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Empire Paintball 2 Pod Pouch, Black
Holds 2 podsDoes not include pod beltThe perfect gift for a beginner paintball player
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3 Reddit comments about Empire Paintball 2 Pod Pouch, Black:

u/ThunderKrunk · 3 pointsr/Nerf

Check review by darell mcneal

Empire Paintball 2 Pod Pouch

u/high_meme_lord · 2 pointsr/humansvszombies

Here is a cheap paintball pod pouch that I use for magazine storage. It holds two 18-rnds per pocket, four total. It just has simple belt loops, and it comes with its own belt with a plastic buckle. Simple, but it works well enough for me. The pouches are a little tight, you might have to practice reloading quickly with them, because if you're not careful they can get snagged.

Here's a 3-pocket variant, I don't have this one but I assume it would hold 6 mags just fine

u/Leperkawn · 1 pointr/Nerf

These hold 4x buzzbee 20s and elite mags pretty well. You have to cut the flaps off to use with 18/20s, they're not long enough.

It can be a tight fit though for non-buzzbee mags (elite style without rounded edges), wearing them in helps, and probably your seam cut idea, but I never had to do that. Worker 22s won't fit 4 (can only fit 2 in total).