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u/tunggach 路 1 pointr/maybemaybemaybe

I have this thing, my cats quite like it too, but this one seems so much more interesting

u/rinikulous 路 3 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe

You should checkout Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett.

Amazing read with detailed how-to鈥檚 that have the physio-science to help you understand your body and how it operates.. for athletes or desk jockeys (especially desk jockeys.. sitting prone for 40+ a week is horrible for your physical well being).

u/LemmeSplainIt 路 2 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe

Someone above posted a link to the uk amazon version, I found it cheaper on the US amazon site. It is a crepe pan, though can be used for a few other purposes as well.

u/Versaiteis 路 31 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe

There's all sorts of variations of these "useless boxes", usually people make their own because they're not really hard.

You can find them made or you can opt to assemble it yourself.

Or you can try learning a bit about electronics and treat it like an arts and crafts project by constructing one yourself. They're not terribly complex. If you want to then upgrade it with more complicated logic you can upgrade it to an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi to do some crazy things while learning about programming.

u/benmagoo1 路 3 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe

Smart to have an actual tube of lotion.

If I was a girl I鈥檇 use these tampon flasks

u/barrymccockner76 路 1 pointr/maybemaybemaybe

I use the one in this video. Mine didn鈥檛 come with the laser site but I just ordered the one on the buddy鈥檚 second link above.

u/NWVoS 路 3 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe

That's why you buy something like this and trap them. You also get the toddler onboard to distract the younger ones.

u/EverGlow89 路 6 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe

That's where you're wrong, kiddo

Seriously, we have 5 cats and just bought two of these. They work and it seems like they don't associate the spray with the object so once you remove it from the forbidden area, they still don't want to go back after it gets them a couple times. It's working on all of them.

It seems a little mean but all it does is startle them. And I like that I don't have to yell at them.