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u/WhereintheOK · 1 pointr/tulsa

/r/fitness is a good resource with an excellent "FAQs" section. IMO, lifting is an easier way to get into working out (as opposed to "Insanity" or other high-cardio programs). Sports like basketball, volleyball, racquetball or bicycling are great ways to get cardio while still being fun (I hate running for the sake of running).

Pick a lift program, read about it and start lifting. Top two recommended on /r/fitness are:

  • Starting Strength - This is a program, but it is also an intro to technique for all the major lifts.

  • Stronglifts 5x5 - Literally free and I've been doing this for most of a year and it has been a huge boost. There is a free app also which is incredibly helpful and keeps track of everything, giving you step-by-step guide to your workout.

    These two programs are not mutually exclusive. Lots of overlap.

    A mix of Cardio + lifting is the best combo, but if you're feeling lazy or not motivated, try to first get yourself to do lifting. Lifting burns more calories per unit time (if you're doing it right) and IMO is much more sustainable to keep going long term. With lifting, I've been able to lose and keep weight off over a long period of time.
u/owenix · 5 pointsr/tulsa

If a steak needs a sauce it's not really a good steak. I hate to sound like a snob, but it's true. I'm making a steak tonight. 1.5" thick dry brined prime chuck eye, reversed seared, then finished over SUPER hot wood fire. Nothing but salt and pepper. Check /r/steak for more info.

In my opinion Mahogany Prime Steakhouse or Prhyme is the best in Tulsa. The prices are pretty crazy though. I can make a better steak at home.

I also want you to know that I didn't downvote you. You did after all add to the discussion.

Tip: Go to the meat department at Reasors and request a 1.5" Prime Chuck Eye steak(or a more expensive cut, but try a chuck eye steak and thank me later). Bring the steak home and hit it with half a teaspoon/lb of fine grain salt. Then let it rest for 2 hours. After resting put the steak in the oven at 220f with a meat thermo. Meanwhile light a device like this, propane torch, or a cast iron and get it really hot. When the steak hits 115f for mrare or 125 for medium remove it from the oven. Put it on a grate over the fire. Cook for 1 min per side. A bit of pepper and let it set for 5-8 mins.

u/peniscurve · 3 pointsr/tulsa

Amazon. That is your best bet.

I use these for my stuff, like beard oils and etc. They are only 1 oz, but the droppers in them have all been perfect.

If you want 2 oz, try these

If you want bottles with a non-dropper top, try these.

u/Mike01Hawk · 2 pointsr/tulsa

Depending on your paint condition (I'd recommend a decon/clay/polish anyway) you might be able to get by with just a cheap sealant for $10 Walmart link, TWISS and a couple microfiber towels. Stupid easy to put on and should last for several months.

I've done two cars with it and the results are fantastic. I have CQuartz UK 3.0 (consumer level ceramic) ready to go for a third but I might just stick with the cheaper spray sealants. Jury is still out.

Turtle wax has a spray ceramic that should be available soon in stores that should give you a year's worth of protection after a couple coats. Amazon link

Otherwise White Glove / Executive Auto Detailing / etc should be able to give you an estimate. It won't be cheap. $800-$1600+ depending on level of correction needed, product used, and warranty. Plus they'll want your car for at least 2 days if not more for correction and the cure time needed on the ceramic since it can't be out in the rain/elements until it's cured.

Here's a write-up with product links and pics on the recent correction and TWISS coating I did on our van. Yeah, a van, lol. Took my slow arse ~12 hours to complete. Link

u/hiddenforce · 6 pointsr/tulsa

You could just learn how to make them at home. That's what I did.

Tools needed.

  1. Weber kettle 18inch or larger(or you can sear with a chimney charcoal starter)(blue bags of Kingsford are on sale every grilling holiday over the summer for $5/bag at Lowe's and home Depot) don't use match light, use a chimney with a lighter cube or alternative

  2. Slow n sear, this is needed if you want to sear without the charcoal starter.(YouTube the cold grate technique) you want end to end brown on the outside, not sear marks from the grate and gray between the marks.

  3. A proper thermometer (thermopop$30 or thermapen $60+ ) I had this one on Amazon and it was accurate

  4. Learning how and where to buy steak. Personality I buy an upper choice grade or prime for $15/pound my wife and I split a 1-1&1/3 pound steak every Friday night.

    Edit: you can YouTube and Google all the keywords I gave, there is lots of information out there. I think the cold grate technique video gives a great example of how to reverse sear a steak. But all the tools in the world can't turn a bad steak into a good one, focus on buying a proper steak, then focus on how to properly sear.
u/keyserbjj · 1 pointr/tulsa

Nice! You won't regret it.

You might check out /r/bjj as well its got some nice resources for beginner's. If you think you might stick with it then I would look into buying this

It's pretty much the bjj bible.

u/acekakjk5afs · 3 pointsr/tulsa

Interesting request, to say the least. lol

If for whatever reason you can't find a charging buddy, the Best Buy @ 71st & HWY 169 has them for $25. At that price, I can see why you'd be happy to buy someone's meal. You might be able to try Runner's World @ 39th & Peoria.

If'n you can wait a bit, you can get 2 from Amazon Prime for $8.

u/pcj · 2 pointsr/tulsa

I recommend the Mohu Leaf, it has great range and picks up a ton of channels.

u/DickScream · 3 pointsr/tulsa

I know of one solution to completely getting rid of them. I have 4 cats and even though they're indoor cats they had fleas. My wife bought "Bayer Advantage II Flea Control Treatment for Cats" from Amazon, we put it on the back of their necks, and it worked immediately getting the fleas off of them.

As far as getting rid of them (or any other similar insect, including bed bugs) in your house, diatomaceous earth is a great solution since it's a completely natural substance that contains no chemicals and isn't harmful to humans or animals. Diatomaceous earth has razor sharp edges at a microscopic level that gets into the exoskeletons of small insects like fleas and bed bugs which cuts them and dries them out... eventually killing them.

I restore furniture as a hobby and accidentally introduced bed bugs into my house. Pest control quoted us at $200 a room. I put the diatomaceous earth in one of these dusting bottles and coated my entire house. It made quite the mess from all the white powder but it worked immediately and I haven't had problems since... except occasionally cleaning up the excess dust that I sometimes find behind the furniture.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 2 pointsr/tulsa

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u/xpen25x · 1 pointr/tulsa

if anyone goes with any camera system. always go with at least 3 meg ip cam's. this way you can actually tell things more then a general description. if you have ever seen those crappy videos shown on tv or screen shots on the news. they are from crappy camera's. even 1080p isnt a very good picture when you zoom in.

i always suggest hikvision camera's.

you can see many youtube videos. these are not the us version but work and will save you a couple hundred a camera. you just need a POE switch and a computer you can use to store the video.

u/Yeugwo · 1 pointr/tulsa

A lot of our power cables do have "earth" (we call it ground 'round these parts!) pins. But not all do, it depends on what is being powered. A hair dryer will have the ground pin, a printer probably wouldn't.

I have 2 or 3 power adapters you could borrow by the way. They are relatively cheap though, I used these in my travels

u/combat_chopper · 2 pointsr/tulsa

I've been using Cox as an ISP for a little over five years, in two different locations in Tulsa. Here's my experience:

I have Premier service from Cox. I pay $65.99 a month for a 25 MB connection. tests usually hit about 24/25 MB on the high end, and 12/13 MB on the low end.

At our house right now, we have 1 pc, 1 tv streaming netflix/hulu, 3 smartphones, an xbox360, and a couple of tablets. We're able to move data across all the devices at once without much of a hiccup. The TV and computer are connected with ethernet over a gig speed switch, and we're using this as a wireless router.

I've only had one outage. It was during harsh winter weather in 2010. I woke up and wasn't able to get connected, even after powercycling the modem. After two hours, the connection was restored. (I never actually called Cox during this outage because I assumed they had some equipment issues due to the weather)