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u/IpumplikeaMachine · 1 pointr/redpillbooks

suggestion: i am the same, i can't read pdfs, but honestly if you want to read more, and better this is what you do, you get a kindle, honestly you wont regret ever buying one, mainly because you can read technically anything from pdfs, to txt, files to pretty much anything out there, also download a sofware called caliber for your computer man, this sofware allows you to convert book file to readable files on kindle, like, pdfs, epubs, and other formats into a azw or mobi files, aka the best versions book files to read on a kindle.

I recommend buying a kindle right now because of the black friday special man, FUCK!! even make a sticked post to that offers, because is so much better to buy really right at this second, i personally have the 'shittiest version' of a kindle which is a paper white with no backlight built in, which helps my eyes and not fuck up my sleep later, which is bomb because with a kindle you can put any pdfs in there and read them like they were books, instead of that uncomfortable reading on a screen, i undertand m8 been there done that. anything is technically a tablet, aka the fucking fire hd, or whatever and really open the possibility for me to be a chump and instead of actually reading books, aka the primary purpose of the kindle device, they make me prone to spend my time in facebook and watch porn which entirely defeats the purpose, MAKE IT HAPPEN DUDE

the special offer is probably like fucking 50 bucks, or 70 bucks if you don't want those fucking annoying ads,(for the cheapest kindle aka what i got and recommend),and is 50 bucks even with a 2 year guarantee, which is bomb!!, i know i am being a fucking fanatic of a kindle right now and giving amazon a fallatio but really you can't go wrong buying one of those fuckers, fuck even a 30 dollar kindle, old version aka a kindle touch, will do, lets make this happen dude. I promise you wont regret the purchase of a kindle, because although its technically 50 bucks right now, or a black friday special/cyber monday,

JUST checked it, and the offer is over SORRY BUD, but DON't DREAD!!! even at its regular price 79 plus tax about, 100 buck with guarantee and everything, which is by the way the price i paid when i didn't know they were going to have a black friday special and buying it pre-black friday, so even if you buy it at regular price of about 100 bucks, with ads, which can be made more clearly but not entirely get rid of those fucking ads if you follow, this video and get semi rid of those shit ads, anyaway i know you missed the deal BUT even then is still a good deal because say you buy the cheapest version of the kindle, the paper white, by downloading, aka stealing i mean permanently borrowing a pdf, the content itself worth about ranging from 10-17 dollars, in about 5-10 pdfs you permanently keep, and read you technically keep your money in in reading pdfs, which you permanently borrowed from the internet, in about ten to five, pdfs or ^^orbooksyoudidn'tpaidfor the kindle would of paid with itself no problem, in other words is an investment on you, because you want knowledge to make yourself better person, and that in itself is fucking priceless man, trust me, Okay if you don't believe me that a kindle is a good purchase, i will give you permission to bitchslap me and ban me or whatever you want man, i don't speak right out of my ass specially on recommending shit, and i have provided enough evidence for that if i say so myself, and even if you feel guilt from toreenting or stealing books, even just from the free legal kindle books from /r/FreeEBOOKS itself you get pretty good books that in it of itself you are very well set off, and the kindle pays for itself, in around ten books read flat, make it happen SE17!! i swear of god.

u/1ron_giant · 2 pointsr/redpillbooks

I would like to participate.

Here are three books that might fit the theme.

CJ Chivers "The Gun" - Well written and details the development of the AK-47 which has impacted men's lives for three generations now.

Geoff Colvin "Talent Is Overrated" - We are all trying to change ourselves for the better. That takes focus and determination. This book is definitely echoing that view.

Dean Karnazes, "Ultramarathon Man" - Good biography about a man transforming himself. Lots of fuck yeah moments.

*All three of these have audiobook versions availible from Audible so that could be a boon for the dyslexic amoungst us who have issues reading.

Of the three I would say Talent Is Overrated would probably prompt more discussion. The Ultramarathon Man might be good for a working out themed choice. The Gun is just a damn good book that combines politics, engineering and war.

u/cataloging_books · 1 pointr/redpillbooks

The Seven Laws of Seduction: How to Attract Beautiful Women and Enjoy a Supercharged Sex Life

u/Imadeitforgood · 2 pointsr/redpillbooks

this is a book in seddit that got recommended a while back and it seems legit but i haven't around to read it manhood

u/Ojisan1 · 6 pointsr/redpillbooks

It's 7 bucks.

Pay for what you consume from another man's labor.

Consider that your first step towards enlightenment.