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u/Xrod3 · 5 pointsr/genderqueer

You have got to read Kate Bornstein. She is absolutely awesome.
A Queer and Pleasant Danger is a really REALLY awesome and hilarious memoir of her life and her journey from a jewish boy, scientologist, a woman, and now somewhere in between. It's a wonderful story. HIGHLY recommend 10/10 to anyone.

Auntie Kate is one of my heroes and one of the oldest/historically prominent veterans of non-binary gender movements (or Gender Anarchy as she calls it <3).

Edit: She also has two version of her "Gender Workbook". Also, HIGHLY recommended.

u/noeinan · 22 pointsr/genderqueer

As another similarly gendered person, (I ID as neutrois/neutral gender) I can get behind this statement.

It is really hard to dress "other gendered" because so much just gets shoved into binary boxes. My best guess would be mixing masculine and feminine stuff, or picking clothes that are considered feminine on dudes and masculine on women. Or just pioneer your own style with clothes you like!

I personally am a huge fan of sleeveless turtlenecks, and stretchy, clingy, form-fitting clothing combined with sturdy boots and black slim fit jeans. I use a utility thigh pack and a belt full of pockets to carry things. If the weather is cold, I like to layer with off the shoulder long sleeve shirts, exposing my shoulders but covering my neck with the turtleneck underneath.

I also really love jackets with long sleeves and thumb holes, and long or double breasted coats. Top off my outfit with a great hat! I like newspaper boy hats, train conductor hats, and fiddler caps. Also accessorize with a chain on my glasses.

u/arwing · 3 pointsr/genderqueer

Using a sharp blade and shaving with the grain is what is going to make all the difference.

I have a double edge safety razor that I bought from amazon. The blades for it are SUPER cheap and way more sharp than cartridge razors. There is a higher initial higher cost with using a DE razor because you have to buy some more expensive hardware, but it's cheaper in the long run.

Use good soap
You will need to get a brush to make lather with that soap, but it's pretty good for sensitive skin. The aerosol stuff doesn't come close.

also check out /r/wicked_edge/ for everything there is to know about shaving.

u/Cromage · 3 pointsr/genderqueer

I've heard that this helped for some people:

It didn't do much for me because I was way beyond that point, but it was comforting to know that many others had the same opinion on gender I did (that it's confusing and unhelpful)

Besides what the other poster said about experimentation, I'd like to say that "depression/anxiety" and "trans identity" co-occur a lot and you can easily have both. Gender dysphoria can manifest like--or in some cases, exacerbate--depression symptoms.

Zinnia Jone's articles about dysphoria and depression might be useful here.

The biggest hurdle I overcame was my shame about the way I felt about gender. The second biggest hurdle was doubt--I felt that I couldn't tell anyone about my feelings until I had everything "figured out"

Once I realized that these were obstacles and that I was probably suppressing something, I made an effort to talk more about how I felt and express myself freely, even if all I had to say was "I'm not sure." And the more I did it, the better I felt and the easier it got.

u/justashade · 1 pointr/genderqueer

I wear trunks they have like 2 inch inseam? just short enough to fit under most short shorts. Briefs are also an option.

I have these. They are nylon and CK brand so a bit pricey but sometimes they go for $12-15 on amazon, I have found them for $8 at Marshalls. They are incredibly soft and feel amazing. Even wearing skintight leggings nothing shows up. but that might be a case by case basis since my junk is not that big in the first place. Well I feel like those undies pouch area prevents any bits from being outlined.

u/pinkfatticorn · 2 pointsr/genderqueer

Have you read aspergirls by Rudy Simone? There is a section she talks about how FAAB aspergers are much more likely to have a masculine way of thinking and assign themselves as trans. It is apparently something with the way our brains work. Furthermore, there is an entire section on asexuality in that book as well. Reading your passage, I knew before you said you had aspergers that you have it!

I fellow aspergers person! Youre not alone in the way you feel! My best friend is exactly like you (also an aspie). I can identify with a lot of your post as well, both she and I identify as GQ.

amazon link to aspergirls

u/PeelingRain · 2 pointsr/genderqueer

Another answer that hasn't been mentioned is to find a pair of leggings/yoga pants that just happen to have enough crotch space/shaped well enough that you don't get an obvious bulge. I can manage to wear these for example without a noticeable bulge at all. YMMV of course, but I'm ordering plenty of these just because I don't have to worry about a long top or hardcore tucking with them. I'm also a grower which helps lol

u/kage-e · 1 pointr/genderqueer

Sorry for the late reply, I only now stumbled upon your question.

Here are some more books that I haven't seen mentioned. All of them are non-fiction, all of the authors have published more on the topic.

u/vowels · 1 pointr/genderqueer

I read this last week. In short, you could try using Veet Sensitive. As with any product, test a tiny area before proceeding. Good luck!

u/bearily · 1 pointr/genderqueer

> Perhaps some general reading, maybe some other girls who are neither here nor there, or just some basic advice would help me understand myself.

Funny you should phrase it that way! Have you already checked out the book Nina Here Nor There by Nick Krieger?

u/clgqtw · 1 pointr/genderqueer

Just thought of another one: there's a minor side character in one of the Dragon Age novels that's explicitly sometimes-male-sometimes-female. It might be a little hard to read as a stand-alone novel. I don't know if the world is explained in such a way as to make sense to people who haven't played the games. But it's not bad as far as video game tie-in novels go.

There's also two explicitly trans characters in the setting, if that's of interest.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/genderqueer

All of Ivan E. Coyote's writing is great! Especially their latest book which is a collaboration with a genderqueer musician. It's called Gender Failure

u/Pariah_Dog · 1 pointr/genderqueer

If you're into history I'd suggest grabbing a copy of "Self: A Study in Ethics and Endocrinology" by Michael Dillon written in 1946 by a physician who also happened to be one of the first (known) British FTM people to under go corrective surgery. Dillon also later assisted Roberta Cowell with her corrective surgery. The book itself is quite easy to read, though there are a few sections that may be difficult unless you know your biology. Fascinating frontier work.

u/Lion896 · 6 pointsr/genderqueer

This teacher has expressed enough trans/genderqueer erasure to delete several text books. This will absolutely be worth it.

EDIT: Cancelled the order from OED. Found a better offer on Amazon.