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u/ChristianCuber 路 2 pointsr/greatawakening

People will always disagree. something as deep as spirituality will NEVER have a universality to it. we are all free to believe what we want. Free will and all that. I would just advise that if you believe something you know exactly why, not just because it is cool or sounds good.

When it comes to Christianity, yeah there are people who interpret it differently. but this happens when they don't take in the full context and cherry pick verses. Once you have the context, you can see right through these counter arguments or disagreements.

Problem is most people are lazy and don't read the Bible for themselves and just take what someone else teaches them. This is a dangerous slope. When you read it yourself, you gain a deeper understanding of the bigger picture. Christ was very direct when he taught. There really is no wiggle room. Some people just choose to read into it how they want, which is also wrong.

many people approach the Bible in the wrong way, thinking a story from front to back when in fact it is a collection of writings spanning well over 3000 years by 40 different authors. each book can be read independent of another. You can start in the middle or read cover to cover, that's up to the reader, just understand what you are reading, where it came from, what year, age or time it was written and understand who the audience was at the time of the writing. For us "gentiles" it is suggested we start with John and read forward into Paul's writings starting with Acts, then precede with the letters.

Now lastly, if any religion forces something on you or you are shunned becasue you don't do this or that, it is a cult. period. There is such things as Bible cults as well. So just becasue someone is talking about Jesus doesn't mean they are talking about "The" Jesus of the Holy Bible. I'm not going to call any particular religions or "christian sects", just stating that true Christianity is a choice and nothing is or should be forced. To be a child of God, one only has to accept the gift that was given through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you believe it in your heart and accept Him as your Lord and Savior, you are Saved. Only God knows your heart. outside of that there are things you can follow to improve your life and relationship with Him, but by no means are you "unsaved" because you ate a piece of Pork. Christ himself said, "it is not what goes in a man's mouth that defiles him, it's what comes out, becasue that comes form the heart."

Anyways. Just want to say that I think you are taking what other people do as your definition of what Christianity is and that's just not true. The only way to gain the understanding is to Ask the Lord in Prayer for clarity and understanding as you read the Words yourself. Let God plant the seeds he wants to in you.

You are obviously free to do whatever you want and it matters not to me, I will care for my fellow patriot regardless of what they believe. I just want what I feel is best for you and everyone else.

If you want a good read and study into the authenticity of the Bible from an Atheist read "Testimony of the Evangelists" by Simon Greenleaf

Simon Greenleaf (1783-1853) was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and began the practice of law in Portland, Maine. Serving as professor of law at Harvard University from 1833-48, he was instrumental in organizing the university's law program. His three-volume work, A Treatise on the Law of Evidence, in considered a classic of American jurisprudence and forms the basis for his study of the Gospels.

u/Error_Code_15301 路 1 pointr/greatawakening

The Q posts pointing to "required reading" (The Q Reading Room is what I call it in my own head) are fantastic. I've been reading them as we've been going along but just started going back through them carefully a few days ago. I like to read. I just bought Killary in Wonderland off amazon usa (it's available there, it wont let you buy from the amazon india link in Q post #86, but if you read the comments / reviews you will see one that refers to Orange Marmalade. There is an expert on here, a phathorseloving u/ expert on all things orange. I hope he sees this. I think he might be able to help solve the mystery of that book...perhaps). Q post #86. Click link. Copy and paste title etc into amzon usa site, and you should be good to go. Download to various devices. Just did it this morning about 0600. Haven't had time to read yet. Open minded to what exactly it is going to reveal. Codes.

Anonymous ID: QLWgJTG3 No.148021760 馃搧; Nov 5 2017 00:06:20 (EST)馃搧

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Correct reference.

Saudi Arabia - The Bloody Wonderland.

=Alice & Wonderland signatures




FTR - Mr.SerialBrain2 is a VERY polite person imo.

u/KentuckyWildcat77 路 11 pointsr/greatawakening

This is a very good video on the St Malachi prophecy of the popes and anti popes. It's very enlightening!

Petrus Romanus
I've read this and it's a great book with the history of these popes mentioned in the prophecies.

u/dahudge 路 4 pointsr/greatawakening

But you are totally fine buying into the narrative that you've been given that vaccines are safe, check out humphries book on amazon,

Just skimming through the free sample is enough to make me question things. Vaccines are a religion at this point

u/TripoverDick 路 0 pointsr/greatawakening

Here you are, read it for yourself. You seem more intelligent than 99% of your own brain cells.
Media Virus! Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture Paperback 鈥 February 6, 1996
The most virulent viruses today are composed of information. In this information-driven age, the easiest way to manipulate the culture is through the media. A hip and caustically humorous McLuhan for the '90s, culture watcher Douglas Rushkoff now offers a fascinating expose of media manipulation in today's age of instant information.

u/alfonumeric 路 2 pointsr/greatawakening

over the last 12k years , we've had only the last 140 years where the knowledge of reality has been available to john and jane doe and even that opening has been rather sketchy due to the limited availability of this book and others in alignment with it.....

Prior to 1878 , that knowledge was strictly the preserve of secret societies where the oath of secrecy had to be taken before entry....

the book i'm referring to is

the book was forgotten for 7 generations until it was re-published last year

the timing is most significant because it coincides with the new aquarian energies of organization - the energies of the 7th note which bridges to the next octave of 12k years - which we see already happening ....

the exposure of the old praetorian guard is well underway... via their monoploy of mockin-stream media they have been able to exploit the old piscean energies of secrecy, devotion and blind belief either in religions of old or in the new dogmas of scientific materialism ...

techniques to keep the intellectuals in tow...

  1. deny that which conflicts with your vested interests...

  2. refuse to give it an honest review and pretend

  3. your theories are reliable and pass them off as scientific dogmas

  4. fire any academics who do not tow the line

  5. cover any conflicting theories with the damp blanket of silence

  6. keep the conflicting theories out of public libraries

  7. slander the proponents

  8. ridicule the theory

    now we have the theory of super-physical materialism available where
    the laws of consciousness evolution can be mapped to the subatomic particles of super-physics...

    our success will be measured by how many of the mental elite will be bold and honest enough to give it a fair hearing without their usual ploy of slander , ridicule and silence...
u/aqua7 路 2 pointsr/greatawakening

I happen to be aware of this. Very interesting IMO. Son of Sam stalked Untermyer Park. Satanic worship and Scientology.
Good read It's very creepy.

I lived in the area back then. Maury Terry was a true investigative journalist. My boss and I followed this story closely. I had to go to the library to print out micro-film to print out his stories. It's chilling.

Obit I didn't realize he was from the area until he passed. R.I.P. Maury.

edit:Back then, Journal News was independent. It's now owned by Gannet.

u/C_L_I_C_K 路 1 pointr/greatawakening

LOL @ you thinking Q mentioned his book because Q has said America For Sale. You realize a book with the same title came out 1 month PRIOR to Corsi's book, right?

u/0oDassiveMicko0 路 0 pointsr/greatawakening

Post a link to a Leagalese training website lol? Why do you think you need a barrister in court? So they can translate for you.

u/tradinghorse 路 2 pointsr/greatawakening

Look, Malachi Martin was not a good person. There is a book that talks about aspects of Martin's life here:

u/flawpy 路 1 pointr/greatawakening

Just did a search and found this from Nov 5:

Alice & Wonderland.
Hillary & Saudi Arabia.
Hillary Clinton in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Saudi Arabia - the Bloody Wonderland.

and this:

Nov 5th 2017 01:06:20 (EST) Anonymous View Post
Correct reference.
Saudi Arabia - The Bloody Wonderland.
=Alice & Wonderland signatures

u/Maepaperclip 路 3 pointsr/greatawakening

well thats for another time, but the absolute expert on it is John Ralston Saul - Voltaires Bastards

u/Pure_Feature 路 1 pointr/greatawakening

I have a book..Nostradamus..I see this book as the handbook of the cabal.

In this book? In 2015 she would be in her second term. She would help the Netherlands, because there are problems ..... And she would close the Chinese with peace that is thin.

But she was not a president in the second term, obama was .. He is nowhere in the whole book .

What happens that she had to give her place to obama? And I remember that it was said that it was her turn now?.

I think Biden or Bernie should not come close ... The puppetmaster decides And that can be very good Kissinger..

After the victory of trump, and at the party (roast) hillary was still p ..... t by Kissinger.

Nostradamus is therefore often quoted .. He was Freemason, You can see it in his pictures .. The verses do not make any sense..This can be interpreted as you wish ...

For example Hisler, where they make the name Hitler .. But if there had been a Himler boss, it was of course Himler ....... Nostradamus working for a king ??EDIT : The third antichristIn dutch

The countdown to the apocalypse has begun

The countdown to the Apocalypse has begun.

Five hundred years ago, Nostradamus predicted the arrival of three antichrists.
Two of
them, Napoleon and Hitler, left a trail of death and devastation. But it is
the third antichrist that man really has to fear. He is the one who will
unleash the Apocalypse. And his moment has now come.

Adam Sabir is the keeper of the lost prophecies of Nostradamus. Only he knows
the identity of the third antichrist. Only he knows who can stop this tyrant
before the world will go down. The fate of everyone rests
Englisch version..

Nostradamus foretold of three Antichrists: Napoleon, Hitler,
and the One Still to Come...In the mountains of Moldova, a ruthless tyrant
is hailed as the Second Coming of Christ. In the gypsy camps of Romania,
a woman's unborn child could change the course of the world. In a polluted
sinkhole in Mexico, four siblings pledge themselves to vengeance. Only Adam Sabir,
guardian of the lost prophecies of Nostradamus,
knows what will happen when these destinies collide

NOTE : Adam Sabir is the keeper of the lost prophecies of Nostradamus. Only he knows
the identity of the third antichrist. LOL

u/sad_State_of_Affairs 路 20 pointsr/greatawakening

Nice idea, but Christ was a real person, documented in both religious and secular documents.

What follows is not meant to be disrespectful, but I think you are missing the entire point of what the Christian Faith is.

You cannot overlook the evidence.

Chris was actually killed and rose from the dead seen by over 500 witnesses

If you look at the evidence and decide that it is worth looking at what Jesus actually stood for.

There are actually over 300 "Q Type" prophecies in the old testament, that are all fufilled in a single man, Jesus Christ. These are prophecies that took place over 400 years before he came.

If nothing else, take a look at the evidence in light of "Q type" prophecy.

Two good books are

The case for Christ

Evidence that demands a verdict.

As far as your math equation of "we do this and we get that. The bible teaches that salvation is a GIFT' and you cannot do anything to earn it. You could argue that you have to believe, and that is correct, but that is all you can do. In fact the teachings of the bible tell warn against trying to get back
into that mindset.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith鈥攁nd this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God鈥 not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God鈥檚 handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

I am not one to argue that you need to believe the way I believe, but I do see that you are teaching (maybe a strong word) something very different than that the documents that uphold the entire christian faith represent.

Christ also taught us that this world is not our world.

He also taught us that our struggles are not flesh and blood but really against good and evil. (That is what we are seeing)

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

The real gospel is very simple and it is a secret.

We are all sinners (everyone)

The penalty for sin is death.

Christ died once for all

He rose again defeating death

He sent his Holy Spirit here to help us

He does not force himself on anyone.

It is impossible to believe in Him without faith. You can argue facts until you are blue in the face, but you will never be able to prove it. Plenty of circumstantial evidence though.

u/QuirkyMagpie 路 7 pointsr/greatawakening

You would think those were legit, but it's not so. This book by Suzanne Humphries does a great job of explaining.

"Not too long ago, lethal infections were feared in the Western world. Since that time, many countries have undergone a transformation from disease cesspools to much safer, healthier habitats. Starting in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in deaths from all infectious diseases, decreasing to relatively minor levels by the early 1900s. The history of that transformation involves famine, poverty, filth, lost cures, eugenicist doctrine, individual freedoms versus state might, protests and arrests over vaccine refusal, and much more. Today, we are told that medical interventions increased our lifespan and single-handedly prevented masses of deaths. But is this really true? Dissolving Illusions details facts and figures from long-overlooked medical journals, books, newspapers, and other sources. Using myth-shattering graphs, this book shows that vaccines, antibiotics, and other medical interventions are not responsible for the increase in lifespan and the decline in mortality from infectious diseases. If the medical profession could systematically misinterpret and ignore key historical information, the question must be asked, 鈥淲hat else is ignored and misinterpreted today?鈥 Perhaps the best reason to know our history is so that the worst parts are never repeated."

She has some youtube videos too for anyone who wants to educate themselves.

u/salialioli 路 1 pointr/greatawakening

Hi Jack_Kehoe, thank you for yr comment on bigotry and the need to condemn every single Muslim. I am aware that any reply of mine would not do justice to either your argument or mine and is off-topic for this thread on Q. So just a few remarks because it might be better to have a separate thread on religion, and my aplogies to others on this thread for the length. It is a very complex subject!

It is precisely the complexity of the argument that forces me, firstly, to declare your judgement of Islam as a "savage and degenerate religion that literally victimizes anyone who isn't a male Muslim" as shallow and ill-considered. That you proclaim your anger "righteous" suggests to me that you are religious and might hold 鈥渂eliefs鈥 that others who are not of your religion might consider, in turn, bigotted and ignorant! The statement turns your own criticism back upon itself. Look to the beam in your own eye before you try to remove the speck in the other鈥檚, you might say! Notice that I am not saying you are bigotted and ignorant, just that others might see you this way.

The Old Testament is a violent, intolerant 鈥榖ook鈥 that shows an unforgiving God. It has similarities with the Quran. And let鈥檚 not get into the Torah or Talmud, the latter book being a Hebrew version of Sharia Law! The New Testment brought a revolutionary air that turned this upside down and taught love, to love thy neighbour as oneself. These three religions worship the same God, with different names.

Scholars will fight and argue over 鈥渋nterpretations鈥 for thousands of years and we can鈥檛 do that here. But here is a different tale:

>Here is an interesting brief review (by Morgaan Sinclair) of a book mentioned by David Livingstone in his article, Stephen Schwartz's The Two Faces of Islam : The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror.
In the very short space of several hundred pages, Schwartz does something really remarkable: Out of the backdrop of a solidly-researched and tautly-written history of Islam emerges the picture of a river splitting in two. One branch, the original river of Islam, having emerged from earlier wars and the Crusades, meanders on, mostly peacefully. But another branch diverges and becomes a virulent strain of psychopathically-distorted religious fundamentalism. This nightmare began to take shape from 1703 with the birth of Mohammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the world's first Islamist terrorist, and descends to the present in its alliance with the Al Sa'ud. The Wahhabis 鈥 the Haters of Music 鈥 have always claimed all other forms of Islam to be heretical and have waged a 250-year war against all those who have resisted its ultra-puritanical doctrine 鈥 Shi'as, Sufis, Christians, Jews. Now that war comes to us. In a brilliantly, and often beautifully, written book, we watch the two rivers separate and flow down into our time. Schwartz's condemnation of Wahhabism is unapologetic, as is his antipathy for the duplicity of the Royal House of Sa'ud. But it is condemnation and antipathy irrefutably supported by the facts. And in this time it is a book of unmatched value: For with the information contained within this masterpiece on contemporary Islam, we are able to separate mainstream Islam from its evil twin and fight a more intelligent and more compassionate War on Terror. It is a profound and often lyrical book, and Schwartz is remarkably brave to have written it (after you read it, you'll understand why). If you read only one book on Islam in our time, let it be this one.<

More links to explore further:

Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State. by David Livingstone

The 'House' of Saud 鈥 no more Islamic than Billy Graham

Here鈥檚 a tale from a man who constantly criticises the Left, but whose sympathy for Muslim resistance takes a different, interesting view:

And finally a man who speaks at length about his religion but who is far from being either bigotted or ignorant, a true scholar:

We should try to understand other cultures and could spend entire lifetimes doing so.

u/GodsAngell 路 19 pointsr/greatawakening

The US went off the Gold Standard with Nixon. Our currency is FIAT Currency, backed by nothing but our promise to pay. Not much when compared to a Gold Backed currency. Usually Fiat Currencies flame out fast, but it didn't this time, and that is because of the deals made with the Middle East that OIL can ONLY be PURCHASED with either U.S. Dollars currency or the British Pound. (Enter the PetroDollar) So you want OIL for your country? Guess, what? You have to exchange your currency into U.S. Dollars. This creates an artificial demand for our flimsy fiat currency, and this demand staved off its CRASH to date. There is always a demand for OIL, so there is always a demand for the U.S. dollar. Consequently the US Dollar has always been a traditional stable safe haven currency. (The last thing anyone wants, is, to have all their paper assets in in a currency that has crashed and is worthless.)

Enter former CIA asset gone rogue Saddam Hussein, threatening to sell his OIL with other currencies. Enter "Shock and Awe" invasion of Iraq......supposedly to find weapons of mass destruction, but they never found any.....oh yes, and 911 which Iraq had nothing to do with. IT WAS CURRENCY THREAT. This was the REAL reason for that invasion. invasion complete and Iraq is back to only accepting U.S. currency for their oil.

Daffy Qaddafi (Lybia) was going to do the same thing.....and he is GONE now! Remember Hellary's joke "we came, we saw ....and he's gone! Ha, Ha."

Message to the world??? You don't mess with the stability of the U.S. Dollar.

Enter China, now introducing the first GOLD Backed Currency. Now what? Will people flood to it and cause the U.S. fiat currency to crash??

Its a high risk move by China, who now has their own Million man army and subs, and satellites, and ships, etc.

The PetroDollar:

The Federal Reserve The Engine of POWER:

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

Youtube: The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)