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Scare Box Spider Prank
Material: woodStartles and scares even the most stoic! Funny and easy to use.Just set it out and let curiosity take over.Everyone loves a little harmless prank and a wiggly rubber spider!The gift that keeps on giving - he the outer!
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11 Reddit comments about Scare Box Spider Prank:

u/fickle_fuck · 17 pointsr/gifsthatkeepongiving

Ok, how about $1.84 and free shipping? Well it was free shipping when I ordered it a while ago.

At any rate, there's plenty of cheap options on Amazon.

u/papamajama · 14 pointsr/maybemaybemaybe
u/MakinBaconErrDay · 12 pointsr/bettafish

They asked me if I had gotten one of their coupons and handed me a box like this. Got startled when the spider hit my finger haha. They must have been giving betta to anyone who fell for it?

u/AeroZep · 3 pointsr/gifsthatkeepongiving

This one is $1.84 and free shipping.

u/sanz01 · 3 pointsr/funny
u/bigsquirrel · 1 pointr/ofcoursethatsathing

Or a $5 Alternative

That is also “Amazons Choice” scammy ass bullshit

u/Mynameisalloneword · 1 pointr/gifsthatkeepongiving

Amazon link for about $20.

I bought one about a year ago and took it to work. Got just about everybody lol definitely worth the buy if you have at least a few others to try to get with it.