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u/marley88 · 2 pointsr/uktrees

These Wolf boxes are pretty decent. If you want one that will fit everything in then it might be a little too large/heavy to carry around but worth a look as there are lots of sizes, including this pretty ridiculous Deluxe Ultimate edition.

u/amassivefrog · 1 pointr/uktrees

I have these and they are great. Very accurate 0.01g and a great size.

u/sortex · 5 pointsr/uktrees

Isopropyl alcohol is a good cleaning agent to use. Just recently bought this - linky link.
Works great.

u/kitreia · 1 pointr/uktrees

I used to use Isopropanol/Isopropyl Alcohol, however some time ago I got a German bong cleaner from Amazon and it honestly does a fantastic job separating the tar that gets stuck to my glass.

Fill up a bowl with hot water adding the powder as per instructions, put your pipe/bowl in there, shake it a bit and leave for about 5 minutes, then shake it again and rinse a fair bit. This seemed to get rid of some tar residue that ISO just wasn't getting at.

u/SavageCore · 5 pointsr/uktrees

If you want parchment paper use this.

But you could also use this. Special woven teflon rated for higher heat. It is a little newer on the scene. Bubbleman, Tony and the dnail guys were keeping it quiet for a few months whilst they tested it.

The benefits are that it is reusable and won't tear/blowout. John Berfelo has ran tests on Rosin and parchment is still safe.

u/BrainChild95 · 2 pointsr/uktrees

I've tried that in the past, when i go from a 2-4 spliff a day habit to nil its full blown insomnia.

Being a dyslexic i absolutely hate reading novels. Factual books on the other hand i enjoy i'll see if there's any factual books on something that's interests me.

Hows this?

u/3dwinn · 3 pointsr/uktrees

You can get 99.9% on Amazon, and they sell all kinds if you were looking specifically for 90%. Most of them have free shipping too.

u/NyukNyuk · 2 pointsr/uktrees

I used this for a while. It help me quit smoking for a month or so. Granted you'll notice the difference between smoking tobacco and this, the initial head rush of the tobacco won't happen. I suggest looking for another site selling it as £15 + P&P is a rip off, I paid £10 for a 50g if I recall.

u/oPsYo · 1 pointr/uktrees

if youre not too fussed about the pattern you can get one like this on works out way way cheaper too :P

u/LifeBandit666 · 1 pointr/uktrees

I got [this](Mill Aluminium Diamond Teeth Grinder Herb Grinder 4 Part and haven't looked back. I expected it to be shit for the price, but it does the job, and with the addition of a penny in the collector, gives me a fair bit of kief too.

u/xperiahorizon · 2 pointsr/uktrees

[I use this]( BRAND ISOPROPANOL IPA Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% Pure (5 Litre) (ADR Courier Shipping)

u/thickashell · 1 pointr/uktrees

Digital Pocket Scale Akale [200g Capacity - 0.01g Accuracy] with Back-Lit LCD Screen & Tare Function - Black

u/GreenestInThaVillage · 2 pointsr/uktrees

These. I also realise now how confusing that was to everyone calling them tabs by mistake. oh dear