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u/furuta · 5 pointsr/redsox

This book came out this year and has been getting pretty awesome reviews.

If they don't already have it, this is fantastic.

I have one of these and love it.

Should be good to go with any of those things, depending on your price point and what kind of stuff they may like.

u/MonsterIt · 2 pointsr/redsox

YES! This is a great decision.

You need to read Faithful which accounts for the greatest season in Red Sox history.

Also, you need to watch some old playoff games, preferably from the 2007 season.

u/TiedinHistory · 4 pointsr/redsox

Well, he did write an entire book on the team. He's mostly an Expos guy IIRC, but he probably harbors some feelings for the intelligently run Rays

u/cgiall420 · 1 pointr/redsox

Also, it's not like Sandy just slipped getting out of the shower one day and injured himself--this fantastic book details all the trouble he went through in the years leading up to his retirement. Amazing to think what he could have done if he were really healthy.

u/AndyDwyer · 3 pointsr/redsox

Supposedly that's how the whole cryogenic thing works. I think.

Also, if you're interested in interesting biographies, check out this biography of Williams. They don't even wait to get to the end to address the cryogenic decapitation. It's literally the first thing they talk about.

Also, here's a link to a guy who went as Ted Williams for Halloween.

u/juice06870 · 3 pointsr/redsox

That is a great book. If you haven't read "Faithful" by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan you need to make that the next book on your list. I read it back in 2005 or 2006 and I think it's time to read it again...

u/djlawrence3557 · 1 pointr/redsox

stitch/seem ripper All of my New Era and '47 brand hats are logo-less now. I've even taken a lot of the back-band stitching out of the franchise hats which makes it shaped like a franchise, but appear like an on-field. Give it a shot on one of your older hats.

u/kellersphoenix · 1 pointr/redsox

I think there was a section in About the Bnai Bagels where some diehard fan has her ashes scattered at her favorite stadium. As a kid, I didn't think that was all that weird.

u/shabinka · 2 pointsr/redsox

Pint glasses, shot glasses, if they are in to books I highly recommend Faithful.

u/littleike0 · 6 pointsr/redsox
u/barack_galifianakis · 2 pointsr/redsox

I use a bunch of different Sakura Pigma pens. If you like to draw I can't recommend them enough.

u/CargoCulture · 1 pointr/redsox

Step 1: buy Varitek jersey

Step 2: go to Faneuil Hall before July 25

Step 3: Find Jason Varitek selling cupcakes

Step 4: buy cupcake, get autograph on jersey

u/fingers-crossed · 3 pointsr/redsox

I got this one cause it had pretty good reviews, charges kinda slow but other than that no complaints.

I got the apple silicone case for now but i just got mine recently too might switch it up later on.