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u/nathanb131 · 1 pointr/RoomPorn

Thank you for the explanation! I made a cynical assumption and I appreciate your patience with me. In the states I'm just used to people using token 'worldliness' to feel more sophisticated. Since Scandinavian culture/design is currently all the rage in the U.S. I got a nice irony boner out of this photo. My ignorance was fun while it lasted.

Though I have to admit I'm even worse than my fellow countrymen who just like Ikea. I'm currently reading this book and loving it So the neat wood stack in this picture is my favorite part. I also really enjoyed 'Lillyhammer' on Netflix and am still bitter it was cancelled.

-I do realize that Finland has nothing to do with Ikea or that show.

-Though the only things that come to mind when I think of Finland is the famous quiet Stoicism of the people and your amazing resistance to the Russians in WWII. I'd love to visit someday and annoy the locals with my endless chatter.

u/KristnSchaalisahorse · 2 pointsr/RoomPorn

Tell them to get a better telescope. :P

It's just funny how photos in expensive, glamorous places like this always feature such dirt cheap telescopes.

u/Bmyrab · 2 pointsr/RoomPorn

This is the former home of interior designer John Saladino. His book "Villa" is about the restoration of the place for his use. It looked awesome before he sold it. Not so much now.

u/FlimFlamStan · 2 pointsr/RoomPorn

Saw it in the theater (1981 revival not original 1920s). It was tremendous and now I found out I can relive the wonder in amazing VHS-o-vision.

u/poirotoro · 11 pointsr/RoomPorn

Also, the majority of America (and the world) is untrained in the rules of classical architecture. Including me! But I ended up working in historic preservation/documentation, so that's given me enough on-the-job experience to understand what is "correct" and what isn't.

One of my favorite books in this vein is Get Your House Right by Marianne Cusato. She went through (what I understand to be) the near-fanatically Classicist architecture program at Notre Dame, and it really shows. It has some spot-on illustrations, if a bit rigid in philosophy.

u/lankira · 2 pointsr/RoomPorn

I read a book as a kid called "There's a Snake in the Toilet". You may want to pick it up sometime. Same kinda thing, but with a big-ass snake. Granted, it's a book written for kids, but, it's scientifically possible for a snake to get into apartments and homes through the toilet. So can rats.

u/themolotovginger · 2 pointsr/RoomPorn

Pink Floyd album art airbrushed onto their backs. It's not misogynistic if I'm gay and like Pink Floyd, right?

Edit: I've had it for around 8 years and never realized it's their back catalogue. So cheeky.

u/SPQR23 · 5 pointsr/RoomPorn

Well for this project I used a heavy duty stainless steel piano hinge, but I recently discovered this:
Hidden door Hinge System
Which I found while browsing reddit BTW.
I think that if I ever going to do another hidden door I will use it.

u/zxc3af3adf4ds7f4df7d · 6 pointsr/RoomPorn

Found it.

Elite Screens Manual, 120-inch 16:9, Pull Down Projection Manual Projector Screen with Auto Lock, M120UWH2

I know nothing about photography. Credit goes to my realtor.

u/AnalogDan · 4 pointsr/RoomPorn

My bad. Didn't mean to get all pissy. Here's what I'm talking about. Living in Texas, I have to know these things. :)

u/los_angeles · 3 pointsr/RoomPorn

Actually, there a fewer and fewer accidents per passenger mile. Even if you don't take into consideration that more people are flying more often, you would see that accidents are flat or declining depending on how you count. (i.e., there are really just fewer and fewer accidents, period).

It's safer than ever to fly today.

You might be surprised how commonly humans make this sort of computational error. This book is really good at breaking down how bad humans are at thinking about risk.