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u/KindaJamesBond · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

Honestly, I bought a Maxpedition MOLLE pouch to use on the side as my laptop charger holder - saved SO much space inside. When not in use, it's super lightweight and still fits the all-black aesthetic of the bag. Looks like it should have come with it!

Here's the one I have

Edit: I attached it to one of the side bottle holder areas using some of these which was wonderful for quickly taking it on and off as needed (like for airports, etc.).

Edit2: Formatting n00b.

u/macs_project · 2 pointsr/techwearclothing

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.

The pants are the Columbia PFG Blood & Guts III Convertibles. They have an amazing water/stain repellent coating that works fantastic. Only thing is that the crotch area could use some extra room. My waist and inseam are perfect but I'm in the process of taking apart another pair that were too big to make a gusset to fit in this pair. Just my 2 cents.
Here's a link for em:

u/DeimosValvicious · 3 pointsr/techwearclothing

I currently have the Adidas Terrex Swift GTX Mids that I’ve added DWR on top of the Gore-Tex.

I prefer 8-10” boots but haven’t had any luck finding any that are waterproof. I’m a backpacker so I need them to be lightweight. The boots in the ad look perfect :(

There’s some motorcycle boots that seem like they could work but I think they’re probably bulky.some of them are duel purpose


u/tabington · 11 pointsr/techwearclothing

Oh yeah! Scarf is just a random shemagh i got off amazon:

there's like a thousand like this so i didn't really think about it

u/ChiqnNuggets · 5 pointsr/techwearclothing

[A MOLLE pouch] ( like this could be attached through the strap, then adjusted to remove/add as much slack as the strap allows. There's a ton of different pouches in varying sizes and with all kinds of features, so by all means look around to find one you'd like

Most people would usually just attach one via a Cobra belt, but this could be integrated into belt-less pants, like tech fleece joggers maybe

u/kordath · 8 pointsr/techwearclothing

Like many, I've been looking for an alternative to the 3A1 that doesn't completely break the bank.

I stumbled on this Nike bag that had that slanted strap attachment reminiscent of the it had webbing on the front:

Nike Air Max Waistpack

I then snagged a couple of modular pouches from orbit gear:

MOD303-BLK "Steel Pocket" × 1

MOD302 SP-BLK "X50 Holster" × 1

Secured them on the bag with some simple mod straps off Amazon (any 6" webbing straps would work here):

Condor Outdoor Condor 6" MOD Strap Black

It doesn't have as much capacity as the 3A1 do, and the shoulder strap isn't easily interchangeable (otherwise I would have swapped it out for something like this), but it has a similar look and cost under $200 USD total!

Here's a shot of all the parts

u/blood_pet · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

Condor sidekick pouch is a great molle pouch. It has a kinda 3/4 zip front which is held by adjustable strings, so it sorta folds out into a little tray.


u/jack-dawed · 4 pointsr/techwearclothing

Get a packable nylon bag like this
Or this

Or find small slings like GUD city bag, D4Bgs, Dsptch sling.

The word you should look for is sacoche bag.

u/defyg · 2 pointsr/techwearclothing

I think that's a key ring hanger. Something like this.

As for the Cobra buckle belt, check out actual gun belt manufacturers like Ares Armor, SOE Gear, 5.11 and Snake Eater Tactical just to name a few off the top of my head. Literally hundreds of manufacturers.

u/neokigali · 2 pointsr/techwearclothing

My goal was to capture the Techwear aesthetic as cheaply & “amazon-able” as possible. I see so many posts on /r/techwear and /r/techwearclothing asking how to put together a cheap techwear outfit. I spent exactly $177 USD on the whole outfit. IMO, I’m a loud person so the “loud” aesthetic fits my personality. See details below:

  1. Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover Shoulder Sling Backpack EDC Molle Assault Range Bags Day Pack with Tactical USA Flag Patch
  2. AITFINEISM Men's Fashion Lightweight Hooded Zip-up Letter Windbreaker Jacket

  3. MOKEWEN Men's Hip-hop Punk Jogger Sport Harem Pants

    1. Nike Komyuter Black White (I wanted the Nike ACG.07.KMTR Black but they’re so hard to find for a reasonable price)

      Bought new on discount on PoshMark

  4. Under Armour Men's tech ¼ Zip (I already owned this item)

  5. Long Black Socks

    Edit: Thanks for all the constructive feedback btw.
u/Mr_1973 · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

I have a pair of these and I love them, everything you could ask for in a boot but in a chuck form factor

u/gravityholdsthepizza · 5 pointsr/techwearclothing

I did read the description. I've never heard of the brand, and they're making something out of polycotton, so I was trying to say that you could get something from a more reputable brand in a better fabric for your money. But since you want something similar, here's a few minutes of searching from me. All prices are US because that's where I am, but I worked with a 140 USD budget which is about 130 euros.

This is very similar to the jacket you linked, for roughly 40 euros less:

If you're willing to go softshell these are also cheaper:

There's also this Nike jacket which could probably be found in other sizes for around 100 euros

and this Adidas jacket which was reviewed here yesterday at half of what you're looking to pay:


There's even these H&M jackets for much cheaper that would approximate the aesthetic you're going for

u/starsandatoms · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

looking for gore tex hat, then I can recommend you this new era one:

you can remove the logo but you'll need a Seam ripper. I've done this to some of my new era hats. It takes some patience and if you do this warning you will see the faded outlines of the new era logo but you have to be very close to see it.

u/weizely_19 · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

Some one posted a fix to this in the Acronym FB group. They used this material and applied it to prevent the cage from rubbing. Search around in the recent posts and you should be able to find the directions on exactly what they did.

u/renwickveleros · 1 pointr/techwearclothing

No idea of the exact designer but you can google "black field shirt" and a bunch of similar things pop up. These are called field shirts, work shirts, outdoor shirts, or a bunch of other things.

Here is one example but there are many