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u/firm1 · 2 pointsr/drones

Get a hubsan or a syma as learner first. Both are cheap, pretty durable and good to learn to fly with. You will crash while learing. It is much better to do this with 30 dollar quad. I personally like the hubsan more. Once you or your dad is comfortable flying you can take a look at getting a bigger quad for a camera. For under 500 with a transmitter your options are somewhat limited I think.

Hobbyking has a phantom clone with an apm flight controller that looks interesting and is in your price range. I have not personally tried it, but I have a pixhawk flight controller running the same software and I like it. It has a lot of advanced capabilities such as waypoint flying. You can pair it with small canon point and shoot camera to have auto picture taking capabilities as well, though that may be a bit advanced for what you are looking for. It's useful for mapping where you want a picture taken every x meters.

You could also get an older phantom for a little less then 500. I have never flown one, but they do seem to be pretty easy to operate.

Whatever you get I would caution you to make sure you (and/or your dad) understand how to operate the quad properly(i.e. calibrating the compass, understanding the GPS lock etc...) and are capable of flying safely in manual mode should the need arise. I believe that many mishaps and fly-aways are the result of people not really understanding their systems and how to properly deal with issues when they arrive.

Also check /r/multicopter as they are a bit more active lots of good info.

u/JkStudios · 1 pointr/drones

IF you want an affordable camera drone, there are many options out there. The Syma X8G - About $112 is a great drone with a 1080p HD GoPro like camera. It is also powerful enough to fly with a GoPro and a gimbal.

However, disregard all of that for later Since your son doesn't have any experience flying, he might crash A LOT at first (like me). For my first drone, I bought a Syma X11. It was great fun and pretty durable. Then I burned a motor out and had to get a new one. I now own two of these little guys, with one being scrapped for parts.

After learning to fly a manual drone (one that doesn't have any intelligent features like headless mode or GPS), I decided to buy something bigger and with more features. The DJI Phantom 3 was my obvious choice, but, at $400 brand new, was out of my budget. I wanted to get a drone similar to the Phantom, but, because of the size, they have to be registered with the FAA. So I decided to buy a slightly smaller drone. At only $65, the USAToyz UDIRC U45 Raven was a great deal for all the features it packed. Headless mode, altitude hold, and even a 720p camera! (Be warned, the camera is not stabilized and is facing downward at a 45 degree angle, so at high speeds, all the camera records is the floor.) This quad is neither a speed demon (it has a really slow yaw rate) or an aerial camera platform (unstabilized), but it was a start to feeling how a quad with more features feels.

So there. That is my story, and what I started off with. Now that I've got the hang of flying, I'm going to try out FPV flying. It's great fun since you feel like you are actually in the cockpit. But that's for another time.

Hope this helps!


u/Windadct · 1 pointr/drones

> Hubsan X4 -- How is it "no camera, low res"?


H107L $45

H502E $98

H107D $99

H502S $178

H501S $269

Hubsan X4 Brushless $319

So here are my reservations:
Amazon reviews are too suspect - too many payoffs for BS reviews, I can usually read pick up a BS review - but it looks like > 30% of these reviews are biased). [That is why I looked to Reddit but like every enthusiast type thing - you just can not get consistent, reliable feedback)
Product descriptions are poorly translated
No solid links to a good Manufacturers page; a clear table of models and features would help sell more product!

This is an interesting product space - they can go from ~ $30 for what may be a half legitimate product to of $3K for pro. In the Amazon Drone store there are like 2400 in the $50 to 100 space - granted there are many of the same product different sellers and different adders. But man this "space" is cluttered as hell - and that scares off buyers.

This is not really a knock on the drones, but the diversity of Drones - and the dark side of Amazon are just creating so much doubt. For my 2 kids - spending $200 for a gift that, if it is crap they will put in the closet and forget about is just too risky.

Despite this I am probably getting a Syma X5SW FPV... 2 units, batteries and props for < $200. haha

u/Dr_Pipe · 2 pointsr/drones

I think the absolute cheapest FPV (first person view, watching it live) setup is probably the Hubsan H107D X4

This is a pretty small drone and the camera wouldn't really be suitably if you wanted to take good pictures, but it's probably enough to have fun flying around with. And it would be good practice if you haven't flown a quadcopter before and are just getting into it.

The Parrot AR 2.0 is like 350-400 and the Parrot Bebop is like 500. These are basically made for photography and come equipped with a much better camera that you can watch live from your phone. The biggest drawback people seem to talk about these is that you have to pay $400 for a sky controller if you want to control it using a handheld controller instead of your phone.

I don't really know much about the jamara observer but I would double check that you can actually watch the camera live. From what I saw looking at it a bit it seems to have a camera but I don't think you can watch it live while flying.

u/monkey_jumper · 1 pointr/drones

I own a Syma X5C-1(I paid $40 but OMG they're $60 now), Cheerson cx-10($20), and a Blade Inductrix($70).

The Inductrix is the best indoors (very small, quiet, and very maneuverable), and the X5C is best outdoors. Both are very easy to fly, but they do take some practice. I am an experienced RC plane pilot and it took me about 1 to 2 hours of stick time to get the hang of the quads. Getting extra batteries speeds up the learning process a lot.

BTW, the cx-10 likes to go full throttle and hide under furniture so I hates it quite a bit.

u/KorgRue · 1 pointr/drones

I think the Parrot BeBop is right around $370 new. It has a fairly decent camera, but it is forward looking only and not on a gimbal. Personally I think it is a great entry level camera drone. I have flown my buddy's and it seems to handle pretty well - though you obviously are not going to get jello free video (and it does have some fish-eye to it - which may or may not be the video style you like).

IF you want a gimbal rig - then you will be moving up into the DJI drones which you can likely find a Phantom 2 or 3 used for about $300-$400 on ebay. Might need some repairs, but you can get replacement parts direct from DJi (or send it in to them for repairs).

u/Anjz · 2 pointsr/drones

Dude, I do 3D Photogrammetry with drones as well!

I use Agisoft Photoscan and 3DF Zephyr for 3D Mapping. I actually pirated them and they work great.

Honestly, hands down the best bang for your buck has to be Phantom 3. There are apps where it takes specific photographs based on the GPS and it's great for aerial mapping.

However, I really suggest the Phantom 4. There's tap to fly, collision avoidance, better battery life(better for larger areas), you name it!

u/amperages · 2 pointsr/drones

> talk me out of it

Those damn Parrot drones look atrocious.

> ...sounds like a good starter.

Is this your first drone? I would recommend something a little cheaper and toyish. This is what I started with (Syma X5C-1)

Start flying that in doors on low speed for a month or two, get the hang of controls a little bit and slowly migrate outside on still (non-windy) days.

Get VERY comfortable with the controls. I can fly mine around with confidence pretty fast and make sharp turns, etc.

I would recommend getting to that point before you move into something much pricier.

...BUT that's just my 2c.

u/mrgoodnoodles · 2 pointsr/drones

I wish I was looking for a professional model. Looks like with the extra battery it's 1000 dollars on amazon. So I'd say that's a pretty good deal for what you are selling. My budget is about 500 so I'm looking for a standard model. Here is the link to the same drone on amazon and the price comparison if anyone was wondering.

Other than that I don't know diddly shit about drone value and depreciation.

u/lispychicken · 2 pointsr/drones

Dont give up.. just make sure your expectations aren't set too high.

You can get the Bebop, it'll work. Just keep your expectations where they should be with the tech you now have. I am just super concerned with the BeBop. I have a Parrot AR Drone sitting in my closet collecting dust. One day it just stop responding to any commands and the motors shut off. It feel straight to the ground and smashed. This after a bunch of times flying it and losing control/not having great control.. and I attribute that to the wifi and oddball control scheme.

There is a $50.00 .. yes, that's $50.00 .. Mavic knockoff looking drone out there I just saw reviewed today. I am not saying this is a great drone (it's new), but it might be worth flying and getting your first taste with.
Seems there are two Mavic knockoffs.. huh

also, here's a highly-rated drone from a quality source:
Hubsan H501s

and one more that looks like it's decent enough to start out:

u/Beardman_90 · 2 pointsr/drones

(Syma x5c)[] It's just under $50 and you can get extra batteries for about $5 a piece. I've had mine for a while and crashed it a lot and it's worked just fine.
Perfect for a beginner.

Also the (Cheerson cx10)[] is a mini drone that's pretty fun for under $20.

u/Kayakingtheredriver · 1 pointr/drones

About the best deal/price to what you are looking for. It is a toy, but still a good starter for your requirements (also slightly more than half your budget).

Here is the thing. If he isn't going or wanting to use a phone for the video, then that is added cost to the platform, and limits how good it will be to stay on budget.

u/Slagard · 3 pointsr/drones

I have the p3 professional. 3dr is going to stop producing these not because they are worse but because they lost the overall consumer battle with DJI. Their aircraft is actually really fun to fly and a great platform. For $500 you get a great bundle with the camera.

u/Constructestimator83 · 1 pointr/drones

I bought this to get my M2P and DSLR to Scotland recently. I carried the drone, five batteries, all the cables and propellers including a Fly More Kit along with my DSLR m, a couple of lenses and some other small accessories. There is a sleeve for a laptop and overall it’s very comfortable.

One thing that isn’t obvious from the procures is the back pack is actually a pretty hard shell so I always felt everything was very safe. I took it as carry-on with no issues. We had a layover in London and I carried it all day comfortably.

u/yesiambear · 1 pointr/drones

I just got the Syma 5XC from Amazon. For $50, it feels like the perfect learning drone. Stability is harder than I imagined, but with this drone I've learned to pilot it pretty well now.

u/Erekshen · 2 pointsr/drones

If you don't want a super expensive drone, I would go with the Syma X5C

This is my first drone. I really enjoy it. It gets you use to flying and even has a camera for video/pictures for you to practice. It is really fun to just go out and fly and mess around with. I would recommend it.

Note: You can also buy extra batteries for it for $20 including the charger as well. Would recommend buying.

u/whitemafia · 1 pointr/drones

SYMA X8C is better than Hubsan X4, Flight time of X8C is 12 min whereas X4 has a flight time of 8 mins. On the other hand, Control range of X8C and X4 is 200 meters and 100 meters respectively. And both comes with 2 Mega-pixels Camera..
Here is Amazon URl:


u/ianyboo · 2 pointsr/drones

Sure thing, okay so... I started with a hubsan x4 from it was 40 bucks. Then I got a pack that had spare batteries and propeller blades for 12 bucks. Took it to a park on a non-windy day and flew over the grass a bunch. The right control stick clicks in to switch between "beginner mode" and "expert mode" I think expert mode was actually easier to learn in.

Flite test has great videos for beginners, this one helped me immensely to practice flying:

The goggles were about 100 bucks on Amazon

The little FPV camera was 50 (I already had a battery for it, that's something separate you'll need if you go this route but I might have done it differently knowing what I know now)

If you want links to more stuff on Amazon or YouTube. Lets me know I've got lots!

u/baby_tamale · 2 pointsr/drones

Save up some money, so you can afford the drone that will do what you need. If youre pressed on time or youre simply impatient, then amazon has a good drone for $89 with prime that flies good, really light, and is durable when crashing it.

Check out the video reviews so you can judge if its gonna do what you want

u/eviljolly · 2 pointsr/drones

They're not super powerful, but still a lot of fun. You don't want a ton of power on your first done, anyway.

It's easy to fly, with readily available replacement parts.

u/Berowulf · 1 pointr/drones

So I'm thinking $700-1,000 preferably, I'm fairly new with drones so I need something that is durable, with stable video, I was looking at the DJI 3 Professional, (DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone
Would that be a good option? Or should I go with something else.

I also noticed the DJI Mavic Air is going on sale for prime day, would that be a good choice?

u/iReddit_while_I_work · 2 pointsr/drones

Why is it unacceptable to fly 6-10 minutes and change batteries?

You need to do your research, GoPro's are neat, but expensive and you are strapping it to something that is going to crash ALOT. A mobius may do just what you need, at 1/3-1/4th the cost. Then you said you want to do FPV, well are you looking for racing around parks or just wanting that cool view that your gopro is recording?

Get yourself a toy copter.

Syma X8G

Syma X5C-1

You can add a 5.8ghz fpv setup to either of those with some soldering skills and a youtube video.


u/ArtoriusaurusRex · 2 pointsr/drones

This one could be a good option for a beginner:

I can also personally recommend the u818 if you'd rather go lower in price. It drifts if you don't trim it, but it's real stable.

Both of these have altitude hold will be stable indoors, and probably even in light wind outdoors.

u/Jewishluigi · 1 pointr/drones

There's mini drones on Amazon that you can get for $12-15 and they might be a good and fun thing for him to start off with. I'll try to find a link and post it.


u/TechSupportTime · 1 pointr/drones

I recommend the hubsan x4. I learned on it and it's one of the best small drones for the money.

u/qazme · 3 pointsr/drones

Can't go wrong with either a Hubsan H107C 2MP or a Syma X5C.

I just bought my son a Hubsan H107C, 5 extra batteries, and a nice case for ~$100.

It's an awesome little setup that you can fly inside and outside with.

u/bdough04 · 1 pointr/drones

I don't see anything as far as replaceable batteries go, and I can guarantee you will be unsatisfied with a 5 min. flight time, if you come to enjoy it at all. I might recommend splurging an extra $50 and get a Parrot Bebop without the controller. you can always buy the sky controller later on to increase the range and maneuverability of it.

u/lytes · 2 pointsr/drones

Here is a very good starter for a even better price. $50 will get you all the skills you need whole not breaking the bank. $50! [SYMA X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera] (

u/Onecooldude123 · 1 pointr/drones

I am just looking for a done of decent quality with a camera that has OK quality (720p is fine). Basically a drone that isn't just a kids toy from Walmart for $20. I want something with a degree of quality without being overly expensive considering that I really just wanna test the waters with drones that aren't just kids toys. What are my options? Again, I'm not trying to be a hard core drone enthusiast, I just want something to introduce me to the world of drones and test the waters without using a kids toy

Looking for a first camera drone. Camera Quality isn't the most important thing..

u/Hakcs · 1 pointr/drones

Phantom 3 Standard went down i see, $488 2 days ago, $460 today.

And i've seen Pro just for $800, and i would invest into that.
Just returned from flying advanced, and that's awesome.

u/remotaholic · 1 pointr/drones

Does it have to be android controlled? The Hubsan h107D would be ideal and the video streams direct to the controller. Just make sure to get a crash pack in case he breaks it.

u/Kidney_Snatcher · 1 pointr/drones

You can't go wrong with the Syma X8 models for a starter drone:

He will want something that he can learn how to fly first. Whether he wants to do aerial photography with a 1200 dollar drone or race in FPV, the first baby steps into this hobby include learning on a cheapo drone like I've linked with easily replaceable parts.

u/jet-setting · 3 pointsr/drones

3DR Solo. (I'm biased) Beware the company has gone upside down, and is only focusing on commercial survey applications. But for build quality and features it is the best deal on the market imho. It was selling for about $1,000 just one year ago. Open Source too

Programmable with the Tower app (free), or Solex app ($29) both on android.

u/jesseb143 · 1 pointr/drones

Get this!

SYMA X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Camera

I did a lot of research before buying it, for my son. It’s got all the right stuff for the right price. Don’t buy the upgrade, this one is the best flyer and durable, cheap replacement parts.

I am a UAV professional

u/Lazerlord10 · 1 pointr/drones

Hate to say it, but you can't get anything better than a toy for $100. Sure, you could get some sort of 'drone' like this with an 'HD' camera, but you'd be better off saving up for something better. Heck, you'd be hard pressed to even get a decent HD camera for $100, let alone one that flies.

u/Austin913 · 1 pointr/drones

The Hubsan X4 H501s would also be a decent one to start out on. its best suited for flying outside. it's not going to have all the advanced photo/video capability of Phantom, but will offer a sportier flight experience.

u/BojanglesSweetT · 1 pointr/drones

I've got this Hubsan X4 and it's a fun toy drone

u/Regi_Sakakibara · 1 pointr/drones

I got this but it can only fit a 15.5” laptop...

Maybe the company makes larger bags?

u/PM_me_ur_petite_rack · 1 pointr/drones

I'm interested in picking up a drone to fly with and shoot some pictured and I have a question about a model I came across.

That is the model I am interested in but I don't understand how you would go about taking pictures with that. It doesn't have FPV if I'm not mistaken.

How does that work?

u/AskMeAboutBallsy · 1 pointr/drones

What do you think of this one? Saw a review on it and it seems to fly very nice but a bit slow.

u/aliasfpv · 3 pointsr/drones

Syma x5c. It's alright, it's a cheap entry level quad, nothing fancy. Not good for indoor flight (too big) and also can get squirrelly in medium winds. My dad bought one and had it blow away.

u/xavier267 · 1 pointr/drones

Here is what I would probably buy. If you are looking for the most tech for the least price. Even though its a tad older than the spark and Bebop 2. Why not get a refurb Phantom 3. You can pick them up for 400 bucks. Also, due to it coming in from Amazon, you can immediately fly your drone and if it twitches or just do not like it, return it within the return window and get your money back.

u/austin9269_2 · 1 pointr/drones

Might try amazon.

I found a Phantom 3 standard for $449

u/silent-a12 · 2 pointsr/drones

Syma X8G Headless 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Quadcopter with 8MP HD Camera (Silver)

u/Domri_Rade · 1 pointr/drones

Trying to find this drone online and found this one for 70 same thing?

u/BakedHose · 1 pointr/drones

I was looking at this one as a beginner

Not sure if I can sync this one up with my phone however.

u/GreatScottPropSvcs · 2 pointsr/drones

how long has he been using it? How many cycles has the battery gone through? Anything else coming with the sale other than the drone, controller, and battery?

Definitely want to know that before buying. A battery costs 120 - 160 right now.

Not a bad deal, unless the battery is crap or some part is broken.

u/UnlikelyPotato · 3 pointsr/drones

I believe the Syma X5C allows you to record video in 720P. Transmitting is a bit more difficult. There are cheap drones that allow you to use a cell phone as a screen, but the resolution is usually less than 720p and has latency.

A lot of drones have two cameras. One for low resolution, analog real time video transmission and another for recording HD video at high quality. This understandably costs more than $50.

u/lamp42 · 1 pointr/drones

correct me if im wrong but the hubsan x4 is only like 30 bucks...can this go high and shit and is it fast? how is this one compared to OPs video? I can only imagine what the 1500 dollar drones can do....

u/goodDayM · 3 pointsr/drones

> Well you're wrong. It is much thinner and lighter ...

Phantom 4 Pro is 3.06 pounds (source). Autel X-Star is 3.20 pounds (source). So you are wrong.