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u/UwasaWaya · 2 pointsr/tampa

New to Tampa hookah enthusiast here... take time and research what you're looking for. Ordering online might not be a bad idea. If you're looking to share with a group, one that rotates is a great idea, otherwise you might end up having a friend you've known from highschool burn holes in your carpet as she stumbles after an intense drinking game in which she only drank vodka and sprite.

Smaller ones are nice if it's just you or you and an SO, and you can find tiny hookahs for about $20 at the tobacco store near K-Mart in... Lutz? Land O' Lakes? Still learning the lay of the land. Also, not sure if that hookah's any good. Sometimes they're a bit of a gamble.

Also, try a bunch of different flavors. Al Fakher and Fantasia are two of mine... Al Fakher being great on flavor and smoke, Fantasia having lots of molasses and an unusual assortment of flavors. Haven't had a lot of luck with Starbreeze, but some friends swear by it. I highly recommend Fantasia's Mai Tai and Rainbow and Al Fakher's Grape with Berry. They're usually crowd pleasers.

In regards to coals, we used the quick light coals for a long time but ended up switching to Coco Nara coconut shell coals. I highly, highly recommend Coco Nara. They need to be lit on a stove, but they burn forever, don't taste as 'burny' as the quick lights, burn forever and leave a much smaller mess. You can buy these at Raa's Specialty Foods on 54 (I think that's where it is), near Bosco's Italian.

As for the bowl, couple of tips... if you can find a bowl and metal screen combo that fit together, get that. It's nicer and less wasteful than aluminum foil. Make sure when you pack the bowl the shisha isn't touching the screen/foil above it, otherwise it'll burn and taste like Satan is violating your throat. If you use foil, poke lots of little holes but a few large ones that go through the shisha.

A couple of neat accessories are ice tips, which will require a special hose (sadly, we don't have these yet... need a job first. lol), but let you freeze them ahead of time for a crazy smooth smoke. It also kills the flavor of some of the shisha you'll find, so experiment.

Of course, always use fresh water each time. We've tried things like sangria and flavored waters before, and they're... weird. Not bad, but very mild. A handful of mint leaves is nice though.

Anywho, sorry to rant, but I love meeting other hookah enthusiasts. I had a lot of bumpy starts getting used to using hookah, but it's become a favorite thing of ours in the evening while we're writing or watching tv.

If you have any questions, by all means feel free to shoot me a PM. And if you find any awesome hookah places, please tell me!

We just moved to Tampa, so we aren't really settled, but maybe we'll see you around sometime!

EDIT: Also, make sure you get extra grommets for the bowl and maybe a few for where the hose meets the body, just to ensure a snug fit. They can melt if you have the hookah burning for too many consecutive bowls.

TL:DR Why name a Chinese food restaurant 'Ichiban'?

u/mvmntsofthemind · 2 pointsr/tampa

Yeah it is a long drive, but just get up early and drive out there, takes a couple hours, and trust me, it's worth it. In Ocala, you can hike all day, then setup camp, and then walk over and go swimming in a spring, two nights in a row. But you need to either hike with a partner and self shuttle, or pay someone to drop you off on the other end of the trail. But definitely you want some easier overnights under your belt. I think Hillsborough and Starkey would be good shakedown hikes.

  1. Water. There's a million ways to make water, this way is one of the best. Get two smartwater bottles, 1 or 1.5L each, and a sawyer squeeze, and a tornado tube. The tornado tube lets you mate any standard water/soda bottle or bladder onto both ends of the sawyer filter. Just fill up the bladder with dirty water, and roll the bag to force water through the filter. Clean, drinkable water comes out the other side into your smartwater bottles. 3L is plenty of capacity for this area. Most times you will only need one bottle, but it's nice to have the second so you can fill it up before getting into camp. You can also add to this kit a 20oz water or soda bottle with the top cut off. This is a cheap, light "scoop", that let's you scoop up standing water and pour it into the sawyer bladder. you'll find it's hard to fill that bladder otherwise if you're trying to use water that isn't moving. (Remember, you can boil water to purify it, but this is florida and boiled swamp water is still swamp water, you'll want to filter it for it to be palatable.)

  2. I am guessing you have a backpacking stove. If not, get one, and you'll need a ultralight cookpot. To start, a msr pocket rocket or micro-rocket is a good beginner's system. (I use alcohol stove, but you can work up to that later). You'll also need a cookpot. My lightweight, cheap option of choice is the imusa 12cm pot, which you can find at walmart for about $8. Bring a bandana or something to hold it though, because it gets HOT. You'll use this to boil water for cooking foods. I've had every one of these recipes, and they are all solid, and cheap to make from common grocery store items. The portions and cooking instructions are all dialed in too.

    Edit: alcohol is cheaper, and since you're student, if you want advice on making an alcohol stove, you can start here:
u/jwd2a · 1 pointr/tampa

Welcome (almost)! You'll love it down here. Check the sidebar about places to live, that's a good place to start. As for getting a job, I can't speak too much about it, but I'd say start early, and send resumes with abandon.

When we moved here a bit over 5 years ago, my wife sent resumes out from our place in Nashville, and got a job offer 4 weeks before we moved down. It can definitely happen. She followed a job search method from the book "48 Days to the Work You Love" (, would highly recommend that approach to snagging something down here.

Tampa is growing at a rapid clip, it's an exciting time to be in the city!

u/jonadair · 2 pointsr/tampa

I've been meaning to build a better DIY antenna, but with these basic rabbit ears, I get the major stations reasonably well most of the time from Carrollwood. We still get glitches and there are some times when we can't get a decent signal strength. We do have to tune it to get a good signal especially with WFLA Channel 8. One caveat is that the antenna is on the south side of our house with a conservation area behind us so there's less junk in the direction of all the transmitters than most houses.

u/lomlslomls · 2 pointsr/tampa

Thanks for the link! Also, a really great book on the Lutz/Land O Lakes area:

It has tons of pictures and stories about the area back when it was settled. The LOL Library has a copy if you want to check it out.

u/CarlSagans · 1 pointr/tampa

Also, If you want to support a local Tampa dog treat company you can purchase your treats from Yumster. They have all organic vegan and grain free dog treats if your dog has grain allergies.

u/smellmybutt · 2 pointsr/tampa

I bought my girlfriend a stethoscope days before she started school on amazon. If you have Prime, you have two day shipping free, if you don't, then consider it a "dumbass tax."

Good luck!

u/mr_rob_oto · 1 pointr/tampa

If you want a cheap alternative you can get paintable cable covers that I think look pretty good.

Also wall mounts are way cheaper than people think:

u/hlharper · 6 pointsr/tampa

Giving her the benefit of the doubt...

  1. It's really hard to break a car window. She may not have been strong enough.

  2. I wouldn't think that CVS would have a wrench or something like that that could break a window

  3. Breaking a window could scatter glass everywhere in the car, which isn't good for a baby

    I personally have a Resqme on my key chain that's designed to break glass without it getting everywhere.
u/2step2dmb · 1 pointr/tampa

So glad I received an Electronic Bug Zapper for Christmas!

u/Lenny_and_Carl · 2 pointsr/tampa

Based on your previous expierience in music you may want to consider teaching yourself the basics. I've used the [Bastien Adult Method] ( a lot before when I used to teach with very good results.

u/Gandalv · 1 pointr/tampa

You should know...EVERYTIME you use a URL shortener on reddit, your post will go directly to the spam folder and sit there. In the future, follow the "formatting help" to embedded the link behind test like this to hide a long URL.

I've approved your post.

u/md28usmc · 2 pointsr/tampa

Are you looking specifically for a Gasparilla flag or a pirate flag? I got my black pirate flag from amazon here.

u/hokie47 · 2 pointsr/tampa

I bought a electric oil filled years ago. It creates a nice less drying heat and can warm a large room no problem.

u/00000010000001000011 · 2 pointsr/tampa

bug net and hammock is all it takes really. I'll bring a rain fly too since it'll likely rain every day.

u/bunz-o-matic · 2 pointsr/tampa

My ex-wife was from Hawaii and made them all the time for me. I stole the recipe before I left her. (GOTEM) Anyways, her recipe was as the same except a few differences.

Exchange teriyaki sauce with soy sauce & sugar. Heat the soy sauce and then add sugar to the desired level. Cook the spam slices in the soy/sugar mixture.

Additionally add Furikake seasoning to the rice cakes or to the rice bowl as desired. See: ""

A good trick to form the musubi is to cut out the bottom of the spam container and use that to shape the cakes

u/their_early_work · 3 pointsr/tampa

You should just buy a guitar tuner. They are like $20. Like this one.

You could also do it by ear online - just google "online guitar tuner." Here's a site.

If you are still struggling I can try to answer some specific questions.

u/becomplete · 2 pointsr/tampa

He authored a book on SELLING OPTIONS. Not sure how many copies it will sell moving forward considering that's what led to the huge losses. Apparently, not only did many of his investors lose all over their assets, but they might actually be indebted. Pretty insane.

u/groupercheeks · 3 pointsr/tampa

I've had fleas and they're a pain in the ass to get rid of while you have the animal. OTC flea medication doesn't work that well. The reason you want to vacuum (hardwood included) is so that you wake up the flea eggs before setting off the flea bomb:

I've used borax and it can supposedly work but it's also a pain in the ass to clean up. If your cat is an indoor only cat, you might not need to reapply the flea meds, but honestly I would use the stuff up. What specific medication do you have? Frontline?