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u/airbridge-atl · 24 pointsr/newzealand

The simple answer is that a better distribution is significantly less unequal than 1/10th = 50%+ of wealth.

There is a really large base of empirical data that shows a clear trend that more unequal societies have diminishing returns on aspects of quality of life for EVERYONE including the most wealthy and their lifespan (See: )

Inequality is associated less societal trust, empathy, effectiveness of social institutions and social services. Rich people in super unequal places have to spend money on security services and other things that rich people in places with well funded, distributed transport and social services etc. don't have to deal with.

u/travelinghobbit · 2 pointsr/newzealand

Oh gosh, I have all sorts of favorite NZ books.

Witi Ihimeara's The Whale Rider and Where's Waari? a collection of short stories are two of my favourite books. Ask the Posts of the House is another one. I love all Ihimeara's work. Another book I love is Keri Hulme's The Bone People.

The best one I would go with, if you can find it, is Where's Waari? He's collected short stories from throughout NZ's literary history and put them together in an anthology to tell the story of the Maori. It's one of my favourite books, right up there with Lord of the Rings.

u/Thesundancer · 1 pointr/newzealand

Just my 2 cents here, but if you want to understand our history a little more, I recommend Fairness and Freedom. It compares NZ and the US so will help you to understand our culture and indigenous rights history against the background of your own history, which in turn might help you to understand the comparison a little more.

u/robtw · 9 pointsr/newzealand

I read it. It's a short book that disgusts you with every page - these are not the people I want influencing government. I strongly recommend everyone read it - especially National supporters: among other things, it documents an attempt from an extremist right-wing faction to hijack the party and drag it further and further to the extreme.

The media coverage has focussed on juicy "allegations" which do not do the book justice, and give Key single things which he can deny and then make blatantly untrue statements like "Hager's claims are dissolving before his eyes".

If you're not sure that you want to read it, try the free Kindle sample:

u/Sataz · 5 pointsr/newzealand

This is a really good read: Trial of the Cannibal Dog "This vivid book retells the story of Captain Cook’s great voyages in the South Seas, focusing on the encounters between the explorers and the island peoples they “discovered.”"

u/murl · 2 pointsr/newzealand

> I suggest one of the reasons there was a WWII was to destroy Hitler for successfully challenging the private foreign Central Bank, for restoring economic prosperity to Germany through Germany being able to issue it's own currency.


There is a very informative book you might enjoy,


u/x5cp · 3 pointsr/newzealand

Most things will be cheaper if you buy from the US but some things may not be significantly cheaper to justify the extra hassle of buying from overseas.

Look at this ram for example 16GB ddr4 ram on Amazon = US$75.73 (NZ$109.47) or buy in New Zealand from pcforce and it would cost $229.00. So you save ~$119.53 (depending on currency fluctuations).

However if the item if over $400 you will have to pay GST + Import fees of $50 and it is then usually cheaper to buy in New Zealand.

u/hylni821 · 21 pointsr/newzealand

Michael King wrote a great book, the Penguin History of New Zealand

u/Fensterbrat · 4 pointsr/newzealand

I have read the book published by the scientists who gave the TED talk I linked, which is probably the best-known book on this subject. In the introduction they dealt with the question of causality at length. If you are truly interested in the subject matter then I would highly recommend giving it a read.

E: Also note that this discussion is about inequality, not poverty. The two are not synonymous. Incidentally, an interesting feature of inequality is that its negative impacts are not confined to the poor but reach right across society.

u/MrCyn · 1 pointr/newzealand

This really helped me, it is written by the guy who pioneered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, so its not just full of empty platitudes but actual strategies and advice on how to help

u/loonybonkersmad · 11 pointsr/newzealand

It's only $20 on Amazon.

Let's support local publishers and authors.

u/Krillo90 · 3 pointsr/newzealand

You might be interested in checking out Fairness and Freedom.

u/[deleted] · -5 pointsr/newzealand

It's a gem for anyone interested:

Average rating of 4/5.

u/Mrrrp · 5 pointsr/newzealand

E-book edition:

I wouldn't expect the Warehouse to stock anything more serious than the latest ghost-written All-Black autobiography on special for Father's Day.

u/OkImJustSayin · 2 pointsr/newzealand

Well I was looking at 200gb myself, as my s7 has Max SD capacity of 200gb. It's $109.7NZD including shipping and tax. Here. Pbtech charging $195.. Down from, get this, $500.. Lol

u/Just_made_this_now · 3 pointsr/newzealand

Not sure, but don't see why not. Though if you're thinking of getting a higher capacity one, then Amazon is much cheaper, especially when on sale.

128GB ones are about 50 USD incl. shipping normally.

Samsung Evo Plus 128GB

SanDisk Ultra 128GB

PNY Elite 128GB

For a 200GB one, currently 75 USD incl. shipping :

SanDisk Ultra 200GB

FWIW, I bought a 32GB Samsung Evo+ a week or so ago from The Warehouse for $15 ($20 atm) - it's $22 "on sale" at PB.

u/bugwug · 2 pointsr/newzealand

Sure looks like a scam. The biggest flash drive I found on Amazon is 1TB from Kingston selling for US$879

u/BenoNZ · 2 pointsr/newzealand

He should stick to reading cat paws..

It's on Amazon:
Help the poor guy out he must need the money.

u/hsmithakl · 1 pointr/newzealand

Waaaaaaaaaaaah that's why I was gonna do this in the PM. It's this one

u/CharlieBrownBoy · 6 pointsr/newzealand

According to the book Sapiens the Maori wiped out around 60% of NZ's native species before Europeans arrived. Similar story with the Aborigines in Australia.

Yes they like to claim they lived on the land harmoniously, but they first caused a lot of damage before they learnt to do so.

u/propsie · 10 pointsr/newzealand

If you can't be bothered to type the vowels in "people", why should we be bothered to do your research for you.

Read Fairness and Freedom