so cheap and easy to fix you can enjoy they capabilities guilt free.They can fly extremely fast out doors, are powerful, do flips at speed, banks corners well, and have a good yaw rate. They are quite the little machine.

u/motavader · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

Excellent. You've been SUPER helpful! Another question. Since the new frame is a bit heavier I got beefier motors:
and to compensate for the additional power needs I picked up denser batteries:

It has good performance now, sure, but the flight times did not even out between the motors and the bigger batteries. I now only get about a minute of flight time instead of 2-2.5 minutes.

Any advice on what to check or tweak to make sure I'm getting the most out of the batteries? I looked around online and I've seen a lot of variation among people's flight times, and I've read about cheap hacks like cutting two of the props on each propeller to increase flight time (not sure of the engineering rationale for that battery savings).

Edit - Definitely the motors causing the drain. Swapped the stock motors back in and more than doubled the battery life. They stock motors definitely don't have the punch and I lose altitude on sharp turns, but I'm shocked they cause that much drain. Any ideas?

Edit 2 - Ordered the upgraded pigtail connector from TinyWhoop: Will see if that helps the power drop on the stock motors and the flight time on the upgraded motors.

u/lightcontrast · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

"The ESCs do not have a BEC, you will need to supply 5v power to your flight controller with a UBEC or stepdown voltage regulator" -Hobbymaterc

You will need to get your own BEC. This is the one that I use, and I can say it works phenomenally (the 5v regulator is inside a power distribution board). Plus the PDB will help clean up your wires.

The cool thing about this PDB, is that it was made to be the same size as your CC3D, so if you get something like this: , then you can mount them on top of eachother like this: , making the build a whole lot cleaner.

You need to hook your 12v battery directly to the positive and negative pads of the Arris PDB, and then use the 5v regulator portion (always check with a multimeter that it IS outputting 5v before plugging in) and then plug that into your FC. Plug your FC into the FS-R6B receiver and it will light up.

To use the receiver while on your software (I'm assuming openpilot), you will need your FC hooked up into the PC AND powered via the 5v regulator.

Important side note: The FS-T6 has a safety feature that when it loses telemtry, the FS-R6B receiver turns off and therefore turns the craft off. This means that when you turn the receiver on, and your transmitter is not on, it will not light up, rather it will blink red the moment you plug it in, and then turn off. Simply turn on your transmitter, and then you'll see a solid red LED, given that your transmitter is already binded with the receiver.

u/SawcasmOfficial · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

Altitude hold and return to home are just a crutch. While they can make learning slightly easier initially, it won't be long before she outgrows them completely (a couple of days of practice, at most). If you're REALLY set on something with altitude hold, you can look at something like the JXD 510G but personally, I don't think it's all that fun to fly and I have trouble recommending it for beginners.

I've been suggesting the Tiny Whoop as a great beginner quad to anybody who is looking for something that can also do FPV.

It's really tiny (good for indoor flying), durable, and some of the parts, such as the motors, are upgradeable down the line.

There's a package complete with a transmitter and FPV monitor already. Or you can get the BNF version which comes with ONLY the drone, so you can spend the extra cost on a higher quality transmitter and some very basic beginner FPV goggles (FPV Goggles > FPV monitor, in my opinion).

Oh and dont forget to pick up some spare batteries too!

u/IAmTheNewGuy · 2 pointsr/Quadcopters

I'm using some Emax SimonK's, this is the Amazon link I'm heading home in a bit to continue to work on it. Thanks for the help!

u/corprwhs · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

I finally made up my own mind on this subject. I was down to either the Syma x11 or the Hubsan x4, and decided on the Syma because it was prices at $21 on Amazon Prime yesterday. From what I've read, either is a good introductory quadcopter, suitable for either indoor or outdoor flight.

u/hot_fiya · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

Syma X5C

*Edit - Didn't see this was from a month ago lol

u/Luigijitsu1 · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

These are the kind I have:

This is my wiring:
ESC Wire 1------------------------------------------Motor Wire 1
ESC Wire 2------------------------------------------Motor Wire 2
ESC Wire 3------------------------------------------Motor Wire 3

I can also send a picture if that helps.