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u/twominuterice · 1 pointr/wholesomememes

For anyone who loves the idea of a tiny dragon guarding his precious treasure I recommend A Book Dragon in which said treasure is a beautiful, priceless old book. One of my favorite YA stories.

u/bassabuse · 78 pointsr/wholesomememes

To start up, you'll need a few basic things. The Bob Ross Master Piece Set has the majority of what you need (paint, knife, brushes), then you'll want a big plexiglass palette for mixing the paints. Finally, you'll need an easel to hold a canvas. I can personally recommend this one from Blick if you have one near you. Hope that helps, if you get into it, be sure to sub to r/HappyTrees to share your work!

u/HangsHeKing · 0 pointsr/wholesomememes

Tell me; what is wholesome about any of this: 46% of male homosexuals report being molested, as compared to only 7% of heterosexual men.^1 79% of homosexual men say over half of their sex partners are strangers. ^2 Gay men, who are 1.65% of the US population, account for 63% of the country’s syphilis cases. ^3 In the Netherlands, the average homosexual in a “steady relationship” has seven to eight affairs per year. ^4

I don’t care what consenting adults do behind closed doors, but why does every single popular form of media have to promote homosexuality? You might as well be promoting wholesome heroin use for all the good that it’s doing these people.

u/uazadon · 2 pointsr/wholesomememes

Amazon, ebay, even retail stores like gamestop sometimes have these. Search "figure-rise" if you're looking for more model kits like this.

here's an amazon link:

You can build these without any hobby tools or glue, though they often come with little stickers that need to be applied carefully.


u/OVdose · 8 pointsr/wholesomememes

Credit to u/JimKB, that guy on reddit who wrote a book full of awesome comics.

u/DogeCatBear · 2 pointsr/wholesomememes

I certainly don't doubt that a $3 flashlight can look like that but in this case, the right flashlight really is that much brighter. left is rated at 178 lumens while the right one is rated at 500 lumens while being much smaller

u/Horskr · 47 pointsr/wholesomememes

There's a whole book series on pretty much this same premise. It's young adult, but entertaining none the less.

u/BradleyB636 · 7 pointsr/wholesomememes

Not everyone who lacks a house wants one. That was an interesting take away from when I read this really good book in college.

u/JimKB · 34 pointsr/wholesomememes

Hey,my cartoon! If you liked it, you might like my new book.

u/Jonathan_Ohnn · 10 pointsr/wholesomememes

> That tree line is factually false

Oh buddy. Maybe do a seconds research before you stick your foot that far into your mouth. Also, "factually false" is remarkably redundant.

> Who in here has claimed to have read the book? I haven’t seen a comment saying that.

wow. There you go again.

Literally a person that responded to the exact same comment you did.

edit: it is also a 224 page book. If it actually had 145 blank pages, it would be a remarkably short book. You can also preview the first few pages on amazon.

u/pun_in10did · 1 pointr/wholesomememes

Even better, there is a comic book form of DADoES, which is visually stunning and complete.

u/Levlove · 1 pointr/wholesomememes

There's a kit! Here is a link to it on Amazon - it comes with paints and brushes :)

u/kfquestions · 48 pointsr/wholesomememes

He’s got a book coming out soon!! Preorder link for anyone interested:

u/Jacuul · 2 pointsr/wholesomememes

Since noon has responded yet, I have a a YA book from the 90s that you may be interested in a book called A Book Dragon

u/II0V0II · 3 pointsr/wholesomememes

I buy stuff like this from the online store Hobbylink Japan, but Amazon also has it.

u/NotherDayAnotherDoug · 4 pointsr/wholesomememes

What I love about David Foster Wallace is how profound his writing is across all topics. Whether he's writing about tennis, or exploring deep mathematical + philosophical concepts, it's always incredibly insightful. If anyone reading this enjoys the above quote and wants to read more DFW, but doesn't wish to attempt the intimidating tome that is Infinite Jest, I recommend wetting one's feet with his magazine article Consider the Lobster (footnotes on page 8, they're important).

u/Nix-geek · 1 pointr/wholesomememes

If I recall, Survivor: A Novel, by Chuck Palahniuk counts down, so that as you read your page numbers get lower.

edit : nope, different book.

u/MethedUpMathDebater · 56 pointsr/wholesomememes

Not ekthact, but I found a vaguely thimilar one for you

u/LeucisticPython · 25 pointsr/wholesomememes

I found it. Theres also a 15" one for $50

u/AdministrativeTurnip · 46 pointsr/wholesomememes

You should check out his autobiography - was one of my faves when I was a kid

u/nemiru · -4 pointsr/wholesomememes

So I see lots of people claiming that there is no waste of paper however the kindle version is 224 pages long whereas the hardcover version is 348 pages long.

So I think the original publication was meant to have a bunch of blank pages in the beginning.

Kindle version

Hardcover version