Reddit Reddit reviews Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4” S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ., Small

We found 44 Reddit comments about Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4” S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ., Small. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4” S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ., Small
Manufactured with premium materials and built to last a lifetimePremium S30V powdered steel blade, takes and holds an extremely fine edge for increased longevityIdeal for a wide variety of tasks including cleaning game, cutting rope, bushcrafting, slicing fruits and vegetables, cutting zip ties and moreStonewashed blade and basic black anodized aluminum handle with grip-tape give the S30V Blur its discreet, rugged appearance for a stealthy EDCThe handle provides secure gripping power in almost any environment and is ideal for hunters, backpackers, fisherman, hobbyists, wilderness guides, farmers, homesteaders, or first responders
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44 Reddit comments about Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4” S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ., Small:

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Kershaw anything-with-SpeedSafe

S30V Blur is a great option

u/jrosh69 · 5 pointsr/knifeclub

The kershaw blur in S30V is an amazon deal of the day. Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4” S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ

u/joule_thief · 5 pointsr/guns

I've got this one in my pocket right now.

Oddly enough, it's currently cheaper than the 1670BLK that I normally carry.

u/dvgva · 5 pointsr/EDC

I'm not the best photographer, so here are the links to everything:

Watch: Eco Drive W/ NATO Band (Band was found on Massdrop)

Knife: Kershaw Blur S30V (Blue S30V W/ Blackwash finish can be found on Massdrop)

Pen: Fisher Space

Wallet: Big Skinny Slim

Notebook: Right in the Rain No954

Light: ArmyTek Prime C1 Pro

Lighter: Zippo Slim - Venetian High Polish

Candy: Life Saver Fruit

u/Darth-Traya · 4 pointsr/knifeclub

Kershaw Blur in s30v would be my suggestion.

It's assisted and has good steel. About 20 cm overall length open, so not too large, but not too small. And it's on sale. :)

I'll see if I can think of some others.

u/ben_chapleski · 3 pointsr/knives

The Kershaw Blur with s30v is slightly above that price point. It looks like you may already have one.

u/mexicansamurai · 3 pointsr/knives

Kershaw Blur S30V

Had the blur for years and I love it.

Another option is the S30V Kershaw Camber.

Depends on how you want to deploy. Thumb stud or the rear tang.

u/fromkentucky · 3 pointsr/knives

I've EDC'd a Spyderco Tenacious for about a year and I love it. If I had to replace it, I would easily consider another Tenacious, or a slightly smaller Persistence.

Part of me really wants a Leek but I'd also like a Kershaw Blur for the assisted opening, and if you can set aside an extra $20, you can spring for the version w/ S30V steel. All of these are within your price range.

u/jercb123 · 3 pointsr/knives

Its not a steal, I i were you id spend a little more and get the s30v version.

u/GoldenBacon · 2 pointsr/knives

I think the kershaw blur is one of their greatest knives, I love it, it's sturdy and thick. I think it fits and feels great in the hand as well. The only downside is that it is very rust prone. If you want to get a Blur with better steel, you could get the S30V on Amazon.

u/SIKQAS · 2 pointsr/knives

I've had my Kershaw Blur for two years now and love it. I carry and use it every single day and it looks almost new. It's $25 more than your budget but it's worth it IMO.

u/orogeny · 2 pointsr/DIY

Check your local laws on knife size. A lot of states and even some municipalities ban blades over 3 inches for carrying around concealed in your jeans pocket.

I sub to /r/knives and yeah, it is a scary part of the hivemind a lot of the time. Baseless brand loyalty and inane comments daily I'm not really sure about the fetish for wrapping knives they have at the moment. I personally carry a Benchmade on my person daily. Its a utility knife and I am not afraid to beat it up. The shape is good for a variety of tasks I encounter on a daily basis, box cutting, rope cutting, cutting fruit, punching through drywall when running cables, opening things, and the handle subs as a nice bottle opener.

Find a knife that you like the blade shape for your general applications and that fits well in your hand. As far as steel goes, you will want stainless for low maintenance. Carbon steels are great but upkeep on a daily carry can get rough. There are many locking technologies but you want to be sure you get a good one as having a folder collapse on your hand is not a fun thought. I personally like a lot that Spyderco offers, as well as Kershaw. Benchmades Axis lock inspires confidence that the blade wont snap out of place. I had to downsize from a Kershaw I was using when my state passed a law banning knives over 3 inches long or with assisted opening. You really cant go wrong with Spyder, benchmade, or Kershaw. They all are built to last and while there are other better/higher priced knives, generally those are not suited to a DIY utility purpose.

A couple of suggestions before I leave...

Kershaw Blur-Good Value

Benchmade Rift-Axis Lock/Tough

Finding your perfect pocket knife can be as hard or as easy as you like. I see no reason you cant go to Gander Mountain/Cabelas and find one that suits you right. If money is no object like you say, try a few knives out. You wont know until you feel it in your hand.

u/pussifer · 2 pointsr/knives

Kershaw Blur?

The only thing is that the pocket clip locations (there are 2) are only on one side of the knife. Should still be very workable for left-side carry and use, as it has ramped thumbstuds on either side. The Kershaw Speedsafe assisted-opening is really pretty great, and easy to remove if you so desire (as I have done). I have no problem opening or using the knife with either hand. And they're pretty reasonably priced. I have the one I linked, and it's been a great EDC knife. Blade length is ~3.5" of usable edge.

u/Stealthylols · 2 pointsr/knives

You could look at the Kershaw Blur or the Buck Vantage. The Kershaw is an assisted open which is nice, and the buck is a flipper. Although i will tell you i bought a Benchmade 940 a few weeks ago and I absolutely it.

u/ARKnife · 2 pointsr/knives

Kershaw Blur S30V.

Costs much less but is worth it.

u/optional_downvote · 2 pointsr/knives

If you like kershaw you can get a blur with S30v steel for around 65$ on amazon if you still want a kershaw. I've never been too impresed with them since I find their build quality to be lacking. They seem to have an excessive amount of blade play and use average quality steels in most of their knives. The a premium steel that can hold a razor sharp working edge. The spyderco delica/endura line is also a great knife. They have full flat ground blades that come razor sharp from the factory with absolutlely no blade play. I personally carry a green delica as one of my edc knives. The dragonfly is also great if you want a knife that dissapears on your person. it is a featherweight knife, that cuts and handles like a much larger knife.

If you are looking for a knife that can take an absolutely harsh beating, I would have to reccomend an Ontario RAT 1 or 2 depending on you size preference. They are a bit heavy in hand compared to other knives it size, but perform just as good as any of my spydercos. It is also on the cheaper side at around 25$.

The benchmades are also a good choice, but I would also reccomend the benchmade mini-presidio.

Anyways, I thought I might as well just post some links to them:

S30v Kershaw Blur

Benchmade Mini Presidio

[Benchmade Griptillian] (

Benchmade Mini Griptillian (I prefer thumb hole openers, but both griptillians also are offered with combo edges and thumb studs.)

Spyderco Dragonfly

Spyderco Delica

Spyderco Endura

Ontario RAT 1

Ontario RAT 2

u/JimmyJuice · 2 pointsr/knives

I wouldn't limit myself to just metal handled folders, because most quality knives use metal liners with some sort of plastic scales such as G10 or FRN. They are very strong and give you a nice grip if the texturing is done right.

In that price range, and NOT a plastic handle, check out the Kershaw Blur S30V. It has Aluminum handles with grippy inserts and a sexy stonewashed S30V blade. It is on the larger side of EDC knives, but it is very thin and feels great carrying.

If you want to step outside your love of metal handles, I would recommend the following in that price range; Benchmade Mini-Griptilian(556), or regular Griptilian(551) if you want something bigger. Spyderco Delica FFG, or Endura if you want something bigger.

u/ubuwalker31 · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

As I am sure you have discovered, there are lots of opinions out there for what constitutes "the best general purpose camping knife".

Quite honestly, almost any type of blade can be used for most camping chores, including a simple razor blade...

But you aren't just looking for a razor are looking for a knife that looks "outdoorsy" or "tactical" that can stand up to harsh treatment that you could maul a bear with if necessary.

So, my advice is to go to an outdoor store that specializes in camping, hunting or fishing (not a walmart). Pick up some of the knives behind the glass. See if they feel good in your hand. Does it seem sturdy to you? Ask yourself if you are willing to carry it all day in your pocket while camping or hiking. Is it sharp? Is it in your price range?

Then, don't buy it. Do some more research on a website like Read what the knife nuts are carrying into the woods with them. Learn that people are obsessed with the actual shape of a blade and the steel that it is made from (stainless vs carbon, powdered super steels vs 440C, plain blade or serrated). Watch videos on durability and cutting.

Then have an epiphany that you don't really just want a camping want an every day carry knife that you can use while camping or at work or where ever.

Then, buy the knife of your dreams on Amazon or a reputable website.

Edit: I EDC a Kershaw Blur Knife with a plain non-serrated S30V Steel blade.

u/conrthomas · 2 pointsr/knives

Just throwing in my opinion, I own a Kershaw Blur S30V. It's an assisted open and the action is extremely smooth. The factory edge is wonderful, and S30V holds an edge like a champ. I would highly recommend it.

u/Tinyjay · 2 pointsr/knives

First "real" (by real I mean name-branded) knife I purchased: The Kershaw Chill
A bit of a stronger blade "upgrade": The Tenacious by Spyderco.
The next one I plan to buy: Kershaw Blur

I really like Kershaw for quality. Just my $.02 to help give you an idea of what's out there.

edit: formatting

u/HimTiser · 2 pointsr/guns

I never leave home without my Blur, I found it to be the best knife for the money. They are built like tanks, the opening assist is really nice, and the blade shape is ideal for me.

u/Peoples_Bropublic · 2 pointsr/knives

How about a Kershaw Cryo ($25)?

For a bit more money, there's a Kersahw Blur with S30V, but the blade is a touch too long.

u/dorklogic · 1 pointr/knives
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u/rhg561 · 1 pointr/EDC

If you want spring assisted I'd highly suggest you look at the Kershaw Blur. It's spring assisted and only about $50. I think you can get it in S30V for a little more though. I've had it for awhile and it's held up really well.

u/Sneakyjackass269 · 1 pointr/knives

This is the Price you should be paying for it New

u/wannarubbutts · 1 pointr/EDC

Kershaw Piston
Kershaw Blur S30V the s30v blur isnt all that much more, so if you can i would get the blur. i understand if you like the design on the piston though because i was like that not too long ago. im just making a suggestion because i think the blur would serve you a lot better. dont let me be the deciding factor though. look into it and see what suits you more.

u/hewlandrower · 1 pointr/knives

Excuse the long link, but I would point you in this direction. I think it's one of the best deals around. You get vastly superior S30V steel than the CRKT for a few more bucks, and it's american made (in case that matters to you).

u/ilikesidehugs · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Made in USA kershaw blur - excellent sale price right now.

Has a speed safe opening component that makes its utility that much better. Really good steel blade for the price. I've had mine for two years now with no issue. Keep it oiled and also it's pretty easy to sharpen. You may also send it in to the manufacturer and they will sharpen it for you.

Check out this deal:
Kershaw S30V Blur Steel Blade Knife with SpeedSafe

EDIT: just realized that you meant utility as in a razor cutter. My bad

u/LMNOBeast · 1 pointr/BudgetBlades

And of course The Kershaw Blur with s30v is currently going for $53 on Amazon. It went below $50 during Black Friday so keep your eyes peeled just before and after Christmas—if any are left.

u/skyn3tgh0st · 1 pointr/knives

Personal opinion, but I don’t think you need to spend $150+ on a decent EDC knife. Check out the Ontario Rat II in D2 or the Steel Will Cutjack in D2. I’ve also always been a big fan of Kershaw knives too. The Kershaw Blur in S30V is a pretty solid choice.

u/JaLucas24 · 1 pointr/knives

Kershaw sells a version of the Kershaw Blur in s30v steel. About $72

Kershaw Link in s35vn House of Blades exclusive. Not sure exact price. S35vn is considered an upgrade to s30v.

Spyderco manix 2 lw in cts-xhp Knifecenter exclusive $90. Cts-xhp is basically a more stainless D2. It may be easier to sharpen also. Steel is on par with s30v.

Spyderco delica 4 is a great knife also. $65. Blade length is 2.9. Comes in vg10 ( better than aus8 but not as good as s30v).

u/Zafiro-Anejo · 1 pointr/knives

Well, I didn't like the hole except in the most utilitarian sense. That is to say I liked being able to open it with one hand but I didn't like the way the hole looked.

I don't see the greater reliability thing, I mean a assisted with a broken spring still works, it just isn't assisted.

I know a lot of people go nuts for spydercos but when I ditched my endura for the blur I had no regrets. Except that the blur cost more. I've bought a ton of knives since I bought the blur in 2010 and I still carry it a lot. IT just hits a sweet spot for me. Plus the spyderco was a lock back if I recall correctly and that means two hands to fold up unless you practice a lot. I'm not going to devote that kind of time to it.

How crap I'm rambling, why stop now? One of the knives I thought was going to be my new daily knife was a crkt m16. It was smaller, nice blade shape, etc. I liked it a lot until, autolawks. That stupid thing killed it for me.

u/elvezp · 1 pointr/knifeclub

The s30v version is only 54 at Amazon.

Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife (1670S30V); 3.4” S30V Blade with Stonewashed Finish and Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening, Reversible Pocketclip; 4 OZ

u/JoJackthewonderskunk · 1 pointr/knifeclub

Hey a blur is a great option if that's what he has. Get the S30V version if you want to stick with that same knife but upgrade to the best version.

u/BeefySTi · 1 pointr/knifeclub

Kershaw S30V Blur Knife with Steel Blade with SpeedSafe

u/49ersNguns · 1 pointr/knives

ESEE Randall's Adventure and Training Zancudo Framelock Folder - Black/Stonewash by ESEE Knives

Kershaw 1670S30V Blur Knife with S30V Steel Blade with SpeedSafe by Kershaw

Ontario Knives Model II Folding Knife, Black by Ontario Knife

u/ShmifandWeshun · 0 pointsr/videos

Here is the knife the main guy had. You can see it clearly at 4:42

Here is the knife the "bad guy" had. You can see this one clearly at 3:49

u/Identify_the_feel · -6 pointsr/EDC

I carried my Leatherman Wave and a Delica 4 FRN FFG on me at school, now that I am in university I carry the Wave and a Kershaw Blur S30V. I would recommend the Blur S30V if you can afford it, really really great knife. Only the S30V steel though, the other models have serious locking problems, which as been fixed in the newer version.