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u/NoeWalfred · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

It's twice as heavy but seven times more practical that's just the comprise with having a better tool. It can nail things bigger than a frame nail, stakes longer than 20cm, split wood thicker than a soft drink tin, etc.

For a similar weight as this hammer multitool you can have a dry wall hammer if you want to sacrifice chopping, nailing, and prying, etc.

If you want a multitool for utility that you would normally carry you can get a better multitool that weights between 30-70% less but is 140-300% more useful.

This is a cheap one with pliers which is something I tend to want with my multi tools along with scissors.

But for the same capabilities you could just get one of these.

u/Anomaly1134 · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

Ohh, I misunderstood. I did see this, but as someone who loves collecting survival gear, I think you would be way better off buying another premade kid with higher quality. [Tactical Stocking Package] ( )

u/SnappyCrunch · 3 pointsr/mallninjashit

What brand was it? I have the larger Kikkerland samurai umbrella, and it's one of the best umbrellas I've ever owned. Solid construction and makes a satisfying "thunk" sound when it opens.

u/Dark_Shroud · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

What I love about the Amazon listing is two actual tools that are shown in the similar items section. They're a third of the MSRP and far more practical.

Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55-120 FuBar III

Dead On AN18 18-Inch Annihilator Utility and Wrecking Bar

Honorable mention:

Trucker's Friend All Purpose Survival Tool-Made in the USA

u/Migizille · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

Here's a link to a similar one without the shovel.

TERRATAC Tactical Christmas Stocking Gift Kit PLUS Survival Gear Bundles (Tactical Stocking Gift Kit Level 1 (Black))

Edit: Level 2 of the stocking has the shovel.

u/underpaidworker · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

That’s the assassin dagger from Amazon. It looks pretty cool until you flip it over and the sheath has philips head screws holding it together.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Dark Assassin Dagger with Sheath

u/namesbrent · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

I got this knife for $8 a couple years back, it's a really good knife!

u/letsgocrazy · 12 pointsr/mallninjashit

Ten thing's your doctor won't tell you about your cpap machine...

It's just too good

u/wangatanga · 11 pointsr/mallninjashit

This is the same guy who wrote Street Sword: Practical Use of the Long Blade for Self-Defense. A true mall ninja through and through.

u/Justice_Prince · 21 pointsr/mallninjashit

I like how this is the frequesntly bought together item.

u/derpleberryfinn · 147 pointsr/mallninjashit

wow it is really really hard to say

> (description of linked book, "SHORTHAND EMPTY HAND") - In this brief text, Phil Elmore, publisher of The MartialistT: The Magazine For Those Who Fight Unfairly, outlines his curriculum for an "expedient system of stylized fighting." The program is presented as "self-defense for the average citizen."

holy shit this is solid gold

here, this is the description for "Street Sword"

> The sword has been a brutally effective weapon for thousands of years, but try to find instruction on using one for self-defense today and you're liable to find nothing but books written by dojo-dwelling, gi-wearing martial artists hung up on ancient traditions and picture-perfect stances.


pls note that he is carrying a katana, a weapon notorious for requiring years of training because it will break if you don't swing it exactly right

> For the modern sword aficionado looking for real-world advice, author and pragmatic martial artist Phil Elmore wipes the slate clean with Street Sword. Despite attempts by elitists to romanticize, deify or otherwise elevate it into a mystical artifact, Elmore treats the sword like a tool for delivering force, period.

once again, he's not carrying a longsword or some other kind of sword actually capable of "delivering force"

> It is a mundane object that obeys the laws of physics, just like any other weapon. Street Sword will give you a framework in which to use the sword as a functional, practical weapon in today's violent world,

i'm very interested in seeing the part where he justifies the practicality of even carrying a sword

> quickly providing an understanding of the simple physics involved, as well as concepts like timing and distance.

"if he's about six feet away, you should swing. if he is about 20 feet away, you should not swing. NEXT CHAPTER:"

> Reading this book won't help you win a colored belt or an Olympic fencing medal, but it may be invaluable if a knife-wielding thug ever comes crawling through your bedroom window one dark night.

because you can throw it at the knife-wielding thug and he might get a nasty papercut

u/kplrrlpk · 30 pointsr/mallninjashit

you answered my question regarding the auto-baton, so i'll throw you a bone, kid.

United Cutlery M48 Tactical Cyclone

edit: here is my favourite review from the amazon page:

Very, very, very, fricken wicked excellent backup, now what I'm not okay with but it's really nothing is the case that came with it not secure enough. But overall this is a Badd mutha shut you mouth lookout Zombies I got the one hitter quiter.

couldn't make this up if i tried


u/SGTSHOOTnMISS · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

I found this one for nearly half a dollar cheaper, I own the red one to cut tape off boxes.

u/MaNiFeX · 9 pointsr/mallninjashit

I prefer Short-hand Empty-hand. Really cuts to the meat of the subject.

u/corpseflakes · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

Ace Martial Arts Supply Full Tang Tactical Blade Katana/Ninja Sword/Machete/Throwing Knife, Black, 27-Inch

I have one. The throwing knives need sharpening and the sheath sucks.

u/funfungiguy · 8 pointsr/mallninjashit

I told my mom I need some Phil Elmore books so I can defend myself and at my school and she bought me Then Things Doctors Won't Tell You About Your CPAP Machine.

I haven't saved up enough money for a CPAP machine yet, but when I do I'll know all the secrets about how to use it as a weapon.

u/occasionallyacid · 6 pointsr/mallninjashit

You're fucking shitting me, it's real.

u/aoisdufhaoisudhf · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

> I'm not lacking in education on the subject and I know bluffing when I see it.

I don't believe you, and I think you're bluffing. If you had a formal education you wouldn't assert the independence of political theory from moral theory. You'd also have at least a superfluous understanding of universals. So I call bullshit right back at you.

> You've spent most of your time referencing things that you won't name. Put a name to something. I also don't need a philosophical reference to many of my questions, I just need a direct answer.

I've spent most of my time trying to explain collectivism. I've been explicit. You've spent most of the time not listening.

I'm not going to type out and explain basic concepts to you. If I need to define philosophy froom the ground up we're not going to get anywhere. But we obvisouly don't see eye to eye wrt. the definitions ethics and politics. The suggestion you pick up a book was not meat as an insult, it was sincere. As to which book I really don't care. Anything they use in HS or at freshman-level in college should presumably cover everything we've talked about, except perhaps how properties relate to entities. Literally go and type "Philosophy 101 on Amazon". This came up for me.

> How do you define a business?

The fact that you choose to focus on this is another reason why I don't believe you've got any formal training in philosophy whatsoever. This isn't the core of what we're discussing and won't help to progress the conversation in any way. I would be Googling moral agency in your place.

I'll answer anyways: I'm fine with how wiki defines it: "A company is a legal entity made up of an association of people (...)" (Emphasis mine)

In the context of our discussion, it's a means to an end - a formalized cooperative venture between moral agents. The end in qustion can be altruistic or egoistic, but the company itself can't have moral agency.

u/Rlopesyan · 2 pointsr/mallninjashit


It's a steal at only $86!

u/glynstlln · 5 pointsr/mallninjashit

I was going to say at least $2,000 because of the two JagdKommando's however upon closer inspection, those aren't even official JagdKommando knifes, they are crappy knock-offs.

u/youwantmetoeatawhat · 1 pointr/mallninjashit

> I should have expected you'd be really well versed in fantasy.

I don't know what you are implying.

>was surprised you attempted to inflict insult using, what, 18th century(? 17th century?) fairytales?

I made a pun and you lost your shit. You are making a point or sense at all.

You do need to read a book