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u/faerylin 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Bullet journaling is very therapeutic and requires very few items. (Bullet journal, stencils, pens/colors, and stickers) all can be bought on amazon for under $20 or can get most of the supplies at dollar tree. Amazon has many great bullet journals for under $6. It helps you get your thoughts together and can feel empowering as it gets you more in tune with your thoughts and habits. my bullet journal but if you search bullet journals they have them with so many different pretty covers. This is also the size of a regular notebook as I like to make my things big.
journal stickers these stickers are my favorite as they are empowering and cheap. But I also buy stickers from dollar tree and michaels (michaels has washi tape for .33 each and sales on the tape and stickers all the time)

Cross stitch or crochet is another great craft to learn that doesn鈥檛 cost a lot or need a ton of supplies.

Diamond painting kits look like fun and get great reviews.

Scrapbooking can be a lot of fun and remind you of happy times but is more costly and uses more materials than the others.

Adult coloring books are my favorite art stress reliever; you can get a cute book for under $7 and then whatever coloring medium you prefer (I love crayons) my favorite coloring book

2nd favorite coloring book

I hope these ideas help and ask any questions you may have. 馃挄馃挄馃挄

u/Jenn1555 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

I am so excited. My mom bought me a glass kiln so I can up my standards on my jewelry business. They have sooo much awesome stuff on amazon to make amazing pieces and for the first time in a loooong time I feel like I have stuff to look forward to and Im happy about stuff..its been such a long few weeks that Its nice to have something new to work on. I am especially looking forward to learning how to make dichroic glass pieces (which look like This)

u/NotSuzyHomemaker 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Hah, that's pretty cool. I am reading his The Stormlight Archive Series. My middle daughter suggested it as a series that she, my oldest, and I could read together and discuss because The Wheel of Time was something she'd never gotten into but was shared between my oldest and myself. I realllllly love this seris.

I'll look up the Alcatraz vs. series. I tried his Mistborn series and, while I loved the first book, I couldn't even finish the second, so it turned me off of him for a while.

u/cia1120 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

That bed is amazing!

Duvet Set

Maybe you already want these guys? or this comforter set?

Congrats on the castle bed. I love it.

u/bderenzi 路 1 pointr/Wishlist


I just like reading. Reading's my favorite.

And physical copies. Because dat book smell. So good.

I'm currently reading Helene Wecker's The Golem and the Jinni and it is super good.

u/Clynn209 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

If you have a candy store close to you you can get him a few bags of all purple candy (party city is great for this), throw in some socks, an adult coloring book maybe like this ^^nsfw, a mug, hot chocolate mix (?), and you can do a shirt too, or some combo of things like this? Seems fairly safe, but still thoughtful.

My favorite color is teal/turquoise

u/ReisaD 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

Would this book be okay, used is A-OKAY! YAY BOOKS AND YAY YOU!

What kind of books do you like to curl up with?

u/mickmudd 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Awesomeness!! I love it! Here it is on Amazon :)

Sorry had to edit. Sent you to study guide instead LOL

u/tandem7 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Depends on what his tastes tend towards - my nephew was pretty thrilled with Bone (this one might be a bit young for your nephew's tastes - I think it's geared towards the 10-12 demographic), The Walking Dead (I always buy the compendiums, I like to devour as much as possible all at once - but if you're not sure he'd like it, I'd start with just one or two volumes), and this year I've gotten him East of West.

Chew is a really neat series as well, although I haven't tested it out on my nephew yet - I think it might be a bit too old for him.

I also liked Iron West if you want to go with a one-off instead of a series.

Depending on his parents, I'd check to see if they consider the Walking Dead and/or Chew to be age appropriate or not. I haven't read through East of West yet, but it's rated for mature teens so should be in the ballpark for your nephew.

u/G0ATLY 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist


Hope your LUSH bath relaxes you and makes you smell all awesome!

Clay, New option.. brush pen, Used Pan's Labyrinth and Used Labyrinth!

u/jhaddon 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

That appears to be some kind of study guide. This is more the book I'm familiar seeing:


But I'm not paying full price for it, lol. I frequent a couple local used book stores, I buy all my books from them. Half to support local small business, half to save money.

u/shazie13 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

Here it is.

Thank you and happy holidays.

u/yellowfolders1 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

This is a really cool thing (self-explanatory haha).

It's on my main wishlist. Thanks for the contest! :)

u/flyingfresian 路 7 pointsr/Wishlist

Has anyone read the Walking Dead comics? This seems like a good price, but I really didn't take to the TV show and have heard the graphic novels are better.

Opinions please!

u/dnd1980 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

I'd like to give it a try. Good reviews, looks interesting. link

u/naysay3rr 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

Happy 3.14159 day!

I have this for baking and then these egg things for hard boiling eggs look neat.

u/stephgoe 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

For a gallon of Tuscan milk 馃


The Q&A are pretty funny too!

u/hyrulerho 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

look at that face how can you say no....

have fun, be safe and live... do something that makes you say i am alive.... something way out of your norm

u/WeathersRabbits 路 3 pointsr/Wishlist

Hey, that is really cool of /u/teenaamariee and you!

The kettle I chose is in the My Brother section of my wishlist. It would be for him :)

If anyone finds a cheaper stainless steel one than this one let me know! :D

u/MannyBlu 路 7 pointsr/Wishlist

Seems like /u/WishlistBot has been reading "As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride"... I could just be guessing. ;)

u/jvjanisse 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

Probably Brandon Sanderson's newest series. It stands out because of how well written it is. I never had to take a pause and go "woah... that's... weird" while reading this book. And I think he makes all his characters very much 3 dimensional.

If you're into the fantasy genera, this is a must have, granted if you're well read you've probably already heard of this book and author.

u/pixelationnation 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

these are objectively pretty. theyre so shiny.

u/blaaaaaargh 路 3 pointsr/Wishlist

The first is on my mp3 and ebooks list. Here's the link.

Thanks for the contest!

u/sunshinenfundip 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

I just got a handheld vacuum for pet hair once I get around to using it, I'll let you know how it works, if you'd like.

u/bunnysoup 路 5 pointsr/Wishlist

Here ya go. They rape you in prices at petsmart, good lord.

I don't know how big Potter is but Pepper is 37lbs now and the medium was almost too big for her. We tightened it up all the way and it fit, so she'll have plenty of room to grow.

u/Molecularx 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

I meal prep... and I鈥檓 lazy. And I hate cleaning baking sheets so silicone baking mats would help continue my laziness. 鈾ワ笍

u/mrs_fairymay 路 1 pointr/Wishlist

I have this on my list, and someone was gifted it a few days ago!

u/Perizade 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist


It's in my kitchen wonders list

u/whatrosasaid 路 2 pointsr/Wishlist

I need this. because I was an absolute idiot when I moved, and thought my Dirt Devil and Swiffer were too difficult to carry.

And I got a dog, post move, and it turns out that hair falls out. A lot! This pet hair eraser majig would salvage any/all fabric surfaces in my apartment. Many thanks, from Fannie and me :)