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u/BattleNub89 · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

World of Warcraft: Traveler

Is coming out next month. It is targeted at a younger audience, but may still be entertaining for a Warcraft fan of any age.

If you haven't read the movie literature, I recommend it. Christie Golden wrote both the prequel Durotan and the novelization of the film. Both are good, though I particularly liked the prequel novel. Durotan and Draka are amazing characters.

u/paoper · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

We replied in pm, but let me post my reply here so others can know:

  • Lord of the Clans (Blizzard Legends). Is this the version you mean? (Your strikethrough makes me uncertain.) This is a new book, in paperback. Amazon it's not in stock right now, and without ordering I can't see how long it would take. However, it is cheap, you won't have to pay until it is in stock, and the shipping is free! It's also available from dutch web retailer!
  • Cycle of Hatred. Also new, paperback, and, but pretty expensive. Alternatively you can get it from second-hand, in 'good' condition for ~€15. You do have to add $4 shipping per order + $4 shipping per book + possibly a small import fee, but it is still cheaper than the book from
  • Day of the Dragon is on second-hand in 'good' condition from ~€3 (+€3 shipping fee) which is insanely cheap. It's also on there as a 'new' book, but again pretty expensive.
  • Sunwell Trilogy Volume 3. Once again,, second-hand, 'good' condition, insanely cheap.
  • Warcraft: Legends vol. 5. has this one from about €25 second-hand, €27.5 new. Seems like an acceptable price for a collector.
u/chokinghazard44 · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

Most of what I mentioned is covered in the book.

It covers everything in Arthas' life really, pre-WC3 through WC3 and Frozen Throne, and ends where he wakes up at the start of the WotLK cinematic.

Wrath is definitely worth leveling through once, but it is also my favorite WoW expansion (also cuz Arthas is my favorite WC character), but with my DK I really enjoyed leveling through Wrath.

u/Tiucaner · 8 pointsr/warcraftlore

The [Chronicle] ( books are the best resource now or an almost full recap of the lore. From the literal creation of the universe to the end of the Second War. There are currently 2 volumes, with a 3rd coming. Other than that, there's a breath of novels and comics that delves into details of major events. Most are of good quality and worth a read. Wowpedia is also great. Other than that there's the previous 3 RTS games. Personally I'd recommend Warcraft III, as it setups most of what happens in the earliest WoW events and expansions.

u/Jennbrin · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

I started with the book Rise of the Horde. I do not regret it. Here is a list in about the order that I read them. I know people shit on the writing often, but I enjoyed every single book. The Chronicles are also amazing and answer SO MANY questions...but they're almost too detailed to start off a history book. Definitely read them. So good.

My favorite books in the story include Rise of the Horde, The Last Guardian, War of the Ancients trilogy, Arthas (definitely read this one), War Crimes ...

u/muso_matt · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

If I may ask, after doing a little bit of searching, i feel like a good place to start would actually be from either Warcraft chronicle volume 1 OR Warcraft: Durotan. However, I feel that the Chronicle volume one could be better. Would you happen to know which is better?

I found the two on Amazon linked below:

u/WarriorDark · 0 pointsr/warcraftlore

You're gonna want to start with reading this book followed by "the war of the ancients" trilogy. Afterward, play Warcraft 3! Not only does it provide some amazing lore, it's a great game.

Afterward, just read books. Any of the books. And if you're still invested, pick up the chronicle books and read those. They are the most up to date, comprehensive overview of WoW's lore to date, but they read like a history book, so they're a bit dull to people who haven't been previously invested.

Have fun!

u/Littlegilky · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

As Kezdog suggested the 3 books they are conveniently put into one collection this set here has 3 of the 4 books he mentioned plus 1 bonus one. I think it would be a good thing to buy since you will save quite a lot of money if you do get it, 4 books in one for about $10 used or a little more new. It is slightly big but I read it in like a sofa chair with arms so its comfortable to me.

u/NitroGnome · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

I'm pretty sure it's just called World of Warcraft, and I think it's in four volumes.
Here's a link to the first volume on Amazon:

Edit: Yeah, what the other guy said. I should've clicked their link first.

u/ckNocturne · 39 pointsr/warcraftlore

This novel is probably most in line with what you're asking for. Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne ends with Arthas putting on the Helm of Dominion for the first time. Most of the story presented in the game is of him as a death knight in his campaign through Lordearon.

Basically, if you're looking for the story of his journey there, WC3/TFT has it, but if you're interested in the mental aspects of 'becoming the Lich King' after donning the helm of dominion and beginning to interact with Ner'Zhul, then the novel is what you want.

u/AnsikteBanana · 7 pointsr/warcraftlore

Here are the excerpts from the recently released official chronicles lorebook. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, I highly suggest picking up a copy. It is a really good read into the lore.

Night Elf Origin Excerpt (15,000-10,000 Years before the opening of the Dark Portal)

Tauren Origin Excerpt (12,000 Years before the opening of the Dark Portal)

u/ComradeCabbage · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

There's a book coming out in November that details the history of Azeroth. Hopefully we could get more info on the titans, and I'd like to know more about Arathor!

u/AwkwardSquirtles · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

Here is where you can buy volume 1. There's also a pirate copy that you can read for free online, but I don't want to officially endorse that so I'll allow you to find it yourself if you want.

u/Harbrezan · 15 pointsr/warcraftlore

If you’re interested, they cover it well in the Arthas book.

u/Gregamonster · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

An easy (and free) way would be the short stories on the official website.

If you're willing to spend some money, Before the Storm will lead right into the next expansion, so you can buy that when it comes out and let them read that.

u/MyMindWontQuiet · 4 pointsr/warcraftlore

> geared towards those with knowledge of the Warcraft universe, those without knowledge, or both.

Neither, or both. You don't need any prior knowledge to read it, it's like (well, it literally is) an encyclopedia and it explains you all the basic stuff.

However it doesn't contain the lastest information from Chronicle.

If you want to buy it, buy the new version.

u/StrangeHand · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

> This is covered in the Illidan novel which released in March this year.

Are you referring to this book?

And ok.. so in the CGI trailer, it's Illidan that Gul'dan is resurrecting?

u/phototaxis2 · 4 pointsr/warcraftlore

We can guess:

As mentioned, waste disposal is somewhat addressed for Stormwind and Gilneas. The waste would probably collected in cisterns and either dumped into the canals or sold as nightsoil to fertilize the fields in Goldshire and Westfall. Technology is all over the place in WoW, but assuming they have not invented nitrogen-based fertilizers the urine of the poor would also be collected in order to fertilize the crops, too.

Farming for the horde seems to be less developed. But, they do have a lot of pigs. And the pigs seem to wander everywhere. Likely, the solid excrement is devoured by these pigs (along with other non-feces based waste), whom are then eaten by Orcs on the lower ends of society (read peons: Zug Zug). This sort of thing has been, and is still is in places, a very important part of our real life relationship with swine.

The closest human parallel to the Tauren citizens at Thunderbluff would be Native American Cliff Dwellers such as the citizens of Mesa Verde. If this comparison is accurate, they probably just dump it off the side of the bluff. On the other hand, Tauren are cows, so their nightsoil would probably bring the best prices in Azeroth.

u/tholt212 · 3 pointsr/warcraftlore

It's a novel but with a few illustrations. Chronicles is what's the confirmed canon in terms of what stories from before it. So like, Chronicles had no mention of Medan in them, thus most people think he isn't Canon anymore despite having a comic series done of him.

Volume 1 has basically all the events before Warcraft 3 included.

u/MHmanastorm · 7 pointsr/warcraftlore

Chronicle Vol. 1 has a big section on the original Draenor, which is very similar to the AU Draenor seen in WoD.

u/Zoan · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

Amazon is where I bought Warcraft Archive actually. I paid $17 USD for it Link to Amazon.

u/tagey · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

Amazon has it listed as 184 pages, so I hope that's just a placeholder number - because 184 pages is not enough to clarify the history of Warcraft; even if it's just Volume 1.

u/Eresin · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

You can find a physical copy within the World of Warcraft: Archive book, it does also contain Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans and The Last Guardian.

Alternatively you can get the kindle version which you can probably convert to PDF if you really need it in that form.

u/suicide_aunties · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

Hey my bad, it's actually "Twilight of the Aspects" novel - poor memory. Most of the Archbishop's reveal was in that novel, by the time you meet him in Cata he's full big bad mode already.

u/MachoCat · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

War Crimes concludes Mists of Pandaria cycle. There weren't any novels written for Warlods of Draenor, only few comics and short stories.

This makes Illidan next novel both chronologically and factually. It's quite distant from War Crimes in style and plot.