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u/RainyDayRose · 11 pointsr/konmari

For reference, discarding took about 4.5 months in my 1400 sq foot home and two storage sheds. I have started working on deep cleaning, upgrading necessary yet ugly items, and storage/organizing. I expect this to take another two months. I am watching "Clean My Space" and "Home Organizing by" channels on YouTube now to help with the process.

I am trying to keep in mind getting products out of original packaging, if possible, to limit exposure to constant advertising in my home. I am choosing to spend quite a bit on higher quality products that I love and expect to last many years. Fortunately, I have a budget that allows for some luxuries.


I started with my closet and these great baskets from the container store The closet has a built in shoe organizer and I used my label maker to indicate what style shoes go on which shelf – heels, sandals, sneakers, flats and boots. I also labeled the shelf for each basket. Clothes hangers are all white. They used to be all kinds of colors, and I realized that white is more calming. I am now using these for my socks and undies since konmari folding did not quite work for me on those items The folding works great for most of my other clothes. I am still pondering how to organize the nightstand drawers.


I bought a couple of 10" bamboo lazy susans for keeping my oils and vinegars organized in my cabinets. I bought some refrigerator organization units from InterDesign and the Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce savers. I intend to get Oxo food storage containers for dry goods.
I upgraded to these measuring spoons and these measuring cups

When I was discarding in my kitchen I found I did not really love my dinnerware so I got this set plus matching lunch sized plates. I love the simple clean lines and the durability of the product. I downsized from a 12 person setting to 6 and it is great.


Have not done much here yet. I don’t have much need for storage organization in the cabinets. Still considering what I want to do with the drawers. Right now the drawers are still organized with small cardboard boxes from Glossybox, a cut down cereal box, and an empty jigsaw puzzle box. I upgraded my plunger and brush to nice stainless steel containers, and got a toilet paper holder that matches them


I replaced my bulky plastic basket with this It now hangs on a Command Hook next to the washer.


I have repacked the car kit and 72 hour emergency kits in these for my car and my son's car. ttp:// We live in an area prone to natural disasters so I like to be prepared wherever we are. I bought a car trash container ( and created a little kit in a ziplock bag in the glovebox with essentials. Also, found tissues in a round container that fits perfectly in the door cup holder. I also bought a set of matching reusable grocery bags ( so I don’t have the mismatched set. Finally, I have these on order ( Not organization related, just something I have been thinking that I needed for safety.


I reassessed what is in my purse. I used a couple small cosmetics bags that I had on hand and now have many things I wished I had at various times. Everything is neatly organized and I know exactly what is in there and why I have it. Everything from safety pins, to pen and notebook (, to a tiny flashlight, a granola bar in case I am out and hungry, a tide stain remover pen, a tiny Band-Aid package, tiny measuring tape (, my phone, my wallet, and my keys are always on the little hook. Not exactly Konmari minimalism, but those are all things that I wished I had at various times and I am happy that I will not be caught without again. It is a medium size purse, packed just right, with stuff easily accessible.

Home office

I have not done much there yet, but this drawer organizer is working pretty well

Command center

I am currently working on a “Command Center” to keep clutter off the kitchen counter. I have not purchased anything for that yet. I am writing down ideas, measuring, and considering products.

Other random stuff:

I moved my CDs into a holder and they now live on a Command Hook in my car. For movies I transferred them to these Sleeves and they now live in a small drawer in my living room. I tossed the packaging because it was bulky and does not give me joy.

I am using these in my linen closet This box for my jewelry

Not related to organizing, but I am loving these brushes for getting tiny spaces clean. So much better than an old toothbrush.

If you made it this far, congrats. Something that I have noticed is that I can now shop with confidence, I can easily toss or donate the old unloved items, and I am organized enough to return those few items that don’t work as well as I hoped. My home feels much more open and inviting. I know where everything is and my clear vision is starting to come to fruition.

u/ryzzie · 5 pointsr/konmari

So for wall mounted TVs I recommend a cable raceway (similar to this) to disguise the cable on the wall. You can adhere to the wall with command strips or other double-stick.

You can also use this for the lamp cord. I recommend moving the lamp closer to the wall. If there is excess cord, you can often feed it back into the lamp base. If your lamp base doesn't have a bottom, you can neatly (and gently) coil (DO NOT CREASE) the excess cord and secure with cable ties (I like this stuff because it only takes a little, and it's repositionable, unlike zip-ties).

As far as the power brick and excess cord to the wall...I would recommend placing an entertainment center (games????) OR some kind of decorative something that sparks JOY! Maybe something that can function as storage for something you need in the room, but don't want laying about (remote controls, etc).

Pro-tip: it may be tempting to pull cords SUPER tight, but keep a little slack to ensure the cable isn't being bent at the connectors.

Good luck, and please share your end solution with us!

u/MacPho13 · 2 pointsr/konmari

Your closet sounds similar to mine.

We bought these and they work great and fit on the shelves quite well. Perfect for jeans! I can fit 6 pairs of my jeans and my husband can fit 4 of his. He’s a bit taller than me.

They’re also good for sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I purchased a smaller size for tees and tanks.

There is room to hang clothes under the bottom shelf in our closet. Instead of hanging clothes I put a shoe rack there and a low and kinda wide plastic set of drawers.

We already had our shoe rack, but it’s similar to this.

My plastic drawer set is one piece, but the size of like two of these put together. (I found mine at TJ Maxx and haven’t seen another one in store or online.)

Something like this may work well for you too.

u/smom · 10 pointsr/konmari

You should really read 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam . It has great worksheets and questions to help you clarify your time to what you really want. I truly consider it a KonMari type book for your schedule. Good luck!

u/vapidscreenname · 2 pointsr/konmari

Pare it down. Good cooks don't really need a "wide variety" of implements and tools. You can make great food with very few tools. Especially if you love to cook (as do I), you should rise to the challenge. Pare down the silverware too. Just minimize the entire kitchen.

Check out The Itty Bitty Kitchen Handbook for ideas. Rachel Khoo moved to Paris to go to culinary school and was cooking up five-course French meals in her kitchen that consisted of something like one hot plate and a college size fridge.

u/sarautu · 3 pointsr/konmari

if I'm gonna keep it, I want to store it efficiently.

i got a lucite tea holder like this that does a good job of keeping my teas fresh & visible. I'm only allowed to buy a new box when there's enough room in the lucite to unpack it. The box is stackable.

I try not to buy many spices, but when I do, I keep them forever. As long as their tops are tight, it takes less space (and they're easier to see) if you stack them sideways rather than storing them upright. You don't need a fancy caddy, just let the bottles nestle together as they stack. The ones with flared bottoms can be recessed back a quarter inch. Write/draw the spice name on the lid with a sharpie. The spices you use most often will work their way to the top, which is also informative.

Vinegar & other dried goods, I have nothin' for ya. Just keep like-with-like in one area of the cupboard near the stove.

u/sugarcane_valley · 1 pointr/konmari

I feel you!!

Actually, I have a big kitchen in terms of square footage, but zero storage space. Basically a big room with a double sink, fridge, and stove lol. And kitchen clutter drives me nuts, but my husband is a serious cook and we have an amazingly well-stocked kitchen.

I've had to basically use various freestanding items for counter space and storage. Perhaps the most impactful item that I think would be good for you is a tall shelf for pots n pans. Something like this from Amazon. (Mine is from the thrift store and made of wood, but served the same purpose of holding big heavy pots and pans).

After finding 5 big thrift store items to try to make my kitchen usable, I then bought a few things full price. I did this because I wanted things with very specific measurements to make the most of the remaining space!

I still have no drawers or cabinets with doors, just lots of open shelving.

I sew, so I plan to make some curtains to cover at least some of my open shelving at some point. That will help with the overwhelmed feeling I think.

u/bighatcat · 7 pointsr/konmari

not quite what you are talking about but cool with regard to "stuff" and what people around the world own ... or what might own them

this book has people remove everything from their dwelling and display / arrange it all in front of their home

fascinating to see the differences in what we own in all the different places around the world

u/RoaringCrow · 9 pointsr/konmari

[But it is!](The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story XD

u/Photon_Man62 · 6 pointsr/konmari

There is one, this page is from it :D
I read it a few days ago and it's very cutely done, good overview of the KonMari principles.

u/sarah_awesome · 3 pointsr/konmari

I bought 2 of these hanging jewelry organizers for my jewelry. I love it because I can see everything!

u/remembertosmilebot · 2 pointsr/konmari

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


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u/HeartyRadish · 1 pointr/konmari

If you don't like the look of your own handwriting, there are pre-written label sets available. I've seen them on Amazon in a couple of different fonts and shapes.

I have this set of jars - love how I can see all of the jar tops and quickly find things, plus the use of vertical space. I didn't like the labels that came with it, and bought labels like these, but with black text.

u/sillybun99 · 1 pointr/konmari

For the non-minimalists, there's storage. I got myself one of these 9 cubby storage cubes for the kids' toys, along with a bunch of collapsible dollar store bins. I don't expect that I'll move with just items in a compact car anymore, but I still favor furniture that transports in as little space as possible.

u/dovesnravens · 6 pointsr/konmari

She loosely follows Shintō.

Edit: I do not practice Shintō but did like this book on it:

u/kittens-in-teacups · 29 pointsr/konmari

A bit awkward in its writing/translation like Marie's books, but it's worth it.

Edit: I just scrolled down to the product description on that page and the first thing it mentions (!): “Marie Kondo, but for your brain.” —HelloGiggles

u/Mameification · 5 pointsr/konmari

I just finished "Stuff", a book about hoarding. It gave me some perspective about why people hoard, and some treatment plans therapists have used effectively.

u/twinkiesnketchup · 1 pointr/konmari

I really recommend the side track home executive system for people with depression and anxiety. It’s a very simple system to start and it teaches you how to look at your life in small doable increments. Sidetracked Home Executives(TM): From Pigpen to Paradise

u/vfj · 8 pointsr/konmari

Is there any reason you couldn't use a pot rack like this? I've always wanted one but don't have the ceiling for it!

u/dbkooopa · 5 pointsr/konmari

I have a very curious cat, and I also have some sentimental, breakable items that I'd like to keep in once piece, but also have out on shelves. I invested in some museum putty, and every single thing in my home that isn't food has survived his antics.

u/EmergencyShit · 1 pointr/konmari

What about getting something like this?

Tall shoes can live on the top rack or on the floor next to it, everything is visible.

u/RadioPixie · 3 pointsr/konmari

Konmari is a nickname for Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up -- here's a link to purchase the book on Amazon (or check your local library!). She has a second book called Spark Joy but you're meant to read TLCMOTU first because you need to reduce the amount of things you have before deciding how to store and organize it (which is what the second book covers).

u/FlamingoInASnowstorm · 3 pointsr/konmari

Not ideal for your necklaces, but I use a hanging organizer with pockets (link)

u/iloveGMOs · 0 pointsr/konmari

You lost me, but mentioning her book reminded me that Kondo has another book (a novel) coming out in June.