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Best Choice Products 2-Person Brazilian-Style Cotton Double Hammock Bed w/Carrying Bag, Steel Stand, Desert Stripes
BRAZILIAN GATHERED-END STYLE: Built to distribute your weight in the center while gathering the fabric to your sides; achieve a new level of comfort by wrapping yourself in a soft, suspended cocoon!BUILT FOR 2: High 450-pound weight capacity easily accommodates up to two people at once! Curl up with your favorite company for some well-earned restHEAVY-DUTY STAND: Tempered steel frame assembles easily and provides a stable surface that is perfect for sleep, relaxation, camping, picnics and moreULTIMATE GIFT: Whether it's friends or family, this hammock is a versatile, functional, and unique way to give them a new experience in comfort and qualityBUILT TO LAST: Weather-resistant hammock is made from a tightly woven cotton blend that easily folds into a compact carrying bag so you can take your comfort on the go!; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 115"(L) x 48"(W) x 43"(H); Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
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18 Reddit comments about Best Choice Products 2-Person Brazilian-Style Cotton Double Hammock Bed w/Carrying Bag, Steel Stand, Desert Stripes:

u/867-53OhNein · 126 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

Hammocks are the shiiiiiiiit. I swing in mine at night while I smoke and drink, and check out the sky, it makes life much more enjoyable.

If you can carve out a spot, you can get a set-up like that for 69 bucks on Amazon and those frames can hold a 6'3" 250+ frame + a couple of dogs with ease.

u/0neir0naut · 10 pointsr/Hammocks

I bought this hammock from amazon and used it as my bed for a few months. At first, it was pretty cool having a hammock as a bed. After a few days I realized the stand wasn't suitable for sleeping in every night; I couldn't find a comfortable enough position to be able to have restful sleep.

I eventually bought a new hammock to see if it was the original hammock that was the issue. Well, this new hammock was even more uncomfortable when I mounted it on the stand I had. In fact, the stand that came with the first hammock wasn't compatible with the new hammock; I had to buy some tree straps so that the new hammock would sit right on the new stand.

It was really hard sleeping on my hammock setup; I was sad as I really wanted it to work for me. I'm sure if I created my own stand that actually worked for my height I would have had no problem sleeping. Eventually I bought a Tri Fold Mattress and a memory foam pad and just slept on that instead of the hammock; the Tri Fold + Memory foam combo is perfect! Best sleep of my life on that thing.

If you're going to buy a hammock to use as a bed, I would highly recommend making, or even buying, a hand-made stand that fits your height and weight.

I'm 6'0", ~154lbs

Also, If you're going to buy a hammock to sleep on I would highly recommend having a secondary sleeping station (possibly a pad of some sort) for those days where you just don't want to sleep on the hammock. Trust me, those days will come. I didn't think it would happen to me, but it did. If you have any other questions I'll gladly answer them! Unfortunately I can't give you information about wall hooks/mounting as I never went that route.

u/ToasterP · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

This is a lot like the one I got for forest. It's been great for forest and the back yard.

I wouldn't want to hike anywhere with it. But for close the car applications it's great.

u/fogdogS1 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

VERY minimal trees in GA, but if you’ve got your heart set on hammocking at your camp, check this out! I’m in maplewoods so I don’t need it for forest but I’m considering getting it anyway for my yard.

u/publicfrog · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

I bought a hammock so I could have a place besides my bed where I could lounge in pain. They actually support my back much better than I expected, I've accidentally fallen asleep in it because of how comfortable it is. The hammocks without spreader bars aren't the unbalanced tippy things that most people are used to.

What are your health problems? The only thing you mention needing to worry about is your bed. Food/snacking is an issue I always have, it's hard to keep and prepare the diet I require with my issues.

This is the hammock I bought because it comes with a stand.

u/Oreganoian · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

It's 9 feet but with the hooks all the way down my camping hammocks don't have any issues. They're 10.5 to 12 feet long.

I sleep in the cloth hammock it comes with. It will stretch a good amount the first few hangs.

u/discoafroman · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Somebody recommended this stand alone hammock. These will comfortably fit under an EZ Up. I've seen two of these under one, they work well!

u/Orgizm · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Here's what I've brought to multiple festivals. Couldn't recommend more. You can adjust the hooks to make it more or less taut which can help keep your back from getting sore if you're not trying to sleep in a U shape.

u/merithynos · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Being up off the ground helps a lot with the heat, as does not being in an enclosed space. This hammock stand:

was fantastic, setup/takedown in five minutes, and I was able to fit it (via the pass-thru) in my two seat convertible.

I might go with a lighter (less warm) hammock next time.

u/srgrussing · 1 pointr/bonnaroo
u/kellymchale22 · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

This is the same one in a different color, but only 89$ with free prime shipping. Going to buy myself one soon!

u/EvergreenBipolar · 1 pointr/trees

Best Choice Products Double Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand Includes Portable Carrying Case, Desert Stripe

u/MortalWombat42 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've got the one by "Best Choice" that is a few bucks cheaper but looks to be identical (they even offer the same hammock I got with mine), aside from not having square feet on the bottom of the legs.

I've only used it outdoors a couple of times, but I sleep in it indoors most nights for almost 2 years now and it's never let me down. For outdoors though, I think /u/RecreationalAsshole is on the money with the turtledog stand.

u/Imanogre · 1 pointr/camping

How about a frame that easily comes apart?

You can use it at tailgates, camping, or the living room.